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“Yes, We Can!”

A Newsletter for Liberals, Progressives and Democrats of Lebanon County

December 2016 Issue

“You and I, as citizens, have the obligation to shape the debates of our time--not only with the votes we cast, but with the voice we lift in defense of our most ancient values and enduring Ideals.  “

---BARACK H. OBAMA, 2nd Inaugural Address, January 21, 2013


We want to thank President Obama for his great and inspirational leadership. He has made us proud to be Americans and enhanced our image throughout the world. It is the great tragedy of our times that this superb president will be followed by someone unworthy of the office and unqualified to carry it out.  No matter what the incoming occupier of the oval office does to undermine President Obama’s many accomplishments, his legacy of thoughtfulness, compassion and maturity will always live on in our hearts.  

--Steve & Jackie Grumbacher


Information Update links: for facts and reference material for all the latest news for an adult perspective on issues to DONATE to VOLUNTEER


LCDC=Lebanon County Democratic Committee, 23 S. 6th St, Lebanon



(It goes without saying that calendar info may change without notice.)

Events in the calendar are of interest to Lebanon County Democrats, but are not necessarily sponsored by the LCDC or even the Democratic Party.



LCDC Executive Committee,  7 PM , LCDC Wednesday, December 7th is an important date because we will have Greg Paulson at our meeting to go over the details and rules for PETITIONS and Financial Requirements for candidates for office. If you are planning on running, managing or volunteering for a campaign in 2017, you need to be here.  The meeting is at our HQ 23 S 6th St, Lebanon Pa 17042.  Greg’s presentation will immediately follow our business meeting.  All Democrats who expect to help with 2017 candidate petitions should definitely attend.

Thu, Dec 15

LEAD Holiday Party. Noon, Sinkhole Saloon, Palmyra

Come join us to celebrate the season and talk about the future of the group. LEAD is the oldest extant liberal/progressive discussion/action group in Lebanon County and everyone is welcome!!

Wed, Dec 21

LCDC Holiday Open House, 5-8 PM, LCDC Click on link for details. It’ll be fun!!!

Thu, Dec 22

Annville-Cleona Dem Meeting, Annville Town Hall, 36 N Lancaster St. Meets the fourth Thursday of each month.

Contact Pat Stephens, 215-421-7876 for more details.






For  Our

Annual Holiday Open House


DATE: Wednesday, December 21st, 2016


LOCATION: LCDC HQ 23 S. 6th St. Lebanon, PA 17042



or contact our Holiday Open House Event Coordinator

Alicia Castro at



Office Clean-Up Crew

Decorating Team








Veggie & Dip Platter

Fruit Salad

Cheese Board

Meat Assortment






Pie w/ Serving Utensils

Candy Canes, etc.

Paper Goods



Questions or comments?

Please contact Alicia Castro at



For the curious and other masochists, here are links to the unofficial results for the November 8th election in Lebanon County, along with the reports from the individual precincts.


Election Results


Precinct report




A. Chairperson’s Letter to the Editor


On November 17th, the LDN printed a USA Today editorial worrying about the Democratic Party and telling us about all our problems. It’s nice that you care about us, but don’t worry. The Democratic Party will continue to fight for people’s rights and will be more than ready for the 2018 U.S. Senate and House races.


On November 20th, the LDN printed an editorial by Jerry Shenk. Why is he your go-to guy on the Democratic Party? You should ask him to figure out how the Republicans managed to elect and now faun over an ill-prepared and temperamental man who doesn’t seem to care about them or our democracy. The Republican Party would be the laughing stock of the world if their leader weren’t so frightening.


Yes, Democrats grieve. We do have work to do to understand the election results and why our country is so divided.


More than half the voters in this election voted for Hillary Clinton; President-Elect Trump obviously does NOT have a mandate and should not be acting like he does. What ever happened to working for ALL AMERICANS?


