DFW in 2017: growing our network of chapters, exploring future grant opportunities, and launching our new travel program.
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Co-Founder Marsha Wallace Steps Down from the DFW Board

Our annual meeting and board retreat in November was a milestone moment in Dining for Women’s history. With the election of Susan Stall as Chair, someone who is not a Co-Founder will serve in this important role. This transition is certainly a vote of confidence in Susan’s excellent leadership abilities, and it is also a statement about the strength and stability of Dining for Women itself.
Since that first birthday celebration at Marsha’s home in 2003, Dining for Women has evolved into a highly-respected organization and a powerful force for change. While maintaining the simple concept of that first potluck dinner, we have continually grown our membership, our investments, and our impact on behalf of women and girls. Today, with an effective governing board of directors, a professional staff led by Beth Ellen Holimon, and hundreds of dedicated, passionate volunteers, we are truly poised to expand our movement and impact even further.
We want to inform you about another important transition in the leadership of DFW. Marsha has decided that she will step down from the Board at the end of January in order to re-focus her own energies. She will continue to work at the grassroots level through her original Greenville chapter and serve as a valuable resource to DFW. Please read Marsha’s letter
With the strong foundation that Marsha and Barb have built, we are extremely confident about the future of DFW. Our best tribute to their excellent work will be to move forward with DFW’s bold vision and truly change the world for women and girls. We know you look forward to seeing them both at the 2018 Dining for Women Summit.
With gratitude,
Dining for Women Board of Directors

Marsha’s Legacy: Believing in DFW Miracles

By Beth Ellen Holimon, Dining for Women President

As I enter my third year with Dining for Women, I have learned a great deal about this wonderful organization.  I’ve learned from members, staff, and my board, but I have to say that my principal education has come from DFW co-founders Marsha Wallace and Barb Collins.
I know you share in my surprise and sadness at Marsha’s announcement of her departure from DFW.  It is hard to imagine DFW without her.  As co-founder of this community, Marsha leaves an indelible mark on everything we do today.

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Show Your Love & Gratitude to Marsha

As Marsha transitions to her next life chapter, we know that many of you will want to extend your gratitude and love to her.  We encourage you to send cards, letters, notes, or photos to Marsha, c/o the Dining for Women home office. We are hoping to collect as many as possible in order to present to Marsha at her Greenville chapter meeting. Please send to:
Dining for Women
P.O. Box 25633
Greenville, SC 29616

A Dining for Women Chapter in Every City

DFW’s new Board Chair Susan Stall discusses DFW’s plans to grow in a big, bold way and fulfill Marsha’s dream to “have a DFW chapter in every city”.
Read Susan’s Blog

Ready, Set, GROW!
Will You Be a DFW Ambassador?

Our 2020 Vision set out a bold goal – to grow from 8,000 to 20,000 members by 2020. Now it’s time to launch our growth strategy, starting this year with our “8,000 Ambassadors Campaign”. Read more about this campaign which we will kick off on International Women’s Day, March 8th.

Member Input Sought for Grants Program

As DFW grows and raises more money, what will we do with these funds?  Well, we are already planning ahead to ensure that your dollars are used in the most effective, impactful way. Veena Khandke, our Director of Grants and Partnerships, shares our plans for a “year of education” and how we want you, our members, to be part of this process!

New Travel Program: Request for Proposals

Dining for Women will implement a new travel program this year that will provide a unique opportunity for DFW members to connect face-to-face with the women we serve. The travel program will be offered by a third-party provider. Our goal is that these experiences will deepen the travelers’ understanding of the issues faced by women in the developing world, in particular women involved with programs to which we have provided grants, while fostering strong bonds of friendship with the other travelers in the group. These life-changing trips will be open to all DFW members.
At this time, we are inviting proposals from any interested travel provider. The formal Request for Proposal (RFP), including qualifications required, can be found HERE. The objective of this RFP is to allow DFW to select a reputable travel organization to lead meaningful and inspirational travel experiences for DFW members. DFW will not receive any compensation through this travel program from travelers or from the travel provider.
Interested parties are asked to review the RFP and notify us of their intent to submit a proposal, along with any questions, by Jan. 17, 2017.  Our aim is to announce a travel provider before the end of April 2017.

13th Month Update and Thank You

Thank you to everyone who gave ONE SPECIAL GIFT to our 2016 13th Month Annual Appeal. Thank you also to all those chapters who held fundraisers that supported our annual appeal. We are still tabulating all your donations, and are optimistic that we will reach our goal of $360,000. Our final results will be reported in the February issue of The Dish.
A special thank you to those members who participated in our Giving Tuesday Participation Challenge. This was the second year that we held this challenge, and the goal was to increase participation in our annual appeal. We are pleased to report that we received 599 donations during the 10-day challenge period, which is a 30% increase over 2015!  Thanks to your gifts and this significant increase, our challenge donor, DFW member and Central Regional Leader Corinne Blakemore, has generously agreed to fulfill her pledge of an additional $5,000.  Thank you so much Corinne for your many contributions to DFW!

