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We got a whole lotta rain

On Sunday night I was thinking we were going to need to turn on our irrigation for the first time this season. And then we got 3.5 inches of rain! I'm not complaining, as I know some farmers who got 7 inches in that same storm. For the most part the crops thrived with it, however, there was some washout in the pepper field exposing some plant roots, and some standing water in the winter squash field. Both crops seem to be doing fine. I am thankful we didn't get any more, as two of the last four years we've had a 500 year flood on our farm. I always remember that Mother Nature is in control, no matter how much I want to be in charge!

We saw our first baby watermelon on the plant today, and many of the peppers are setting fruit. There are a gazillion tomatoes on each plant in the field, and I know soon the height of the season is upon us. I look forward to this time of year every year.

We moved the pigs in with the chickens yesterday and I think the chickens are still trying to figure out how they feel about that. The curious pigs will approach a chicken and the chicken runs away quickly. This is my kind of T.V.! The picture above is of a field of winter rye that we planted last fall. The animals are having fun stomping it to the ground and eating the grain. It is fun to watch them.

The cabbage has arrived! My favorite variety is called Tendersweet, which have characteristically oblong heads and are super sweet (and huge!) Despite it's size, I can eat a whole one in one sitting. Hard to believe. But if you try the recipe below, you'll see why. I encourage everyone to try this simple recipe and new way to eat cabbage. 

Take the cabbage and slice it into wedges, keeping the core on the stem. Melt a few tablespoons of butter in a pan that has a flat and wide bottom. Cover the pan and let this simmer on medium (erring on the side of medium low if anything) for 20-30 min. The juices from the cabbage will steam it and the butter will caramelize the wedge side. The result is out of this world!
This week we did a lot of maintenance work. When I became a farmer, little did I know how much I'd have to learn about fixing things. I thought I'd be working in the fields the whole time! Boy was I wrong. By necessity (i.e. things breaking or needing to be maintained), I've had to learn all about Oil changes, fuel filters, transmission fluid, cleaning carburators, replacing springs in the governor, cleaning corroded starters, replacing sheer pins, popping on bogey wheels, zurchs, packing bearings, dropping the transmission, replacing a clutch, and switching implements, just to name a few. Truth be told, I've been enjoying it. Even if I work at 1/15th the speed of a mechanic.
Updated Note on Goat Cheese Share and Budding Farmer Add-on's:

Dates for Goat Cheese: July 16/17, August 20/21, September 17/18, October 15/16

Dates for Budding Farmers: July 9/10, August 13/14, September 10/11
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