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North Harbour Ulysses Newsletter.
Edition 2
July 2014

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Monday 28th July
Here we are again. Edition No. 2.

Everything is cruising along nicely with the North Harbour branch.  The committee has kept the impetus and enthusiasm going, creating great turnouts at meetings and dinner nights. The club runs are very well supported thanks to the commitment of an enthusiastic group.

The "Who Is This?" segment has created much discussion and I would like to keep this section included each month, so please send me your old photos.

I encourage you to contribute to our North Harbour Ulysses newsletter.  This is your newsletter, and the more you contribute your wisdom, the better it is for the rest of us.  Titbits of news, gossip, interesting rides, photos and don't forget more gossip and more photos. 
I welcome any of your comments and contributions.  All articles will be considered, allowing for space and suitability.  I also have spaces for members free ads, be it business or items for sale etc.  Email: Editor

Please use the Editor email address as that way I can keep all Ulysses related stuff out of my personal email.  The link above will take you to the Editor email.

Let me introduce you to another couple of committee club members.

Jeni Van Driel
Joy Zaloum
Joy Zaloum #5123
North Harbour Branch Treasurer

Started my motorcycling as a pillion and after about three decades and a decent scare decided to get my own set of wheels.  Eleven years on I am still happily riding my trustee Yamaha Virago 1100cc.  Retired three years ago after a 30 year career in various roles in software development and management.  Currently work very part time as the Business Manager for a quarantine treatment company.  Now spend a lot of time enjoying our eight grandchildren and travelling around New Zealand with an occasional overseas trip.
Niki Morrison #8052
North Harbour Branch Secretary

Born July 1968 in Invercargill & a proud main-lander.  Founding member of Remarkables Motorcycle Club in the 80's.  2 boys plus 7 day a week business in Arrowtown paused riding for many years.
Received my visa to move to the North Island and moved in June 1998, met Paul and life greatly improved. 2004, kids in their teens so it's back into biking.  2004 - 2014 over 150,000 kms  on different bikes.
2 x TT2000 achievements, (2000km in 2 days).  A South Island tour every other year, the bikes varied, from a cruiser, muscle bike and now a super sports Kawasaki ZX10R.
California Superbike school training levels 1, 2 & 3 and learnt so much.  I wish I had learnt the skills 20 years ago.
Paul and I love to tour on our bikes, exploring NZ, blasting out the cobwebs on the track.  Meeting like minded people and generally having fun.  Joined Ulysses in March 2010.
It has been a privilege to be involved in the North Harbour Branch creation. Creating a branch focused on the members, with a great atmosphere and comradeship.
Paul Morrison #8047
North Harbour Branch Committee and Runs Committee

Born October 1962 in Waikato.
Grew up in the era of The Beatles and Rolling Stones.
Got my license and first motorbike when I was 15, Honda 90cc trail bike.  Moved up to larger road bikes from Honda to Suzuki.  Part of the 2 stroke road bike era.
Got out of motorcycling when the kids were young and rejoined the clan some years later.  Now have green blood.
Been to the California Superbike training up to level 4, which I feel is the best training anyone can have. Now love the track and long distance road riding.
Been involved in Ulysses for the past 4 years, Auckland Branch committee for 1 year, now a proud founding member of the North Harbour Branch.
Cyclespot Group, Major North Harbour Branch Sponsor.
July Coordinators Report
I shouldn't  have brought  the Indian Chieftain to Club-night, couldn’t resist it and now it lives in my garage.  It is a totally different  ride to the GoldWing and I’m loving it. Don’t get me wrong the Wing was a great bike but the Indian has Soul & Style.

The new CYCLE SPOT USA (Indian & Victory) shop will be open this Saturday 28th, hop down to Barrys Point Rd and have a look, when you go into the bike shops don’t forget to tell them you are from North Harbour Ulysses.  The North Harbour branch should support  those who support us, The Cyclespot Group & Spectrum Motorcycles both give us monthly vouchers for our raffles,  call in and say thanks,  they will appreciate it.
The branch is progressing well,  the Runs Committee  have a full programme of rides until the end of August.
We have the Branch House Warming BBQ on Sunday 20th July, have you volunteered to help yet we want people who can bake and make meat patties, this is our function and “many hands make light work”. If you can make meat patties contact Wayne Larsen (If necessary we will supply the meat) if you want to do some baking see Joy Zaloum.
Our first weekend away is 25/26 July at the Waitangi  Millennium Copthorne.  These weekends are a great way to really get to know your fellow club mates. (See Runs List for ride details.)
In conjunction with the Cossie Club we are organising a Saturday night social function for September, more info later.

