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FarmMatch Helps Farmers With Online Orders! 

We are learning the FarmMatch system and Rosebank Farms is going live on it today! FarmMatch is a website created ​by ​buyers and sellers of local food ​for ​buyers and seller of local food: As with most change there will be a few sleepless nights and hills to climb and we are very grateful for your time to learn it too!

If you are a farmer, y
our farm and drop-off sites can be populated on the map and linked to your order forms and websites all in one place! Their unique matching and mapping technology benefits each important link in the food production chain and local farmers can be found from any location. For customers, FarmMatch facilitates booking your pick-up locations and orders online from any registered farm in 2 ways: 1) as a member for 3.95/month or 2) as a guest for 2.95/per order.   

We are excited to transition to  this new online ordering and payment solution and would welcome other farmers' feedback and questions on how this platform can help your business. Amongst many other benefits, the software will greatly help us organize our workflow, resulting in better customer service for you and a happier work environment for our farm.  

We find FarmMatch’s mission ​to be congruent with our own, and their unique business model supports the entire local food movement.  

For farmers looking for an online ordering system designed for farmers and for customers who would like to arrange pickup options and orders online here is a Step by Step Setup for FarmMatch that explains how to sign up and place orders.  We really appreciate your support of our decision to use FarmMatch and thank you for the privilege of providing you with healthy food!

Organic Institute of Canada funded On-Farm Ag-Canada Research Project Update

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada ran an experiment at our farm in August – October 2014 in which we fed our baby chicks blueberry pomace to increase the antioxidant levels in the hopes that it will improve their immune system. 

The results from the first trial are still being analysed in the laboratory but our farm results were inconclusive, other than noticing that the droppings from the chicks on the higher dosage of blueberry pomace (3% of total feed from day 7 to day 18) were purple!  This year, we will be testing blueberry pomace and cranberry pomace. 

If the four year experiment is successful, it will make our birds even healthier and provide a way for conventional chicken growers to reduce their reliance on antibiotics. 
 Baby chicks were fed blueberry pomace to increase antioxidant levels.
Checking out the Poultry Market in Quebec
Andrea and Steve started the 2015 season with a trip to Montreal and Quebec City, visiting perennial favourite markets  and discovering wonderful butchers, bakers and cheesemakers as well as poultry breeders, hatcheries and farms.  We were lucky enough to stay a short walk away from the famous Atwater Market, established in 1933 and one of Montreal’s most beautiful art-deco buildings.  
Boucherie de Tours is one of our favourite stops at this market and we were delighted to see the many new sausages and deli products that they have added to their product line.  We also found a new butcher, Boucherie Belanger, with an entrancing line of novel terrines. 

Remembering a September article in Food and Wine sent by Patricia, one of our foodie customers, we couldn’t resist buying some of the 
terrine de pintade aux canneberge (guinea fowl and cranberry) to try before dinner. We found it to have a more gamey flavour than chicken and it was very happily devoured by all five of us followed by a lovely organic roast chicken raised by Voltigeurs Farm in Drummondville.  '

Of course, with the sap running, we were lucky enough to attend a Maple Syrup street festival as well as see the maple syrup tapping in sugar bushes between Montreal and Quebec City. In celebration, we offer this seasonal (and delicious!) recipe for Maple Thyme Roast Chicken:  

As in recent years, we will be delivering fresh chickens most Wednesdays & Thursdays from May 13 until the end of October as well as offering an inventory of frozen whole chickens and pieces as well as smoked and ready to cook poultry products throughout the year.  We will be taking orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys with delivery just before those holidays. Rosebank Farms Order Page >  
If you would like a tour at any time, please phone ahead to make sure we are home: 
250-546-2712 or 250-546-2733.
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Chickens We will be delivering fresh chickens most Wednesdays & Thursdays from May 13 until the end of October.
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