Reserve program grants are announced, 13th Month Campaign results are in, learn about SHE - the featured organization for February!
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Reserve Programs announced

3 more grants awarded with reserve funds
By Beth Ellen Holimon
DFW Executive Director

I am pleased to announce that three programs tackling education in the poorest parts of the world were selected at the end of 2014 as Dining for Women's first Reserve Programs. A look at our programs in 2014 shows that education is highly valued and the lion’s share of grantees focus on that area. Of the 24 featured, sustained and reserve programs we supported last year, 13 or 54 percent were focused on education. Perhaps that’s because it is a place where we can truly make the most significant difference and reach the greatest number of women and girls.

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13th Month Campaign results are in

What an amazing job you all did in supporting our 13th Month Campaign for 2014. You donated $144,000 to the campaign. Along with the five donors who funded our $32,500 Impact Challenge, we carded $176,500, exceeding our goal. Want more facts on the campaign results? Check out this infographic.
Featured Program for February

Sustainable Health Enterprises

See a problem? Fix it. See a need? Fulfill it. That's what SHE did. Knowing that 10 percent of girls in Africa miss school during menstruation and eventually drop out, SHE zeroed in on solutions. The organization developed an affordable product called the go! Pad that is manufactured from the renewable and abundant natural resource of banana fiber. The program we're supporting will provide go! Pads to 10 schools in the Kyonza District of Rwanda. But beyond supplying affordable pads, the program will offer training on puberty education and menstrual hygiene management to teachers enabling them to facilitate taboo-breaking discussions among both boys and girls. She is dedicated to keeping girls in school. No matter what time of the month it is. Period. 
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3 things you need to know
(about SHE)

In Rwanda, 18 percent of girls and women missed out on school and work last year because they could not afford to buy a package of menstrual pads, which cost about 87 cents each. That's equivalent to a day's salary for many women. go!Pads cost 58 cents per pack.  Apart from the personal injustice and the larger issues of health and dignity, these absences are a potential GDP loss of $215 per women every year – a total of $115 million in Rwanda. Among school-age girls, 10 percent do not attend school during menstruation, losing four days a month of educational time. What's worse is that often that lost time leads girls to drop out of school, severely hampering their futures. Learn More. Learn More.
Many women and girls around the world use unsanitary methods during their menstruations. Leaves, mud, even excrement, are used when sanitary pads are not available. We have a great infographic that shows the harsh reality of something as natural as having your period. Learn More.
SHE's innovative solutions address a major issue at several levels. The organization operates on the principle that charity in the form of money or donated sanitary pads isn’t enough to break the cycle of menstrual discrimination and its effects on the lives of girls and women. Instead, it is building business partnerships with women farmers who supply the banana fiber, supporting entrepreneurism with plans for more women-run factories, developing markets, and creating jobs to move the needle on a problem that affects millions of girls around the world. Learn More.

A Path Appears series starts on PBS

The three-part documentary based on the book, A Path Appears, began airing on PBS last Monday. The series follows authors Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn and a host of actor/advocates including Mia Farrow, Jennifer Garner, Ashley Judd, Eva Longoria, and Alfre Woodard to Colombia, Haiti, Kenya, and throughout the U.S. as they uncover the harshest forms of gender-based oppression and human rights violations, as well as the effective solutions being implemented to combat them. 

There are screenings and other activities taking place around the country. You can find a local event or plan one hereFor a preview, local listings and more, check out the PBS website

DFW was very happy to be included in the Kristof-WuDunn book, but you won't find any mention in this series. Watch it not because of DFW, but because what diminishes any woman, diminishes us all. 

Follow travelers in Burma (Myanmar)

Our group of travelers is well along in their journey to Burma (Myanmar). Led by our Travel Program Director, Patricia Andersson, the group has a busy agenda that includes visiting Girl Determined, one of our supported organizations. They're also meeting with women in both political and civic organizations to learn more about the challenges facing women here. And, of course, some pagoda climbing and sightseeing. You can follow along via their blog posts. 

What's your DFW story?

Executive Director Beth Ellen Holimon has been spending a lot of time at meetings and events talking to DFW members and donors. She has been struck by the powerful emotions and deep and embedded connections you have with Dining for Women. And now we're on a mission to hear your stories. We started with Anne Capestrain, Springfield (IL) chapter leader and a member of the board. Watch her story. 
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Upcoming Events

Join us at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 5, for a conversation with CeCe Comacho, chief operating officer for Sustainable Health Enterprises. Register now on Google Plus and get notified as soon as the Hangout link goes live. Or watch on demand whenever you're ready.
Stay connected even if you can't get to a meeting. You can attend a Virtual Chapter meeting live or on-demand. You can connect and get notifications through the Virtual Chapter’s Facebook page. Learn more about how our Virtual Chapter works. Next Virtual Chapter meeting: Feb. 4 at 7:30 ET. Click to join.

On-Demand Events

We had a great conversation with Monica Greco of Collateral Repair Project. The challenges in helping the urban refugees in Jordan are vast. Our support will make a big difference  Did you miss the hangout? No worries, it's available on demand. Right here.


Santa Barbara-4 (CA)

Happy first anniversary! The newest Santa Barbara chapter celebrated its first year at their meeting on Jan. 23. Congrats to you all and your co-leaders Nancy Marriott and Lynda Rae.


Chapter Events

Grand Rapids (MI)

Grand Rapids chapter members put together a table at a local event. They sold Bead for Life jewelry and distributed information about us to interested shoppers. They also wrapped gifts at a local Barnes & Noble event. The donations and proceeds from both went toward the 13th Month Campaign. Thank you, Michiganders! 

Seattle-2, -5 (WA)

Two Seattle chapters connected for a joint meeting in December. Led by Alissa Johnson, the Northwest Regional Leader, and Linda McElroy, our own DFW Recipe Curator, this was no doubt a very informative and yummy meeting. Thank you for sharing. 

Goodyear (AZ)

The three chapters in Goodyear, AZ, got together in January for a joint meeting to share ideas and connect with each other. Diana Johnson, leader of Goodyear-1, sent the photo and says the joint meeting was so successful, there are plans to do it annually.

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