– Lois Herr, Mt. Gretna Borough


B. Exit Polls

There are a lot of interesting theories about why things happened on November 8th the way they did, especially in Pennsylvania. John Harvey found this one to share with the group.


C. Post-Election Stress?

We all cope in different ways--putting cash in the mattress, checking our passport status, trashing our TV’s--but we’re all feeling some degree of stress. Alan Olson has these suggestions:


Feeling:  Angry?  Very Depressed?  Threatened?   Staying away from others?


To those of us seriously stressed out there, from the prospect of a "President Trump”,

and to anyone here who has a friend still suffering this stress and needing our help  -


   I heard a really helpful discussion from one Kelly McGonigal, making that stress your friend:


"Psychologist Kelly McGonigal urges us to see stress as a positive, and introduces us to an unsung mechanism for stress reduction: reaching out to others.”   Redirecting the energy of that stress toward reaching out as a volunteer for some cause you think is important in our world, maybe expanding a working volunteer effort you’ve already committed to, and now doing it more.    Maybe just helping a neighbor who needs help.


Here is an online talk from her: mcgonigal_how_to_make_stress_your_friend


A second suggestion for redirection of that stress-energy is to spend time with a community of interest.  That can be very re-assuring.


Finally, you can do a Google search on Kelly McGonigal and get a number of useful references.  


Best of luck to all of us in this season.


- Alan Olson


D. Hillary Thank-you note


If you’d like to send Hillary a note in the mail, here’s her address: (thanks, Jo Ellen)


Hillary Rodham Clinton  

Post Office Box 5256

New York, NY 10185-5256


E. Bothered by long lines at the polls this year?

Lines were long in Lebanon County this year (though nothing like they were in many other states). Some people have said there should be more polling places or more voting machines. Here’s why it might be difficult to change the status quo in the county and elsewhere. Thanks to County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz for the research, analysis and explanation.



A)   55 Precincts in the county

B)   100 min-1200 maximum voters/precinct

C)   Not at the convenience of the commissioners.  

E)   20 electors must petition the commissioners, which may trigger countywide redistricting.

F)   30 precincts (over half) are too big:  Wards 2 East, 2 West & 10 in Lebanon City; Annville East; Bethel-Fredericksburg; Cleona; Cornwall; East Hanover; Heidelberg-Schaefferstown; Jackson West; Millcreek; North Annville; North Cornwall South & North; North Lebanon Middle, East & West; North Londonderry East, North & West; Palmyra East, North & West; South Annville; South Lebanon North, South & West; South Londonderry Campbelltown; Swatara; Union Lickdale; and West Cornwall.  

G) None are too small, but some precincts could be combined and still be less than 1200.

H) 38 more Precincts may be created if countywide redistricting occurs.

I) Net:  + 3 in City, +35 in County

J)   Therefore 38 new handicap accessible polling places may be needed along with additional machines and appropriate staff--judges of elections, machine operators, constables, and majority and minority inspectors.  Approximately 76 new machines at $3500 each = $266,000; and approximately $500/ election / additional precinct for poll workers= $19,000 twice a year or $38,000 annually; plus the cost of renting a polling place, maybe $50/ precinct 2xs/year = $3800.  So startup costs = approximately $266,000 + $38,000 + $3800 = $307,800.

K)   This also means that each Party could have up to 114 new committee people, too.


Seems unlikely there will be a change, given there’s only a real problem every four years in November, but possibly there are one or two especially overburdened precincts in which it might be worth a smaller investment.


F. Message from Lorraine Scudder

Now that the election is over and we’ve all had time to take a deep breath, there’s something I’d like to say.


Although the end result was not what we wanted, I’m very proud of what my campaign committee was able to accomplish with our very limited resources.  For a first time candidate garnering 33% of the votes and taking a precinct or two in the process it’s not a bad showing.


To everyone who supported me throughout my campaign, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did without you.  You gave me the encouragement I needed when it was needed most.  My acquaintances became good friends I’ll cherish forever.