Our Featured Grantee for January:
Mith Samlanh (Cambodia)

Mith Samlanh, meaning “good friends” in Khmer (the official language of Cambodia), works to protect the fundamental rights of urban marginalized children and help them become productive, functional citizens. DFW’s featured grant of $50,000 will support the Transitional Shelter for Marginalized Girls in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The project provides a safe living space, education, and vocational training to girls who were living on the street or in slum communities, while case managers work to reintegrate them into a family environment.
Our Conversation with Mith Samlanh is available here.

3 Things You Need to Know about our Featured Grantee

Phnom Penh’s marginalized communities are a quarter of a million people in all, 33 percent of whom are children and youth. On a daily basis, there are 1,000 to 1,500 children who are living on the streets.
Mith Samlanh’s transitional shelter and support services are specifically designed for children who are separated from their caregivers, with the goal to reduce the vulnerability of young girls to human trafficking.
This project will directly benefit 120 girls and will indirectly benefit about 240 caregivers.

Our Sustained Grantee for January:
Anchal Project

Anchal merges design, business, and education to empower marginalized and exploited women living in India. DFW’s sustained grant of $20,000 per year from 2016 to 2018 supports the Designing Colorful Change project, which will expand employment opportunities in textiles and design for commercial sex workers in India through a natural dye initiative. Designing Colorful Change will provide 35 new women trainees and 100 current artisans with natural dye education and training workshops.
Learn More >>

The Proven Platter- Cambodian Grilled Pork with Pickled Vegetables
By Linda McElroy, DFW Recipe Curator and Chapter Leader of WA, Seattle-1

Hello Diners! This month we’ll be paying a visit to Cambodia and cooking up some breakfast. Breakfast for dinner, you ask? What is Linda thinking? Well, I’m thinking that Bai Sach Chrouk (grilled pork served with pickled vegetables and rice) sounds like a mighty fine dinner to me. Although, in Cambodia, this is a very popular breakfast, served up on the streets of the capital, and it’s hard to find this dish past 9 o’clock in the morning


Set Up Your Monthly Recurring Donation

The start of a new year is a great time to sign up for monthly recurring donations. DFW welcomes monthly recurring donations by credit card or bank draft. We do, however, strongly recommend bank drafts as the best way to contribute monthly.  Leslie Mason, our Accounting Specialist, explains why.
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Coming This Spring:  Chapter Leader Appreciation Month

Which DFW volunteers are the life-blood of our organization and annually dedicate hundreds of hours of their time and energy to our wonderful organization?  Our Chapter Leaders and Co-Leaders, of course!  This April, DFW will introduce its first annual Chapter Leader Appreciation Month, and we invite you all to participate!  We encourage you and your fellow chapter members to do something special to show your leaders how much you love and value their commitment to you and to the women and girls we empower. Who will celebrate in the most elegant, most zany, or the most surprising way?  Only time will tell!  Let's get busy planning our April meetings with all the love and appreciation we can muster!  And in the meantime, we would love for you to tell us why your Chapter Leaders are so special. Include a photo, if possible, and email We will publish your tributes in The Dish over the coming months.

Onancock, VA Chapter Celebrates 10 Years

Congratulations to the VA, Onancock chapter, known as the Eastern Shore of Virginia chapter, for 10 years with DFW. The chapter is led by Kitty Croke, Shannon Gordon and Wendy Miles.
The group was founded by Carolyn Mayers, Kitty Croke and Shannon Gordon after Carolyn saw a magazine story about DFW. Currently, about 70 women are on the group’s roster, with 15 to 30 attending each month’s meeting which is held at the Historic Cokesbury Church in Onancock. Twice each year, the chapter meets in someone’s home. Meetings begin with a social time and discussion of the month’s featured grantee, followed by dinner at what Kitty calls “the best restaurant in town,” with potluck dishes featuring cuisine from the grantee’s country.
The chapter leaders divide the duties associated with making their chapter run smoothly. “One person is in charge of finances and overall chapter goings-on, one is in charge of invitations and program presentations, one is in charge of RSVPs and meeting sign-ins,” Kitty said. “We all set up for meetings and our members chip in where and when they are needed.”
The group has thrived over the years by making it an event members and guests can count on, with great food and friendships. “We have an amazing group of interesting, interested, generous women who can cook,” Kitty said. “Members recruit other members so we have new members at almost every meeting. We stress that we come when we can, we give what we can, and we cook when we can.”


