Learn about MamaBaby Haiti, our April featured program. Also: Marsha explores the elements of change, we introduce cause marketing and a new way to get content customized for your interests.
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Where the top down and bottom up meet

DFW Co-founder Marsha Wallace explores what it takes for lasting change to take hold. In a blog post this month, Marsha notes, "Our goal of gender equality requires both top- down and bottom-up approaches. Top-down change comes from a state, national or global level. Governments, with their ability to write and enforce laws, impose punishment and offer benefits for socially acceptable behavior, are major drivers to promote change. They provide the “societal scaffolding” that supports initiatives at the grassroots level."

If long overdue change will come, it will be because both of these elements come together "creating a positive feedback loop" to "lead to effective results."

Read Marsha's blog post

Marsha leads DFW contingent to Oxfam IWD event

In her first official act as a Sister on the Planet Ambassador, Co-Founder Marsha Wallace (front and center) led a group of six DFW leaders to Boston for Oxfam America's International Women's Day event. Marsha joins 300 other influential women leaders around the country, who are lending their skills and advocacy to improve outcomes for women around the world and fight gender inequality. To learn more about Sisters on the Planet, read our blog post. 
Featured Program for April

MamaBaby Haiti

Haiti has the highest rate of infant and maternal mortality in the Western Hemisphere, and the highest rate of cervical cancer in the world. Contributing to these daunting statistics are the facts that the majority of women in Haiti have little education about their reproductive health and very limited access to health services or basic cancer screenings. 

Into this situation comes MamaBaby Haiti with its Well Women in Northern Haiti program. Our grant will increase screenings for cervical cancer and sexually transmitted infections, educate women about their health needs and options, and increase treatment in the area.

The organization has strong partnerships with other medical services in the region and, working together, we feel the organization is offering both practical and innovative solutions.
Learn More

3 things you need to know
(about MamaBaby Haiti)

Without services or education, even highly treatable diseases can become life threatening. Haiti reportedly has the highest rate of cervical cancer in the world. But treatment isn't enough. Education is a key element and MamaBaby Haiti employs an holistic approach to treating and educating women.  Learn More.
The 2010 earthquake was a defining moment in Haiti. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 56 percent of the residents living in abject poverty. Eighty percent of Haitians do not have access to clean drinking water. The world rallied to help Haiti after the earthquake but much of the capital rebuilding was not in place when the island was struck by two hurricanes in 2011. Poverty, government corruption, vulnerability to natural disasters and lack of education all work against significant improvement in the circumstances of the Haitian people.  
MamaBaby Haiti was founded by a group of American midwives who went on a mission to the country following the earthquake. They started their clinic, modeled after US facilities, when they were touched by conditions in the country, the lack of care and health education. To date, they have delivered more than 1000 babies in the Cap Haitien area. 
DFW travelers take part in a discussion with one of the Colorful Girl circles of Girl Determined 

Travel Tales

A tale of girls on two continents

Those who travel with Dining for Women are personally seeing the similarities in girls’ struggles around the world, and how two of our supported programs are helping those facing the biggest biases and lack of opportunities. Travel Director Patricia Andersson looks at the recently completed Burma trip and the upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic. 
Read Patricia's blog post

Get customized emails about topics you care about

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer the ability to select your special interests and receive emails as soon as we have content on our website that matches your requests. We have 11 interest areas that we have set up for customized emails. The emails will go out every week, but only if there is new content on our website to tell you about. You will not get old news or posts you've already seen. Read more on our blog
No, Thank You!
Two little words can mean a lot. Just for fun, we took a look back through our hangouts and online presentations in 2014 and found a lot of moments worth noting -- thank yous to DFW, recognition of our members' commitment and support and some calls to action from our programs. 
We mashed it up in this brief video. 
Here's a look at recent events in DFW chapters around the country. Check out the photo gallery and Share yours.

New Grant Cycle

April 1 marks the opening of our new grant cycle for programs for the first half of 2016. Programs that meet our criteria can submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) online via our application page. Information on the grant criteria is available on the website as well. Many of our best grantees have come from connections with members and chapter leaders, so please pass this information on to organizations you are involved with that may be interested. Questions can be emailed here

Upcoming Events

Join us at 2 p.m. on Friday, April 3, for a conversation with Leah Rashodyan, program director of MamaBaby Haiti's Well Women program. Register now on Google Plus and get notified as soon as the Hangout link goes live. Or watch on demand whenever you're ready.

On-Demand Events

"Many programs see grandmothers as obstacles. We see them as a resource." That's the view of Judi Aubel, executive director of Grandmother Project. She had other compelling insights into why GMP's program is successful. It's worth a listen. It's available on-demand. Right here.


Chicago-5 (IL)

Led by Liz Tracy, the chapter celebrated its 2nd anniversary in February. They had a few new members - three college students from DePaul University. Great to see young people at the table!

Anna Maria College (MA)

We welcomed our first college chapter in the Northeast Region in February. You know they're young and creative: They used sanitary pads as name tags (and as a tie in to a discussion of SHE). 

Santa Barbara-4 (CA)

Led by Nancy Marriott and Lynda Rae, this Santa Barbara chapter celebrated its first anniversary in January. Congratulations!

Scottsdale-3 (AZ)

You can barely see them all in this photo. That's because they had 34 members in attendance for their one-year anniversary last month. By next year, we'll have to have a panorama!

We relaunch the Marketplace to shop with a purpose

Dining for Women is launching a new cause marketing program and hopes to build relationships with companies and providers who align with our mission and offer products or services that would be of interest to our members and the public-at-large. Our existing marketplace page will be focused now on featuring organizations and individuals that meet and agree to our cause marketing guidelines.

We are very excited that our first partnership is with Betsy Teusch, an author and chapter leader in Philadelphia, PA. Betsy's new book 100 Under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women, is a comprehensive resource guide outlining over 100 initiatives that empower women all over the globe. Books will be signed by the author and will come with a bookmark listing all of the DFW programs highlighted, as well as labels so you can create a DFW edition. The bookmark and labels were created by Karen Ritter, leader of Quakertown-1 in Pennsylvania.  Multiple books can be shipped together by special arrangement. Dining for Women will receive 30 percent from book sales that come through a special link on our Cause Marketing page. Future agreements will be reviewed and approved by a cause marketing committee. Learn more about Cause Marketing in this blog post.

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