I haven’t decided if I’ll run again in 2018.  I have a year to think about it.  But if I do, I’ll be better prepared by laying the groundwork sooner.  I learned a lot during this campaign.  One is that I’ll be more vocal and will not be afraid to speak out on the issues that affect the lives of the people of Pennsylvania.  I still will not run a personal smear campaign, but I will criticize the policies and ideologies of my opponent.  And I may start sooner rather than later.


Again, thank you.


Lorraine Scudder





There will be local elections next year and the party needs YOU to think about running for office. If you are interested, please contact Bea Brown or 717 873-7680




Thanks to Pam Bishop and Doug Lorenzen for this update and for all they are trying to do to keep our water, air and land safe for future generations. It’s an uphill battle and they could use your help.


Good News! Lebanon County Common Pleas Court President Judge John Tylwalk this week issued an Opinion and Order reversing an October, 27, 2015, decision of the West Cornwall Township Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB). Last year, the ZHB dismissed the Concerned Citizens of Lebanon County's appeal of a zoning permit issued to Sunoco Pipeline L.P. for its West Cornwall pump station, one of many such facilities which pressurizes the existing "repurposed" 300-mile Mariner East I pipeline to carry highly explosive odorless colorless and tasteless Natural Gas Liquids across Pennsylvania. The judge granted our appeal, reversed the ZHB's decision and remanded the case to the ZHB to consider whether Sunoco is a public utility entitled to an exemption under the township's zoning ordinance.


Sunoco's claimed status as a public utility has been contested in several cases involving its exercise of eminent domain against landowners resisting the taking of their property for rights-of-way for Sunoco's proposed Mariner East II pipeline project. The lower courts have split on the issue, and appeals are pending before the appellate courts, including the PA Supreme Court. Judge Tylwalk said that the considerations are different under land use cases brought pursuant to the Municipalities Planning Code and those involving eminent domain. He criticized the ZHB for its failure to take evidence and consider factors necessary to establish whether Sunoco is a public utility under municipal zoning law.


Here is a link to a Lebanon Daily News story about the court's decision:


The Opinion and Order of Judge Tylwalk is attached, below.


We will need support to continue this fight against Sunoco's Mariner East Pipeline Project. Please consider a donation to the GoFundMe link below.


Pam Bishop and Doug Lorenzen, for

Concerned Citizens of Lebanon County

Like us at

Support us at




For the overall best source of government and media contacts, see this link:

Most representatives do not expect people to be paying attention.  That’s why the more people call and express their opinions, the more likely we will be listened to. Even if you know they will never vote your way on an issue, they do keep records of how many constituents disagree with them and it might help if they hear push back from their colleagues.

United States Senate:

Sen. Bob Casey (Dem)                      (866) 802 - 2833 (toll free) or (202) 224 - 6324

Sen. Pat Toomey (Rep)                      (814) 453 - 3010

US House of Representatives:

Dist. 15, Rep. Charles Dent (Rep) (717) 867-1026

342 W. Main St, Annville, PA 17003

Dist. 6, Rep. Ryan Costello (Rep)     (610) 376-7630 in Wyomissing

840 North Park Road, Wyomissing, PA 19610

State Senate:

District 48, Sen.  Mike Folmer            (717) 787 - 5700

        101 Municipal Bldg, 400 S. 8th St, Lebanon, PA 17042

State Assembly:

District 101, Mauree Gingrich (717) 838-3823

1044 E. Main Street,  Palmyra, PA  17078


Frank Ryan will be the new Representative for the 101st. His new term officially begins on December 1, but he takes the oath on January 3.