Knoxville-area chapters (including TN, Knoxville-1; TN, Knoxville-2; and TN, Loudon-1) met for their first ever joint event in December. About 40 members shared time together, along with DFW Co-Founder Marsha Wallace and Southeast Regional Co-Leaders Helen Borland and Terri Abraham.
Many thanks to the AL, Decatur-1 chapter and its leader, Christy Lamb, for five years of support for DFW.
Congratulations to the MI, Plainwell-1 chapter, led by Nora Wade and Rebecca Bigelow, on celebrating six years together.
The CA, San Jose-1 chapter, led by Mary Force and Rebecca Ulrich, celebrated its eighth anniversary in November. Congratulations!

New Chapters Activated

AL, Birmingham – 1
led by Nancy Owen & Kay Carboni
CA, Sherman Oaks – 1
led by Andrea Michaels & Ruth Moyte
SC, Greenville – 12
led by Brooke Hammond & Campbell Hammond
Congratulations to the OH, Cincinnati-2 chapter, led by Karen Whitney, on its celebration of nine years together.
The CA, Sherman Oaks-1 chapter and its leaders, Andrea Michaels and Ruth Moyte, held its first meeting in November. We welcome this enthusiastic group!
The WI, Fontana-1 chapter, led by Cheri Ackman, decided to celebrate the season with a pre-holiday gathering of members. We are thankful for your support of DFW.


We love receiving photos of your chapter milestones, meetings or special events! We try to publish all your photos in the order that we receive them. If your photo isn't in one issue, watch for it in the next.
To ensure we have accurate and complete information, we have created a simple form for you to submit your photos. The link to this form will be published in The Chapter Meeting Menu and The Dish on a regular basis and on the Quick Links page under Chapter Leader Resources on our website. So, keep those photos coming!
Chapter Milestones Form

Chapter Anniversaries

1 Year
CA, El Cerrito - 1
led by Alison Ferrell & Kristine Solseng
FL, Wellington - 1
led by Angelica Cortez
IL, Belleville - 1
led by Alicia Chillemi Slocomb & Sara Lee
NY, Sag Harbor - 1
led by Christina Lindstrom & Susan McGraw-Keber
OR, Bend - 3
led by Karen Pollard
PA, Wexford - 1
led by Janet Arida & Kim Winbush
TX, Houston - 6
led by Sandy Lease & Linda Frederick
2 Years
CA, Lafayette - 2
led by Dawn Boyer Comer
KY, Highland Heights - 1
led by Kim Yates
ME, York - 1
led by Holly Sargent & Shea Adelson
PA, West Grove - 2
led by Marti Zontek & Alyce Denver
3 Years
AZ, Scottsdale - 3
led by Tammy Frazier & Lisa Kerley
CO, Louisville -1
led by Rosann Messere & Janet Reynolds
MN, Apple Valley - 1
led by Tracy Hansen & Lisa Bessler
NY, Rye - 1
led by Ellen Deixler & Vivian Linder
OH, Toledo - 5
led by Luanne Billstein
OR, Gold Hill - 1
led by Lynn Kellogg & Alice Cushman
PA, Hanover - 2
led by Carol Sterner & Karen Jones
VA, Arlington - 5
led by Barbara Quist & Margaret James
4 Years
CA, Santa Barbara - 2
led by Melissa Hansen & Rebecca Metzger
MI, Farmington Hills - 2
led by Jean Struckmeyer & Jill McKinney
MI, Northville - 1
led by Linda McLean & Colleen Blanchfield
MI, West Bloomfield - 1
led by Sharona Shapiro & Lea Luger
4 Years con't
NY, Nesconset - 2
led by Helen Farley & Connie Calabro
PA, Bryn Mawr - 1
led by Julie Isaacson & Susan Sukonik
VA, Arlington - 4
led by Linda Maldonado
5 Years
CO, Boulder -1
led by Susan Tocher & Lancene Cadora
CO, Fort Collins - 3
led by Mary Halcomb & Nancy Plemmons
NC, Burlington - 1
led by Barbara Clawson & Ann Jennings
NY, Albany - 3
led by Rosemary Revoir & Sara Combes
PA, Philadelphia - 6
led by Deborah Wyse & Lynn Doerr
6 Years
OH, Sylvania - 3
led by Gail Dunn
OH, Sylvania - 4
led by Christina Yoppolo
SC, Mt. Pleasant - 2
led by Anna Eddy & Candace Brace
VA, Fairfax Station - 1
led by Monica Galloway & Lynn Broadbent
WA, Vancouver - 1
led by Katlin Smith & Donna Shaver
WI, Rice Lake - 1
led by Bea Evans/td>
7 Years
NC, Taylorsville - 1
led by Regina Bruns & Patti Ferguson
8 Years
CA, Templeton - 1
led by Clare Kennedy
OR, Portland - 2 SE
led by Patricia Andersson & Cindy Workman
SC, Sullivan's Island - 1
led by Lynn Chiappone
10 Years
VA, Onancock - 1
led by Kitty Croke
14 Years
SC, Greenville - 1
led by Connie Williamson & Cindy Henry

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