Thanks to Vaughan & Mark our website is up & running, I believe there are some more details & links to be added as they come to hand. 
Your Committee has agreed to subsidise the ProRider Accident Scene Management course for $50.00 per person to match the subsidy from NatCom of $50.00, the course cost is $145.00 so that means all you pay is $45.00.  If you want to attend this course you must register with ProRider on 0508 776 643 or thru their website   You MUST also give us advance notice so we can notify NatCom and also make an allowance in our Branch budget, those who have done the course recommend it, the next course is on the 26th July.
That’s it from me.
Chieftain Wayne #1756
North Harbour Ulysses House Warming. 
The committee are asking for volunteers to bring some home baking for this event.  Joy Zaloum will coordinate the volunteers and baking (so we don't end up with all the same stuff).  Please click on the link to email Joy and tell her what you can contribute.

But wait there's more.  

We also will be making meat patties, with the club providing the mince.  There may be a working bee or members can make to their own favourite recipe. Wayne Larsen will coordinate so please email him on the link to provide details of what you can do.
Kan Tabs for Kidney Kids
Lion Clubs around NZ collect aluminium can tabs and screw caps off wine bottles to support children on Dialysis.  One tab represents 3 secs of dialysis.
Lions Club District 202K is the northern most district of New Zealand, stretching from the Coromandel Peninsula through Auckland City to Cape Reinga in the north, and includes the Pacific islands of Samoa, American Samoa, Fiji & Tonga within its boundaries.  They strongly support the project and really appreciate all tabs and tops that they can get as it is going to such a worthy cause, helping children with chronic kidney disease.

Some Ulyssians have their local restaurants, pubs and clubs gathering the wine tops.  It is nothing for a staff member to throw the top into a bag. Our weekly trip to the Indian yields about 30 tops or as they see it '1-1/2 minutes of dialysis for a child'

Please help, save your tabs and tops and bring to the Ulysses monthly meeting.
If it is your birthday this month, don't forget to take a bottle of wine for the raffles on club night.
If you have any unwanted gifts, donate them for the raffle prizes.
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Photo Gallery from June Rides
Pete says:
"No kidding! You really gonna buy that Indian."  
"Have you told your wife"

Rini replies:
"Nah!  She won't notice.  It's the same colour as the last bike."
Ride to Matakana, 22nd June.
with lunch at the Black Dog Cafe.
Excellent food stop.

Another great turnout, 14 bikes and 21 people.
Even the liquid sunshine did not dampen the enthusiasm of members attending this ride.

Just look at a few of the comments below.

Thanks to Barbara Hampe for the photos.

Who is This?

Last month was pretty easy. 
I am sure you all guessed it was
Rini Van Driel.  

"Who are you?"

I'll give you the answer next month. 

Please send me your photos.  You will enjoy digging through all those memories.


Grant  from Spectrum will be bringing along a bike to club night and he will have a super hot deal on it.  Grant will let everyone know what it is on the night.

Ash Hare is also coming to club night next week to speak about California Super Bike school.


Black Crow Promotions are proud to announce their new bike partner – Kawasaki

The latest 2014 version of the world famous ZX10 and 636 motorbikes will become the official motorcycle of the California Superbike School in New Zealand. Spectrum Motorcycles in Barrys Point Road in Auckland's North Shore are the service provider and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with both Kawasaki and Spectrum!

