Celebrate DFW's Platinum status on GuideStar; see the list of   Let Girls Learn projects funded to date; and get ready for our    13th Month Annual Appeal!
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New Grantees Selected for First Half of 2017

Providing safe shelter to marginalized girls who are at risk; training local women to provide and promote health care; teaching basic literacy to former nomadic women; educating rural indigenous girls who would not otherwise be in school; and implementing an innovative health savings program for women in urban slums – these are some of the goals of the six featured projects that DFW members will support in the first half of 2017. These projects – funded for a total of more than $275,000 – are bold and aim to effect change for generations to come.

DFW’s volunteer Grant Selection Committee faced the difficult task of choosing from 87 projects that applied for funding. These six take us to some of the most impoverished and marginalized places in the world. They aim to support the dreams and goals of women and girls who can change not only their lives, but those of their families, their villages and the world.

See the Grantee Flyer for the complete list of organizations and projects. 

DFW Achieves Platinum Status on GuideStar
By Beth Ellen Holimon, Dining for Women President

Guidestar Platinum ParticipantDonors and volunteers can find many sources of information on nonprofit organizations. Two of the most well-known resources are GuideStar and Charity Navigator. Since I have been with Dining for Women, many members have asked me about DFW’s status on GuideStar and Charity Navigator, and I want to give you an update.
We are so excited that, after two years of working on foundational aspects of Dining for Women, we have achieved Platinum Status at GuideStar!


Our Featured Grantee for September:
A Breeze of Hope Foundation

A Breeze of Hope Foundation’s mission is to restore the lives of those who have suffered childhood sexual violence by providing them free, holistic support; to eradicate sexual violence through transdisciplinary prevention strategies; and to promote healthy, comprehensive childhood development.
DFW’s featured grant of $50,000 will help fund the implementation of the Centro Una Brisa de Esperanza (CUBE) project, which will create a new interdisciplinary team at A Breeze of Hope’s center in Bolivia. CUBE will provide 70 girl victims of sexual violence with a safe and comfortable environment in which they can rebuild their lives and dreams and develop the skills they need to live successful, economically independent lives.

Learn More »

Our Conversation with Brisa De Angulo, Founder and Executive Director of A Breeze of Hope Foundation, is available here.

3 Things You Need to Know about our Featured Grantee

Bolivia has the highest rates of sexual violence against women and girls in all of Latin America, but one of the lowest rates of reporting to officials. Research has found that 1 in 3 girls reported having suffered sexual violence before age 18.
ABHF has maintained a 95 percent conviction rate in criminal trials, compared to the Bolivian government’s 2 percent rate. In 2015, ABHF lawyers had a 100 percent conviction rate, with 52 trials and 52 convictions and an average prison sentence of 20 years.
The project funded by DFW will directly benefit 70 girls between the ages of 8-20, and indirectly benefit 210 women and girls (supportive mothers, aunts and sisters in direct contact with the girls served).

Our Sustained Grantee for September:
One Heart World-Wide

One Heart World-Wide's mission is to decrease maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity in remote rural areas of the world. DFW’s sustained grant of $60,000 ($20,000 per year from 2015 to 2017) trains Community Health Workers to increase access to safe births in two remote rural areas of Nepal. The grant will fund stipends for the 600 female Community Health Volunteers who are trained to be the first responders for maternal and child health. This includes both the original training and a refresher training the following year.

The Proven Platter- Bolivian Meat and Potatoes
By Linda McElroy, DFW Recipe Curator and Chapter Leader of WA, Seattle-1

Hello Diners! This month we get to travel somewhere new, Cochabamba, Bolivia. And we are making one of Bolivia’s most beloved dishes, “Pique Macho.” Bolivians consider Pique Macho the world’s greatest expression of meat and potatoes!

