Watch the recording of our International Women’s Day webcast; save the date for the next DFW national conference; and find out about our new online system for finding a local chapter.
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The Chapter Meeting Menu | April 2017

8000 Ambassadors Campaign

The Biggest DFW Chapter Meeting Ever!

With over 40 chapters and hundreds of individual members participating, our March 8th webcast was definitely the biggest DFW chapter meeting ever! Thank you to all who joined us. What a great way to celebrate International Women’s Day and to launch our growth strategy and 8,000 Ambassadors Campaign. Despite some audio issues, our first attempt at live streaming was great fun! Watch for the upcoming April issue of The Dish for more on this event and other chapter activities for International Women's Day. Please share your photos and your feedback by emailing If you were unable to participate, here is the link to the recording. Please note that we started the streaming early to make sure everything was ready and working properly. The actual presentations start at about 30 minutes into the recording -- feel free to fast forward through our preparations. 

Watch Recording

Above photo, from left: Wendy Frattolin, Communications and Membership Director; Susan Stall, Board Chair; Beth Ellen Holimon, President.

Save the Date – 15th Anniversary National Conference

Our International Women’s Day webcast included some big news: the dates and location for DFW’s 15th Anniversary National Conference have now been set!

When:  May 4 and 5, 2018
Where: Washington, DC | U.S. Institute of Peace
What:  “Knowledge is Power” is the conference theme.

The conference theme was taken from a quote we published in our 2015 Annual Report from a Collateral Repair Project client. Watch a video from this inspiring and courageous woman.

More information on the national conference will be communicated in The Dish as it becomes available.

Our Featured Grantee: Chicuchas Wasi

Featured Grantee
This month’s featured grantee, Chicuchas Wasi, operates the only school for uneducated, poor, Quechua-speaking girls in Cusco, Peru. Though public education is free, families surviving on $1 (US) a day cannot afford fees, school supplies, and adequate nutrition. Chicuchas Wasi School for Girls provides free education and enhanced nutrition and health for girls ages 4 to 12 – empowering future leaders and changing cultural beliefs about girls’ education. DFW’s $50,000 grant will be used for teacher salaries and the food program, with a direct impact on 112 girls.
Our conversation with Chicuchas Wasi founder Rae Lewis is here.

Sustained Funding Grantee: Health in Harmony

Nepal Youth Foundation
DFW’s sustained funding grant to Health in Harmony helps women in Indonesia achieve their potential as catalysts for rainforest conservation and health activities. The sustained funding grant of $20,000 per year from 2016 to 2018 provides women with training and support to fill leadership positions or highly specialized technical jobs. It also helps local women establish organic vegetable gardens, wives of illegal loggers start small businesses, and widows establish goat herds.
Beans in Bean Mushroom Sauce

The Proven Platter – Peruvian Rice with Duck (Arroz con Pato)

By Linda McElroy, DFW Recipe Curator and Chapter Leader of WA, Seattle-1

Try this highly-seasoned rice and duck (or chicken!) dish that is popular all over northern Peru.



Icebreakers Icebreakers
Ask all your chapter members to share how they first heard about DFW. This may give you ideas for how you can spread the word about DFW in your local community.
Discussion Questions for Discussion
  1. Why is it important for the Chicuchas Wasi students’ mothers and fathers to be included?
  2. What are some of the specialized skills a Chicuchas Wasi teacher might possess?
  3. What will be the long-term effect of educating these girls?

Grantee Speaker List

Representatives of DFW’s featured grantees may be available to participate in your chapter meeting in person or by Skype. The speaker list for our second quarter grantees is now on our website. Please plan ahead to ensure the speaker’s availability.

8,000 Ambassadors Campaign

You should have received your 8,000 Ambassadors Campaign chapter toolbox by now. One package was sent to the primary leader for each chapter. If you did not receive your toolbox or you need extra resource materials, please email

In your toolbox is a list of simple suggestions for actions that you and your chapter members can take to help grow DFW. We ask that you discuss and brainstorm ideas with your chapter and plan what you can do in your local area. Some chapters are going to make this a regular part of their chapter meetings  – it will be a chance for everyone to discuss what actions have been taken and how successful they were.

