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  The Movement Messenger | Vol. 2 – Issue 7 | August 2015
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Support the Prison Ecology Project

The prison industrial complex has a long history of exposing prisoners to chemical toxins and other poisons as well as contributing to pollution and ecological destruction. The Prison Ecology Project is a new initiative that has set out to map the intersections between mass incarceration and environmental justice. The potential of this project to unite criminal justice reform and environmental movements to dismantle the toxic prison system is truly inspiring, and we are enthused to be working with the activists at Prison Ecology Project on their inaugural crowdfunding campaign.

Prison Ecology Project is based out of the Human Rights Defense Center, the publisher of Prison Legal News, which litigates and advocates for the free speech rights of incarcerated people, distributes self-help reference books to prisoners, and agitates for government accountability.

Environmental justice is a vital lens through which to view the U.S. system of jails, prisons, and detention centers which hold captive vastly disproportionate numbers of people of color, in inhumane conditions, for profit. There are more people per captia incarcerated in the U.S. than in any other country in the world, held in prisons built on toxic waste sites or endangered habitats, where contaminated water flows or where prison labor is used in hazardous industrial operations. Prison Ecology Project is organizing to stop the construction of more prisons and building a repository of data as a tool for use in organizing against the prison industrial complex and for environmental justice. Please check out the indiegogo campaign and show your support by donating what you can and by spreading the word!

Ecology not Prisons! 

Ryan Fletcher
on behalf of Movement Media

In the Works

Dr. Bronner's

We’ve been working to spread the word about H.R. 1599, commonly known as the DARK Act – or “Deny Americans the Right to Know” Act – a bill many in the junkfood and pesticide industries, as well as Congress, would prefer stay out of the limelight. The Dark Act would block all states from labeling genetically engineered foods, and make it much harder for the FDA to ever mandate national labeling. Dr. Bronner’s supports the consumer’s right to know if their food has been genetically modified, a right which Americans overwhelmingly support!

In the News

Z Magazine: The Spirit of Resistance Lives
Why Things Are Going to Get Worse…And Why We Should Be Glad 
by Eric Laursen
Hempcrete homeCannabis Construction: Entrepreneurs Using Hemp for Home-Building 
by Matt A.V. Chaban
Hemp growingKentucky funds hemp seed processing plant with tobacco settlement money
by Marcus Green
Anise toothpaste5 oral care additions on our radar
by Jessica Rubino
Lisa BronnerSome seriously inspiring eco advice, by a woman in the know
by Yaz at Primped
New Hope from supply to shlefThe hemp/ marijuana revolution: A testing ground for supplement to get it right? 
by Risa Schulman
Tea Tree soapThe Colorado Guide: Backpacking 101
by Shawna McKeown
Greywater homeownersSmart folks now water their yards with washing machine runoff, and the DWP doesn't like it 
by Jessica P. Ogilvie

On our Minds

RyanRyan: Love is boundless. I really appreciated Jon Kirkendall's recent article, Beyond Marriage Equality.
LaurenLauren: As if the concept of a robot sending us images from Pluto after 9 years of flying through space isn't mind boggling enough, Jenna Garrett of Wired posits the Foucauldian question of what we're really seeing when we view images of the far-flung ice planet. Enjoy her cosmic perspective on space art, then appreciate our cozy, hot Earth as you enjoy one of these.
JazminJazmín: After 54 years, Cuba has a U.S. embassy again! The embargo remains, but it’s gratifying to see Cuba’s flag flying high on 16th Street, 2 miles from the White House and just blocks from the Movement Media office. These photos from the reopening capture an international milestone which, to me, also felt like a community event.
TomTom: Ever felt more relaxed, in a better mood or even smarter after taking a walk in the woods or having lunch in a natural setting? A new research study suggests that nature walks are good for improving your mood and stimulating your brain.
MichelleMichelle: I know I'm not alone when I say that Pluto has been on my mind a lot this month. I really like this story because it includes a video "simulation of what it would be like to fly over Pluto's surface." Pretty cool stuff! 
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