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View all recipes from Bolivia

DFW Funds Let Girls Learn Projects in 13 Countries

We are excited to share with you the first round of Let Girls Learn projects that have been funded through DFW’s $100,000 grant to the Peace Corps’ Let Girls Learn Fund.
As of late July 2016, nearly $70,000 has been awarded to Peace Corps Volunteers around the world to fund 20 grassroots, community-led projects that address barriers to girls’ education and improve the overall quality of education. One hundred percent of DFW’s donated dollars goes directly to the projects and to helping women and girls on the ground. 
The projects funded by DFW will take place in 13 different countries, many of which are new to DFW such as Benin, Micronesia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Mongolia.
The list of funded projects includes a number of Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) Camps, which promote gender equality and skills development for young women (see blog). Other examples include a Take Your Daughter to Work project in Togo that provides girls with educational sessions and excursions to meet and talk with positive, successful female role models in the community. A project in Moldova involves internships at local businesses to guide young girls toward clear, attainable career paths.
See the complete list of projects funded to date.
Click here to read more about how DFW's grant to the Peace Corps' Let Girls Learn Program is being disbursed.

Our Peace Corps’ Let Girls Learn Partnership:
Preparing Girls for the Future with STEM and Entrepreneurial Projects

DFW’s $100,000 commitment to the Peace Corps’ Let Girls Learn Fund in support of girls’ education supports four anchor activities – all of which help girls by removing social and structural barriers that prevent access to education. Over the last few months, we have discussed two of them:  GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) Camps and Clubs and Men as Partners (MAP) projects. This month, our focus is on two additional activities: STEM Projects for Girls as well as Business and Entrepreneurial Training for Girls.
Collen Murphy

DFW Board Member Steps Down

Colleen Murphy has stepped down from her position on DFW’s Board of Directors. Colleen joined the board in late 2014. Shortly after, she began a new position as Senior Wealth Director for BNY Mellon Wealth Management in Naples, FL and found it increasingly difficult to devote the time required to fully participate and engage in board activities. “This certainly was a very difficult decision given my interest in the mission of Dining for Women and all the wonderful women I’ve met on the board,” Colleen said. “I will be watching from afar, enthusiastically, as the 2020 Vision is achieved.”
Board Chair and Co-Founder Barb Collins thanked Colleen for her service: “We valued Colleen's leadership in the development of our vision and for setting the path to securing resources for making it a reality. We are grateful for her desire to remain ‘on tap’ as we strive to elevate our impact around the world.”

Coming Soon: 13th Month Annual Appeal

It’s almost time for our 13th Month Annual Appeal, and many chapters are already getting geared up and pumped up! There are many ways that chapter members can come together to support DFW while having some fun along the way. Last year, we raised nearly $38,000 from more than 50 chapter fundraisers. There are lots of simple, tried and true fundraisers that your chapter might consider, along with other ideas to support the 13th Month Annual Appeal.
Starting in mid-September, there will be ongoing communications with all members about the 13th Month goals and activities. If you have any questions about our annual appeal, please contact your Regional Leader or the DFW home office at or 864-335-8401.

New! DFW Founders’ Circle Information

One of the great effects of the program funding model change we implemented this year is that now all donations – chapter meeting donations, 13th Month Annual Appeal donations and specific Founders’ Circle donations – can cumulatively add up to a Founders’ Circle recognition level. The Founders’ Circle is how we recognize donors who give at the $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, and $25,000 levels. We are excited about this cumulative approach because it is more consistent with our giving circle model which recognizes the value of every donation.
See more information on our Founders' Circle, including a current list of donors.

The PA, Ephrata-1 Chapter Celebrates 10 Years

Happy 10th anniversary to the PA, Ephrata-1 chapter! Founded by Jennifer Atkins and currently led by Karen Malleus, Boots (Bernice) Stadler and Daila Boufford, chapter members span different backgrounds to find common ground in deep friendships and support for a common cause.
Jennifer started the chapter after reading a story about DFW in Real Simple magazine. Responsibilities are now divided among the three leaders, each of whom is responsible for a specific role: organization, education and treasury.
The group’s meetings are loosely structured, with rotating hosts. The host supplies beverages, while members bring potluck dishes. After dinner, the group views the DVD and other materials about the featured grantee. Boots provides some background about the country and its political climate and she usually plans an activity relating to the country. In the past, members have made prayer flags for Nepal, celebrated The Day of the Dead for Mexico and learned to drape a sari when supporting a project from India.
With a roster of about 80 members, approximately 20 are active. Daughters and granddaughters sometimes attend with members. Each holiday season, the chapter participates in an alternative gift fair, as well as a shopping night at a local Ten Thousand Villages store where a percentage of sales goes to DFW.
As they have come to know each other, members have gained love and respect for friends who work together to support women and girls around the world.

