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The Circle of Happiness

By: Matt Silvers, Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Brand Development

Zipping along at about 580 miles per hour, 38,000 feet above the Midwest certainly provides one with a spectacular vantage point.  As I jet south to Austin from Madison, Wisconsin, where we just opened our sixth Flix Brewhouse on the evening of July 5, it occurs to me that from this elevated perspective, there are multiple Flix Brewhouse locations either operating or soon to be operating within a short fly-time from my present position somewhere over southern Illinois...  READ MORE

Building a Better Horse
By: Greg Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing

I’m sure we’ve all heard the famous quote attributed to Henry Ford, “[i]f I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” A quick whip around Google will show you there was never any real proof that Ford ever said such a thing, but the debate around listening to the voice of the customer to drive innovation initiatives still remains a hotly contested subject, even here at Flix Brewhouse... READ MORE

Quite the Vista

By: Blythe Nauseda, Director of Operations Excellence

Flix is looking forward to some substantial changes this year with Vista, our cinema management software provider. In March, I attended a Vista workshop focused on the newest Vista 5.0 release. This enhanced platform is compatible with cloud-based products and Vista is working toward making their suite of products cloud-ready.

Because of the potential positive impact that these enhancements will clearly have on our business generally, and on the customer experience, let’s have a quick look... READ MORE

Party On Garth! 

By:  Greg Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing (and beer-geek)

Summer is a great opportunity to feature clean, crisp and refreshing beers! Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) summer is also a time when our brewhouse capacities are put to the test given the high volume of movie-going traffic. That's why this August we're bringing one of our most successful light ales from our Round Rock location to the entire Flix circuit.

Party on Garth Kolsch is a highly drinkable 5% ABV ale that is fermented like a traditional ale but is then conditioned through a lagering process at colder temperatures. The resulting beer is light, quaffable and straw-colored, with a much crisper finish than you would expect from a pale lager. Since this beer is also an ale, the fermentation time is much shorter than a traditional lager so our brewers can turn batches much more quickly than a similarly flavored lager.

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