As a result of the new relationship we have an updated logo showing the dynamic ZX10, and you will now have no trouble locating the Black Crow/CSS team showing off their vibrant new green uniform and livery at a track near you!
Endless summers and motorcycles.
By Peter Hyde
It was 1967 and I was in the fourth form at Westlake Boys High.  One of the guys in my class mentioned that his father had an old motor bike that he had pulled apart and was not going to put it back together and wanted to sell it.
They didn’t live very far from me, just around the corner in Nile Road, so that evening I trotted off to see this motorbike.  When I got there Gordon’s Dad opened the garage door and there stood a large wooden crate and inside was a motorbike in a million bits, he had pulled it down to the very last nut and bolt with the intention of restoring it.  It was a 500 cc Matchless 1958 model, when I asked him how much he wanted for it he replied $50.  I went home wondering how I was going to get that much money.  Over dinner I told my father about the project that I wanted to do , “and what might that be” he enquired, then I told him about the basket case around at Gordon Stringers place and how $50 was cheap for a motor bike even though it was in a million bits.  He relented and gave me the money.  As soon as I could I was off back to Nile Road handed over the money and dragged the wooden crate all the way home to Tristram Ave which in those days was a dead end street that finished in a swamp at the bottom.
Slowly I pulled all the pieces out of the crate laid them out on the floor and without a manual or the internet I started to rebuild the bike.  All the parts appeared to be there until I got to the clutch unit, there just didn’t seem to be enough parts to assemble the whole thing, and then I discovered the clutch plates were missing.  I went to see Gordon’s dad and told him what I discovered and he said “oh that’s right I lent them to Dean so and so (his last names escapes my memory) and he never returned them”.  I knew the guy he was talking about, he lived in Crown Hill and was one of the original Hells Angels.  He rode a  500cc AJS single with huge ape hanger bars which shared the same parts as my 500 single Matchless  and he had a nasty reputation although he still lived with his dear old mum.  Great I thought, as the plates were about the last thing I needed to complete the rebuild. Taking the bull by the horns I decided to go around and see this guy, after all he was only a few years older than I was and ask for the plates back.  Nervously I walked up to his front door and knocked.  His little old mother opened the door and told me Dean was not home and so I explained the reason for my visit.  She said that she would tell Dean about my visit and that I should come back several days later.  Several days later, one evening I walked back to the house wondering what the outcome was going to be.  As I approached the back door steps I spotted a pile of clutch plates on the step, I couldn’t believe my luck, I had them under my arm as quick as lightening  and was  gone down the road.  Interestingly enough this same guy who at that time lived very near to the water tower at the top of Crown Hill,  painted in big white letters AJS in a circle and if you know where to look it is still there behind the trees.
I got the bike completely back together and the big day came to kick it into life.  I filled the tank with motor spirit (petrol), tickled the carby, retarded the spark with the lever on the handle bars and proceeded to kick the living daylights out of the stupid thing.  It sent jets of flame out of the carb, it back fired and all but broke my leg with the kick start lever.  My father came into the garage, who, up until now had been absent from the rebuild to find me bathed in sweat slumped over the bars chest heaving.  He said why don’t you give it a bit of a rest, go and see your mates for a while maybe it will start in the afternoon.  Reluctantly I got off the thing and stalked off down the driveway feeling dejected.  Half a dozen hours later I returned home, my father said why don’t have another go at getting the monster going.  We went out into the garage, me not believing that why should it start now.  I duly climbed aboard, turned on the fuel, tickled the carb, brought the piston up on compression and gave it a mighty kick and to my utter surprise the beast fired and after fiddling with the advance lever and some screw turning on the carb it idled not too bad.  My father stood there with just the faintest of smiles on his face.   I pulled in the clutch thumped it into first gear and roared up the driveway and away up the road.
So started my life on two wheels.  I could not wait to ride it to school to show off to all my mates, look what I had built without any help.  On the Monday morning I rode in through the school gates past the Head Masters office where the heaving monster just happened to backfire as I throttled off past his office and up to where some of the other students who were lucky enough to own bikes parked. I made this grand entrance for the rest of the week.  On the fourth morning the Head Master could take no more of it.  As I was pulling the bike up on its centre stand he came towards me, I could almost see the steam coming from his ears.  He stammered “You can take that thing home and leave it there and you can stay home for a week yourself you are suspended”.  It started a trend where I was forever being thrown out of somewhere because of bikes.
But I was a hero at school.
Part two of endless summers and motorcycles in the next newsletter.
Ulysses North Harbour
Runs and Event Calendar
Runs Coordinator
Rider in Charge (RIC) would appreciate all participants of rides to be at the departure point 10 minutes early with a full tank of gas.  If the weather looks suspect then please phone the RIC to see if the ride is postponed or cancelled. 

The Rider in Charge will be organizing the day.  Contact them for details.  All riders participating in a Ulysses Ride are expected to hold a current motorcycle license, wear suitable clothing and to have a registered and warranted road-worthy bike.

The organizers and/or the Ulysses Club are not responsible for participants safety and all participants participate at their own risk.

All participants are aware that they are traveling on open public roads and are responsible for their own safety and compliance with all Rules and Laws.
Club Night Meeting and Social Evening
Held at North Shore Cosmopolitan Club,  
65 Paul Mathews Drive, Albany
1st Thursday of the Month.
Meals available from 5.30pm and meeting starts at 7.30pm
Every 3rd Wednesday of the month 2014 (6 pm onwards), Bar & kitchen open at 5.30 pm.