Grantee Updates

Hope Through Health
The National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) will honor Kevin Fiori and Jenny Schechter, the founders of Hope Through Health (DFW’s featured grantee in November 2015) with the 2016 Sargent Shriver Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Service. The award is presented annually to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who continue to make a sustained and distinguished contribution to humanitarian causes at home or abroad or are innovative social entrepreneurs who will bring about significant long-term change. It will be presented at the NPCA’s annual Peace Corps Connect conference in Washington DC on Sept. 24. In announcing the award, the NPCA stated “From a humble start with only a collection of plastic rental chairs to an organization providing care to 30,000 individuals, Kevin Fiori and Jenny Schechter are transforming health care in Togo.” DFW is proud to be a part of Kevin and Jenny’s journey and will join in the award celebration as a sponsor of the NPCA conference.
Read the full award announcement.
Emerge Global
Emerge Global (DFW featured grantee in July 2011 and sustained grantee for November 2015-2017) launched its new Emerge Center in Sri Lanka on August 11th. The Emerge Center provides a trauma-informed residential empowerment program for young survivors of sexual abuse as they transition from shelters into their independent, adult lives. It is a creative, experiential and healing space that inspires self-discovery, cultivates a growth mindset and equips participants with tools needed for independence. Check out the new center here.
African People & Wildlife Fund
Dr. Laly Lichtenfeld, one of the co-founders of African People & Wildlife Fund (DFW’s featured grantee in May 2016) has been selected as a 2016 Lowell Thomas Awardee. The award is presented each year by The Explorers Club and is one of the organization’s highest honors. The 2016 Award recognizes explorers who have dedicated themselves to the preservation of wild places, intact ecosystems, and open lands. The awards will be celebrated in Santa Barbara, CA Oct. 14 - 16.

National Summit Update

In order to coincide with DFW’s 15th anniversary, our National Summit has been moved to the spring of 2018. We look forward to celebrating 15 years of changing lives and engaging others in support of DFW’s vision. We hope you will join us! Look for updates about the event over the coming months.

International Day of the Girl: Oct. 11

This is the fifth year that International Day of the Girl Child will be recognized. We know that many of you plan to participate in local events or activities for International Day of the Girl Child, and we would love to hear about them. Email and we will publish a list in the next issue of The Dish.

Listen and Be Inspired!

DFW Co-Founders Marsha Wallace and Barb Collins recently recorded a half-hour interview for an audio podcast called “Sandi Klein’s Conversations with Creative Women”. Take the time to listen – you will be inspired about DFW and our mission all over again! And please share this podcast by email, Facebook, Twitter or word-of-month. Help us spread the word!

Important Website Links

Making Donations through Evite

Many of our chapters use Evite, an online invitation service, to notify members of upcoming meetings. If you use Evite, please do not include the “Pledgling” option which allows someone to make donations through Evite. We have researched this option and identified several important issues. First, the donations would come to DFW in a lump sum with no record of the individual donors. Therefore, we would be unable to issue tax receipts for these donations to our members. This would cause a lot of confusion for our members and complicate our donations processing systems. In addition, there are processing fees associated with each donation made through Evite. The best alternative is to include, in your invitations, a direct link to DFW's own online donations page. If you need help with this, please call our home office at 864-335-8401.


Happy fifth anniversary to the WA, Vancouver-1 chapter! Congratulations and many thanks to Chapter Leader Katlin Smith.
The CO, Fort Collins-4 chapter recently celebrated four years together. Happy anniversary to Chapter Leaders Linda Mahan and Betty Brown and members!
The FL, Fort Myers-1 and FL, Naples-4 chapters held a joint meeting in July. The groups celebrated their time together by enjoying several recipes from Uganda. Thanks to Abbie Sladick, Chapter Leader for FL, Naples-4 and Regional Leader for Florida, and Kathie Zunich and Christy Holimon, Chapter Leaders for the Fort Myers chapter.


