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Keeping Youth at the Center of Our Work

After Despair, Hope

Our No More FerguSONS message a few months ago sparked a truly powerful response. While the circumstances that led to that message were - and continue to be - troubling, we're encouraged by our partners' passion for change and eagerness to nurture and protect our children, especially youth of color, even more.

  1. Workshops
    We promised to follow up with a training specifically designed for that purpose. I hope you can attend one of our May workshops.
  2. What We Do
    I hope we'll also have an opportunity to personally connect soon. Since joining St. Paul Youth Services last fall, I've been amazed at the power of this little-known gem. Through our growing partnerships and wide variety of programs and services, 9 of 10 children we served last year did better in school, stayed out of the criminal justice system, and resolved family conflicts peacefully.
  3. Program Spotlight
    I'm also excited to spotlight the success of our school-based Behavior Intervention Program with you.
Thanks for everything you do for young people in our community. It is my privilege to be connected with you.


Tracine Asberry, Ed D.
Executive Director
(651) 771-1301

Creating Truly Youth-Centric Organizations

Never Mind the Children, Is Your Organization “At Risk?”

In the not-for-profit sector, we've grown comfortable describing youth with certain demographic or situational characteristics as "at risk." Yet rarely do we consider how "at risk" we adults are of not adjusting to their needs. 

If you've ever said:

  • “Our programs are successful…for the children we serve.”
  • "We've tried everything. We just can't get families to participate." 
  • “We want a diverse staff, but don't get any qualified candidates.”
  • "It sounds bad, but maybe those kids just aren't interested in what we offer."
This workshop is for you.

It will help your organization shift from the lens of "serving at risk youth" to a focus on adult accountability for creating conditions that allow all young people to feel welcome, be themselves, and thrive.

This is especially critical for our children who are most frequently overlooked and underserved, including youth living in poverty, youth of color, LGBT youth, and those who’ve experienced trauma.

Over the years, St. Paul Youth Services has partnered with dozens of educational, nonprofit, and public agencies to create organizational cultures that deeply embrace and nurture youth instead of unintentionally pushing them away. Our upcoming workshops will share these transformational strategies.

At our workshops, you’ll:
  • learn how to more effectively connect with the young people who need your services the most
  • identify unexamined rules, behaviors, and conditions within your organization that may inadvertently create barriers for young people
  • hear directly from youth about what works for them – and what doesn’t
  • hear from leaders who have transformed their organizations from dealing with challenging youth to becoming trusted partners in their lives


The workshops are free, but space is limited and registration is required. (Limit 2 attendees per organization.) Doors open at 8:30 a.m. for a continental breakfast and networking. Click below for details and locations.

Wednesday, May 13th | 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. | Minneapolis
Thursday, May 14th | 9:00 - 11:30 am | Saint Paul

Reduce Suspensions + Increase Student Learning? 
We're Doing It!  

Across the country, schools are looking to reduce student suspensions but few have seen the success of St. Paul Youth Services' Behavior Intervention Program. We use a three-pronged approach that students, teachers, and families all support. The results speak for themselves (see recent program data below). 

Here's how it works: 

  1. We partner with TEACHERS / STAFF before school starts and throughout the year on classroom management techniques.
  2. We work 1-on-1 with STUDENTS on classroom effort and behavior, while providing an in-school mentor to help them deal with tough issues.
  3. We engage with the students' FAMILIES on goal setting and discipline, so schools can build family relationships based on student success.

Over time, our partner Washington Technology Magnet has reduced suspensions by 90%.

This year we're on site, year-round in four Saint Paul Public Schools and provide professional development to many more schools and organizations. 
We're planning for the 2015-16 school year now. Contact me to learn more!

“When a behaviorally-challenged student was having a bad day or an outburst, I was able to calmly refer that student to the St. Paul Youth Services program staff and continue teaching – instead of taking the whole class’ time to give added attention to the negative behavior. 

The student having the problem was also able to get back into the classroom more quickly with a better attitude that would allow them to learn. I can’t imagine going back to life here with high student needs without this program.”  
- Teacher at Washington Tech Magnet

Our roadmap for giving youth a safety net, a second chance, and the skills to pursue their dreams.  

(Click to enlarge images below)
St. Paul Youth Services serves 1,200 children ages 5 - 18 annually through behavior intervention, family support, crisis counseling, and restorative justice. We focus on youth who are most frequently overlooked and underserved by our community, including youth living in poverty, youth of color, LGBT youth, and those who have experienced trauma.
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