Arapuni Rhubarb Café Cruise
Departs Papakura Service Centre at 10.00am
RIC: Paul Morrison
Mobile: 021 909350
Home: 09 420 3247
Medium to Long for Anyone
July 3rd. It's the 1st Thursday of the month so don't forget it's the North Harbour Ulysses general meeting night at the North Shore Cosmopolitan Club.  Meals available from 5.30pm.  Reservations Here
John’s Scenic Leisure Tour
Departs Westgate Burger King
Car park at 10.00am
RIC: John Heebink
Mobile: 021 1285806
Home: 09 810 9160
Short for Anyone
Funky Fish Cafe Cruise,
Baylys Beach

Departs NS Cossie Club at 10.00am
RIC: Dave Moore
Mobile: 027 322 5599
Home: 09 445 1540
Medium to Long
July 16th.  It's the 3rd Wednesday of the month so it's North Shore dinner night at Mad Dogs and Englishman, Link Drive.

North Harbour Branch
House Warming BBQ

North Shore Cosmopolitan Club
65 Paul Matthews Drive, Albany
1.00pm to 4.00pm
Cars Welcome
Register here:
Click here for PDF if you prefer to print and post
Copthorne Hotel & Resort, Bay of Islands.  July 26th.
26th and 27th
Saturday & Sunday

Please Register Here ASAP:
Mystery Weekend Away
Copthorne Hotel & Resort
Bay of Islands

Departs Kaukapakapa Pub at 9.30am
RIC: Paul and Niki Morrison
Mobile: 021 909350
Home: 09 4203247

Pete's Raglan Meander
Departs Papakura Service Centre at 10.00am
RIC: Pete Zaloum
Mobile: 021 1807840
Home: 09 4190725
Medium for Anyone
9th & 10th 
Remembrance Weekend

Remembrance Run, Taupo
Wayne Painter will be leaving the Papakura Service Centre at 1.00pm on Friday 8th August, for those wishing to travel to Taupo in a group. 
Click Here for Saturday ride information.
Maungatapere Packard & Pioneer Museum
Departs Dairy Flat BP Service Centre 
RIC: Dave McAnulty

Mobile: 021 1844100
Home: 09 810 9798
Medium for Anyone
Come along to see a great collection of classic & vintage motorcycles (60+), classic cars, Packard's, steam & traction equipment.  We will have a guided tour at a special rate of $10.  If you don't want to take the tour, come along anyway for the trip, there is a cafe next door.  Round trip aprrox. 325km.
Waihi and About, Lunch Cruise
Departs Papakura BP Service Centre at 10.00am
RIC: Wayne Larsen

Mobile: 021 02828442
Home: 09 4768071

Rotorua Gondola Cafe with optional Luge Ride
Departs Papakura BP Service Centre at 9.00am
RIC: Paul Morrison

Mobile: 021 909350
Home: 09 4203247
John's Fathers Day Leisure Cruise
Departs Westgate Carpark at 10.00am
RIC: John Heebink

Mobile: 021 1285806
Home: 09 810 9160
Short  to Medium

Bikers in Blue Ride
Assemble 9.30am at Placemakers Pakuranga,
depart 10:30am and ride to Placemakers Albany
for raffles, auctions BBQ, etc.
Support the Prostate Foundation



Burns Ride
Assemble at Kaiwaka Fire Station.
More details, closer to the event.
Aroha Cruise In
Advance notice of this event
3 - 5 October
Another fantastic weekend of Cars, bikes, prizes, rock and roll, live music, stalls, bouncy castles, V8 simulators, poker run, face painting - in face, fun for all ages.  The weekend is all about cars, bikes, Te Aroha and raising funds for some very deserving groups including the Te Aroha Fire Brigade and St Johns ambulance. 
Dave's Midweek Wednesday Rides
RIC: Dave Moore
Mobile: 027 3225599
Home: 09 4451540
Are you free to ride Midweek?
Why not join Dave on Wednesday's
Departs NS Cossie Club at 11.00am
Destination decided on the day.
Highlight your calendar with these upcoming rides or events.