Please send photos of your chapter milestones, meetings or special events to:

Follow DFW on Instagram for program info, recipes, chapter news, and more.
For the second year, Colorado chapters had a DFW table at the “Women Powering Change Expo” in Denver in July. The effort was coordinated by Betty Purkey-Huck, Co-Leader of our Rocky Mountain Region. Shown in the photo are Linda Mahan, a Fort Collins Chapter Leader and Sharon Padilla, the Sedalia chapter Co-Leader. Thank you for spreading the word about DFW’s mission!
Congratulations to the CA, Santa Cruz-1 chapter and Chapter Leaders Cari Class, Lisa Krigsman and Clare Campbell! The group celebrated its ninth anniversary in a unique way. Members decorated “9” signs in advance of the meeting, writing their wish for DFW’s future and a special memory from meetings past. One of the chapter’s members, Suzanne Morrow, wrote an original poem to commemorate the event. Happy anniversary!

New Chapters Activated

GA, Atlanta - 7
led by Ines Hoster
MD, Salisbury – 1
led by Tracy Ritter
NC, Fairview - 1
led by Britt Allen & Marnie Walsh
NY, Sodus Bay - 1
led by Beth Palmer

Chapter Anniversaries

1 Year
AL, Dadeville - 1
led by Linda Bodine & Cindy Pierce
CA, Corte Madera - 1
led by Marie Narlock & Kristin Wade
ID, Boise - 4
led by June Langton & Memory Blodgett
IN, Muncie - 1
led by Jean Marie Place & Sarah Vitale
MN, Eden Prairie - 1
led by Beth Schutz
VA, Midlothian - 2
led by Erin Nelson
WA, Seattle - 9
led by Anne Maertens
2 Years
CA, National City - 1
led by Celestial Alls & Erika Garcia
CA, Santa Rosa - 2
led by Elly Grogan
CO, Erie - 2
led by Candace Payne & Nancy Liebetrau
DE, Newark - 3
led by Peggy Dillner & Jean Kutcher
GA, Sandy Springs - 2
led by Mary Perloe
MA, Pittsfield - 1
led by Michele Krieg Bauer & Jan Zimbler
MA, Westford - 1
led by Clare OBrien
MI, Laingsburg - 1
led by Ellen Link & Aspen Bernath-Plaisted
NC, Asheville - 2
led by Jennifer Elliott & Sara Martin
NC, Asheville - 3
led by Jesse Kitt & Correne Anderson
NC, Charlotte - 5
led by Kalie Koivisto
UT, Sandy - 1
led by Heather Scott & Sara Kaiser
3 Years
CO, Breckenridge - 1
led by Lisa Eurich & Abbey Browne
OH, Toledo - 4
led by Joyce Litten & Denise Johnson
SC, Columbia - 7
led by Kimberly Kay
VA, Falls Church - 1
led by Tracey Yensen
4 Years
AZ, Gilbert - 1
led by Mindy Brown & Tania Barks
FL, Sarasota - 2
led by Lois Schaper
GA, Athens - 1
led by Leslie Dailey & Mary Beth Nightingale
KS, Lawrence - 2
led by Ann Chapman
NE, Ralston - 1
led by Judy Dappen & JoAnn Van Fosson
5 Years
CA, Oakland - 2
led by Rachel McQueen & Mary McQueen
DE, Newark - 1
led by Peggy Smith & Judy Christensen
MO, Parkville - 1
led by Sieglinde Othmer
NC, Waynesville - 1
led by Maria Morgan & Margaret Pennington Roberts
NY, Nyack - 1
led by Carole Perry
OH, Medina - 1
led by Marguerite Frey
PA, Kennett Square - 1
led by Pauline Brittingham & Carol Cunningham
6 Years
CT, Brookfield - 1
led by Olivia Quinsland
IL, Springfield - 2
led by Julie Krehbiel & Tara McAndrew
SC, Greenville - 7
led by Jean Helwing & Margaret E. Paylor
VA, Alexandria - 1
led by Maureen McCloskey & Alethea Predeoux
WA, Gig Harbor - 1
led by Phyllis Brandt
8 Years
CA, Lafayette - 1
led by Patty Hubble & Sunnie Youk
9 Years
MD, Rockville - 1
led by Peggy Bare & Merle Steiner
MI, Grand Rapids - 1
led by Jill Peirce & Joan DeVries
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