District 102,  Russ Diamond              (717) 277-2101        

2230 Lebanon Valley Mall, Lebanon, PA 17046

District 104, Sue Helm                        (717) 651-0100

2090 Linglestown Rd., Suite 100, Harrisburg, PA 17110

PA House Democratic Caucus

County Democratic Commissioner:

Jo Ellen Litz            (717) 644 - 4698


Lebanon City Council:

Wiley Parker

Cornell Wilson        (717) 679-1509


PA State Democratic Party:


Lebanon County Democratic Headquarters

PO Box 1128 or 23 S. 6th St.,

Lebanon, PA 17042                                        (717) 273-8761 (answering machine)


Chairman, Lebanon County Democratic Committee

Lois Herr                  (717) 371-5721


County Vice Chair

Cornell Wilson        (717) 679-1509


City Vice Chair

Cesar F. Liriano (717) 383-7166


Lists of the districts and their constituencies can be found at our website:

To contact the White House go to: www.White



a.      LCDC Website:

We now have a Community News section on the website for community events or news not directly related to LCDC, but of interest to some of our members.

Joel Smith is seeking photographs of local democrats at democratic functions or with democratic candidates. He’d like to compile a photo album for our website. If anyone has photos email them to and please try to include the names of the individuals in the photo, date of the event, and event name if applicable.

If anyone has content suggestions for the website please send an email to The committee is open to any suggestions that will help maintain a successful web and social media presence.”

Blog: (for a list of posts by our members)

b.      Facebook pages Check out these sites for more information from the Lebanon County Democratic Party on local events. If you haven’t joined this Facebook page, now’s the time!!

Lebanon County Democratic Party on Facebook:

“Like” us at this site!


Lebanon County Democratic Committee:


Lebanon County Young Democrats FB page:


Women’s Democratic Club of Lebanon Valley


c.      And we’re tweeting, too!

Twitter @LebDems


d.      This newsletter and past issues


e.      Lebanon County Events and Fundraisers FB page:


f.       Southeastern PA Progressives

This website is a great source for information on activities in the region.


Their calendar is here:

g.      Latest Election Results (2016 General Election--unofficial)

Complete Official Lebanon County Results:

h.      Calendar of Events

LCDC is now using Google Calendar for all of our events. The direct link to our public calendar is you can also search for our calendar by using our Google Calendar

Our public calendar can be added to your already existing private Google Calendar. For instructions on how to do this you can visit

Don't use Google Calendar? Not a problem! You can still view all of our events at

To add, cancel, or correct event listings please email

i.       Political Statistics of interest

John Harvey has found an interesting website that has all types of statistical and demographic information related to politics. For example, here is a graph comparing the change in family income for each president since Kennedy.

j.       True Blue News

The PA Democratic Committee puts out a regular bulletin with news about Democrats state-wide. There is news about the Governor, legislature, county and general news. Not sure how to subscribe to it, but it looked pretty good. You can try writing to if you’re interested.

L. Thinking about running for office?

Please get in touch with the Campaign Committee at, text or call 717-873-7680 and we can steer you to the resources you will need.  Also, plan to attend the LCDC Deminar scheduled for December 7th at LCDC and others in 2017.


M. Anna Cunha Century Club


We need your support as a donor and member of the Anna Cunha Century Club. Contributions of $50, $75 or $100 or more are welcome to sustain our party in Lebanon County, but a contribution of $100 or more can make a larger impact as we prepare for the 2016 national and state campaigns.


Century Club donations can be made by check or online through Act Blue.  We are only halfway to our budgeted goal and need to pay our bills and prepare for the fall campaign. Dig deep to win in November.



Please feel free to share this newsletter with like-minded Democrats or progressive Independents.

This newsletter is also available at

This is our last issue of the newsletter as editors. We don’t know who will be taking it over, but we have enjoyed the last four years and the great feedback and feel it’s time to move on and have a new filter for  Lebanon County Democratic news.

Thanks for all your support and ...

Take care.

Steve & Jackie Grumbacher,, (717) 838-8485

Copyright © 2016 Lebanon County Democratic Committee, All rights reserved.

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