Green Sheet Issue 24
Summer 2015
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Summer Green Sheet 
Green Captain wins her first Tony Award

Congratulations to all of the Tony winners! We were pleased to have seven Green Captains nominated (a record!) and one Green Captain winner: Ruthie Ann Miles.

Ruthie Ann, who won Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her role in 
THE KING AND I, gave the BGA a shout out. Holding her phone, rather than a piece of paper to read her speech, Ruthie said "Please recycle!" and quickly added, "Broadway's Green Alliance!"  Thanks, Ruthie, we're thrilled with the mention. Ruthie may be a first-time Tony winner, but she is a two-time Green Captain, as she is the current THE KING AND I Green Captain and also served Off-Broadway in HERE LIES LOVE. (click picture above to link to her speech). 

We are also happy that FUN HOME won Best Musical, as it is the musical with the most BGA Green Captains. That's right, we have four GCs at FUN HOME. Roberta Colindrez, Beth Malone, and Tony-nominees Judy Kuhn and Emily Skeggs all serve as GCs for their show.  

The Tony Awards Get Greener

 As we do every year, the BGA worked with the Tony Awards to get a bit greener this year. Each year, we highlight the ways that the Tony Awards have become greener.  We start with Radio City Music Hall (RCMH), the venue for this year’s Tony telecast, which has taken many steps towards reducing environmental impacts including:

A comprehensive energy analysis of the facility performed by Energy Analytics, resulting in an enhanced energy efficiency plan; Installation of energy efficient lighting; Retrofitting of restrooms with low-flow toilets and faucets; and usage of post-consumer recycled content tissue products. RCMH provides extensive recycling backstage as well as for employees and guests and all trash is taken to a materials recovery facility where all recyclables are sorted out and recycled.

This year -- thanks to the success of our 2015 TD Five Boro Ride's Team BGA (see below) -- the BGA purchased renewable energy credits for all of the electricity used at RCMH for the rehearsal period and telecast. The BGA also purchased offsets from NativeEnergy for the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions for cast and presenter transportation.

We even had a Tony Awards Green Captain, Marjorie Horne, who worked with the entire Tony production/management office to recycle electronics, paper, bottles, batteries and office supplies. The Tony Awards also donated all of their binders to the BGA/AEA Binder Project after use.  

You can see the Environmental Achievements of the 69th Annual Tony Awards here.

Boffo Bike Ride for BGA
For the last three years the BGA has fielded a team of 10 riders for the TD Five Boro Bike Ride.  This fun ride is organized by the non-profit Bike New York and makes its way through a car-free swath of all of the five boroughs.

This year's team of 10 Charity Riders included Jennifer Hershey of Jujamcyn Theaters, Co-chair of the BGA Venues Committee, and Venues Committee member, John Darby of the Shubert Organization who together raised an astounding $29,190 for the BGA. That amount led us to a record-breaking $40,000 total for this year's ride.  

This money not only allowed us to purchase offsets and renewable energy credits for the Tony Awards but will also allow us to fund our new Off-Broadway Greening Grants program, our Broadway Compost Day, and many other initiatives.  Fantastic job, Team BGA!
Broadway's First Ever COMPOST DAY
 Now that the Tonys are over we began a new program to make it easy for Tony nominees and winners to dispose of flower arrangements without sending them to landfill (the flowers, that is). So, Friday, June 12th we gathered a bunch of volunteers to go stage-door-to-door collecting old flowers.  Especially fruitful were the Beaumont (THE KING AND I), the Golden (SKYLIGHT), and the Brooks Atkinson (IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU).  We ended up with a decent haul and paid Repeat Roses ( to come and pick up our half-hamper-full.  They donate any still living flowers and compost the rest and they recycle the glass vases too.  We would love to see composting become a regular thing on Broadway. Stay tuned for the next compost event.
BGA Chapter News
We are thrilled to have welcomed two new "chapters" of the Broadway Green Alliance this year. As reported earlier, the Off-Broadway community has formed an Off-Broadway chapter of the BGA and theaters in Chicago have formed the Chicago Green Theatre Alliance. We are thrilled to broaden our reach and bring new ideas and innovations back to Broadway from these groups. Welcome!
Chicago Green Theatre Alliance
The CGTA's first E-waste Drive
The new Chicago Green Theater Alliance's 
( first big event, an e-waste drive, was a success. They ordered 4 giant boxes, but ended up filling 10!  They collected a total of 2.5 tons of e-waste and report that "Chicago theaters are a little lighter person mentioned that they now have a space for their indoor hammock!"  Great job, CGTA. 

Off-Broadway Chapter
New materials for Off-Broadway
Off-Broadway venues are showing their green participation through new stickers for box offices and signs on trash bins explaining post collection sorting. Also, to celebrate the creation of the Off-Broadway chapter, the BGA started a new grants program. Our Off-Broadway Greening Grants allow any Off-Broadway venue or company to apply for funding for a greening initiative. We are giving away a total of $5,000 and have just extended the deadline to July 15, 2015. Go here for the full information.  

A fond farewell to Film Biz Recycling 

It is with sadness that we report that the great Film Biz Recycling has closed its  warehouse, retail store, prop and costume shop, and creative-use workshop.
The one thing that remains is their Google Group listserv, Art Cube. Named for the nickname of art department trucks on movie sets, this list serve now has thousands of members and is in 17 cities.  It is an excellent place to get the film/art/theater community in your city to help in sourcing props, sets, labor, and miscellany. Check for your city and sign up here

Collection of BGA Infographics in WSJ
We were thrilled to be included in the Broadway Advertorial that ran in the Wall Street Journal on the last weekend in May.  WSJ Custom Studios created this great series of infographics highlighting some of our popular initiatives:
   An Eco-Tip for Summer
Greener Grilling
Now that summer is officially underway, that means that grilling season is here. So, charcoal or propane? Breanna Giovanni at NY League of Conservation Voters ( tells us: "You might assume that using charcoal would be the obvious choice for a grill because it is derived from wood, a renewable resource. However, a new report comparing the carbon output of a gas grill to a charcoal grill reveals exactly the opposite. When tested, a gas grill produced 5.6 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour, while a charcoal grill created a whopping 11 pounds per hour. Not only does charcoal release this serious amount of carbon dioxide, but it also releases a large amount of soot and methane. The soot produced from grilling with charcoal pollutes the air, aggravating heart and lung issues. Additionally, methane is a greenhouse gas about 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Propane gas produces far fewer carbon emissions than charcoal when burned in large part because they’re more efficient. Propane allows you to control temperature and on larger grills use only one burner instead of the entire grill, decreasing the amount of energy wasted." Not all grills are created equal when it comes to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike charcoal grills, barbecuing with propane cuts greenhouse gas emissions in half and avoids releasing harmful soot into the air. Now we know.
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