Pure News, Summer 2015
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“Sales of power and renewable energy certificates provide critical revenue necessary to build wind energy projects.” - Barrett Stambler,  Vice President - Iberdrola

Waste less, Get paid

Saving energy can be as simple as changing a lightbulb! When Ameren Missouri customers (that means you!) make energy saving improvements (think lights, power strips, heating/cooling systems), you can get cold, hard cash in your pocket. Ameren Missouri offers a variety of energy efficiency programs to help you take control and manage your energy use. Even better? Discounts on these products are available - from instant rebates on CFLs, to FREE refrigerator and freezer recycling, to rebates on energy efficient air conditioners. What could be better than savings, on top of savings (while saving the environment)?

Pure Powered 
Local Businesses

SPECIAL THANKS to the following businesses / organizations for becoming Pure Powered:
  • Evangeline's
  • Riverbend
  • Mission Taco
  • Milagro
  • Tortillaria
  • Post Sports Bar & Grill
  • Great Harvest Bread Company

Did You Know?

Ameren Missouri Pure Power donated renewable energy certificates (RECs) from a Missouri wind farm to the Missouri Botanical Garden Lantern FestivalBy matching the electricity with RECs, the Lantern Festival has a zero carbon footprint from electricity usage!

Share the Power of going Pure.

Connect with like-minded friends and family and share the value of going Pure Power! For only a few dollars more per month, Ameren Missouri Pure Power is an easy, affordable way to have a positive impact on the environment today - and everyday.

When you join Pure Power, you reduce your carbon footprint and help support a cleaner, greener future. Invite your friends & family to join Pure Power today!

Pure Summer - Missouri Style.
Program Update

2015 has been a busy year at Ameren Missouri Pure Power and we are thrilled to officially welcome summer to Missouri (even though it's already sweltering).

Because of you, 4,381 participating Ameren Missouri households and businesses supported 63,792,000 kWh of renewable electricity in 2014 - enough to power 4,907 average homes with 100% Missouri wind energy for a year! 
Real impact? Ameren Missouri Pure Power customers who participated in the program in 2014 reduced their carbon footprint from electricity use by 134,983,872 pounds of CO2 per year, similar to taking 12, 891 cars off the road for a year or planting 50,187 acres of forest!

We've continued this momentum in 2015 and have already had great success. We had a great kick-off to Outreach with Earth Day week, where we attended several exciting corporate and community Earth Day events. The city of Maplewood, home to our most recent Green Power Community Challenge, kicked off their Challenge on May 27 and the excitement was palpable. In the coming months, you'll find our Pure Power outreach posse hitting the streets of Maplewood talking to folks about the value of "going green."

We can't thank you enough for your commitment to a better world. Voluntary participation in green power programs across the region is integral to increasing renewable energy in the power supply. By helping build the green economy in our region, you are investing in a clean, green, sustainable future.

Warmly (no pun intended), 
The Pure Power Team

Maplewood is on a mission!

City strives to earn national recognition

The City of Maplewood is on a mission: to match three percent of its city-wide energy consumption with green energy. Through a year-long EPA Green Power Community Challenge, the City is urging residents and businesses to join the momentum by "going green." Becoming an EPA Green Power Community will bring local and national attention to the city, while reducing the city’s carbon footprint by 6,089,716 pounds of CO2 each year -  the same as taking 582 cars off the road each year.

Maplewood’s Challenge represents a joint effort with Ameren Missouri Pure Power and St. Louis-based Microgrid Energy to encourage local businesses and homeowners to make a commitment to green power by:
Mayor White urges residents and businesses to participate in Maplewood’s Green Power Community Challenge. “The City of Maplewood takes its role as a steward of the environment seriously. We are one of the most walkable communities in the state and have many public transportation options - from bicycle paths, to bus routes, to light rail stations. The Maplewood Green Power Community Challenge allows us to establish goals for reducing our carbon footprint and provides a guideline on how to accomplish those goals,” says Mayor White.

Between now and the end of 2015, Maplewood's Sustainability Commission will team up with Ameren Missouri Pure Power and Microgrid Energy to educate the community about green power, promoting community pride and engagement in conservation efforts. 

“The EPA recognizes communities that go above and beyond in supporting green energy and when Maplewood achieves the goal, they will be the fourth community in Missouri to have earned this designation,” said Kathleen Engel, Partnership Manager for Ameren Missouri Pure Power“To put it in perspective, there are only about 50 communities across the nation that have become Green Power Communities.”

Learn more about the Community Challenge and how you and/or your business can participate by contacting Debra Pottinger, Maplewood Green Power Community Challenge Chairperson, at:
Pure Power Perks!
As a Pure Power customer, you're helping "green the grid" by supporting 100% Missouri green power. Because you're making a difference, your friends at Pure Power want to thank you. Pure powered businesses in the St. Louis area are offering ongoing deals and discounts that will save you money while supporting your community's commitment to "going green"!

Just CLICK, SELECT, and PRINT to enjoy Pure Power Perks on hot local products and deals! And don't forget, check back often for new Pure Power Perks.
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