Be sure to let your Regional Leader know about your plans and submit photos/results via the Chapter Photos Submission Form. We want to track and learn from all our chapters’ efforts!

Other Ideas Chapter Leader Tips & Reminders

New JOIN US Process Will Be Easier Than Ever!

In April, we will be launching a new, simpler process for potential new members to find and join a chapter in their area. This process will be easier and quicker, and it will enable our volunteer regional leaders and mentors to devote their time and energy to growing and supporting chapters.

Once implemented next month, the new process will start on the JOIN US page of our website. Interested individuals will be able to enter their zip code (or full address) and search for chapters within a certain radius. Search results will identify those chapters that are open to accepting new members. If your chapter is not accepting new members at this time, it will not be shown.

The list of available chapters will include a brief description of each chapter, including member demographics (i.e. diverse mix of ages, mainly retirees, etc.), frequency of meetings and set meeting dates/times, if this chapter information is available. No personal information about the chapter leader will be shared on our website.

Individuals can select a chapter that best meets their needs, and then complete a form, with their contact information, that will go directly to the chapter leader. When you, as a chapter leader, receive these forms, we ask that you reach out to the individual and invite them to your next chapter meeting. The individual will also get an automated email confirming their interest in the chapter and sharing the chapter leader’s name and the designated chapter email address, in case they would like to contact them directly. (Note: This would be an ideal time to create a dedicated chapter email address, i.e.

If there are no open chapters in the area, the individual will be invited to provide their contact information so that DFW representative can discuss other options such as starting their own chapter. They will also be encouraged to sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter, The Dish.

This new system will also be a great tool for current DFW members and volunteers who often want to know if there is a chapter near friends or family – you will now be able to do an online search without having to contact a regional leader or home office!

Please address any questions about this new process to your Regional Leader or the DFW home office. We hope this change will make it easier for people to join DFW thereby enabling us to reach our 2020 growth goals.

2017 Chapter Preferences Survey

It is important for Dining for Women home office and our regional leadership to have accurate, up-to-date information on all our chapters. This will be especially important when we implement our new online chapter search process, as described above. We do not want to refer interested individuals to chapters that are currently inactive or unable to accept new members.

To ensure that our records are current, we ask you to participate in the brief, but important survey that was sent to the primary leader for each chapter earlier this week. If you have not received your survey, please check your spam or junk folder FIRST and, if you still cannot find it, please email

We ask that you please complete this brief survey NO LATER THAN MARCH 24TH so that we are all ready when we launch our new online process in April.

Automatic Recurring Donations

In last month’s issue of The Dish, we included a simple fact sheet about why DFW loves automatic recurring donations. Please make copies of this fact sheet and make available at your chapter meetings, along with the form to sign up for monthly recurring donations.

Monthly Chapter Reports

Monthly reports will now be sent to chapters on the 10th and 11th of each month (previously the 15th and 16th). Chapters in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Carolinas, Southeast, Florida, and Central regions, as well as our international groups, will receive their reports on the 10th of the month. Chapters in the Northwest, West, Rocky Mountain, Southwest, Texokana, and Heartland regions will receive their reports on the 11th of the month.

Can You Answer 5 Simple Questions?

Thank you to those Chapter Leaders who provided their feedback on this newsletter. We would still like to hear from more of you. If you have not already done so, please take a few moments to tell us what you think about The Chapter Meeting Menu. There are just five simple questions! Your feedback with help ensure you get the information and resources you need as a Chapter Leader.

Tell us what you think.

Submitting Chapter Photos

We love receiving photos of your chapter milestones, meetings or special events! Please remember to send your photos with our new Chapter Photos Submission Form so we have all the info we need for publishing in our newsletter.

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Goodyear-2 Chapter
Congratulations to the OH, Akron-1 chapter which has been meeting for more than five years! Chapter Leader is Sally Phillips. Our thanks to Sally and all her chapter members!
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