November 7th to 9th
South Taranaki Poker Run
Great weekend staying in Hawera
Inaugral Ride
by Jeni Van Driel
Over the many years of driving the heavily congested Auckland motorways, I have often wondered about the legalities of lane-splitting.   Watching the motorcyclists run the gauntlet between the caffeine fuelled car drivers and the rumbling, smelly 18 wheeler trucks, I have come to the conclusion that the riders fall into several categories.  There is the biker who has developed lane-splitting into an art.  He swings and sways from lane to lane; completely aware of the traffic that surrounds him.  Then there is the passive/aggressive rider who sedately rides down the white line but immediately causes his bike to backfire if a car dares to encroach on his part of the lane.  The suicidal students on their scooters seem to have something to prove.  Is there such a thing as small bike disease?  The kamikaze speed and their lack of biking prowess make me wonder if they will make it through their University years.  The motorcyclists who have been doing the same commute for years have honed their skills, to be watching the vehicles ahead for that flick of an indicator, they usually wear hi-viz vests and have loud pipes.  I like to consider myself as bike aware and pull to the right if I see a bike headlight approaching on my left but I now believe I am assisting these brave (or reckless) bike riders to break the law.  After a bit of research I have found that it is not an offence but there are “rules.”
A motorcycle may overtake a vehicle on the right within the same lane if it is safe to do so. The traffic must be stationary or slow-moving and the way ahead must be clear.  A motorcycle may overtake a vehicle on the left only if that vehicle is stationary or if it is turning right.

If high speed was involved, then the police would consider charges such as careless or even dangerous driving.
This is the legalese.
Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 at
2.8 Passing on left
(1) A driver must not pass or attempt to pass on the left of another vehicle moving in the same direction except in accordance with this clause.
(2) In any case in which the movement referred to subclause (1) may be made,—
  • ·        (a) the 2 vehicles must be in different lanes; or
  • ·        (b) the overtaken vehicle must be stationary or its driver must have given or be giving the      prescribed signal of that driver's intention to turn right; or
  • ·        (c) if the overtaken vehicle is a light rail vehicle moving in the same direction, the light rail       vehicle must not be—
  • ·        (i) signalling an intention to turn left or to stop; or
  • ·        (ii) stationary for the purposes of allowing passengers to alight or board.
(3) If the roadway is marked in lanes, the driver may make the movement referred in subclause (1) only if the driver's vehicle does not encroach on a lane that is unavailable to a driver.
Why? Why? Why?

Why do banks leave vault doors open and then chain the pens to the counters?

Why do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in our driveways and put our useless junk in the garage?


Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed? 

Why don't you ever see the headline 'Psychic Wins Lottery'? 
I'm passing this on because it worked for me today.  A doctor on TV said that in order to have inner peace in our lives, we should always finish things that we start.  Since we all could use more calm in our lives, I looked around my house to find things I'd started and hadn't finished.  I finished a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiuminun scriptins, an a box a choclutz.  Yu has no idr how fablus I feel rite now.  Sned this to all ur frenz who need inner piss.  an telum u luvum

 Arthur, age 92 and Emily, age 89, are excited about their decision to get married.
They go for a stroll to discuss the wedding and on the way they pass a Chemist. 
Arthur suggests they go in. 
Arthur addresses the man behind the counter:  "Are you the Owner?" 
The Pharmacist answers: "Yes." 
Arthur: "We're about to get married.  Do you sell Heart Medication?" 
Pharmacist:  "Of course we do.
Arthur:  "How about Medicine for Circulation?" 
Pharmacist:  "All kinds."
Arthur:  "Medicine for Rheumatism, Scoliosis?"
Pharmacist:  "Definitely."
Arthur:  "Medicine for Memory Problems, Arthritis, Jaundices?"
Pharmacist:  "Yes, a large variety  .....the works!"
Arthur:  "What about Vitamins, Sleeping Pills, Antidotes for Parkinson's Disease?"
Pharmacist:  "Absolutely."
Arthur:  "You sell Wheelchairs and Walkers?"
Pharmacist:  "All speeds and sizes.  Why do you ask?  Is there something I can help you with?"

Arthur says to the Pharmacist:  
"We'd like to nominate your store as our Bridal Gift Shop."

We had a power blackout this morning so my PC, laptop, TV, DVD, iPad and my surround sound music system were all shut down.

Then I discovered that my mobile battery was flat and to top it off, it was raining outside.

I went into the kitchen to make coffee and then I remembered that this also needs power, so I sat down and talked with my wife for a few hours.

She seems like a nice person.
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Wayne #1756 & Dale Painter #1774
Paul #8047 & Niki Morrison #8052
Paul Gallagher # 3266
The other day someone told me I could make ice cubes with leftover wine.  I was confused...................What leftover wine?
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