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Endings and Beginnings...

So many emotions. 

It's been a really interesting and at times challenging few months working out how to handover the work I've been doing and prepare for my maternity leave.  Being a crowd funded campaigner has provided me with the opportunity to work in many areas with an incredible community of campaigners, activists and members of the public.  In recent months I've been working not only on how to hand over particular tasks but also working to ensure that the relationships I've developed and the strategic ideas and vision have also been handed over (it's involved many a cup of tea and some inspiring conversations).

I'm proud of what I and we as a community of climate justice campaigners have accomplished in the last 2 years and proud of the foundation we've set up for new adventures.  I also acknowledge the tremendous legacy of those who have been working in this space for years and at times decades, we couldn't have done what we have if it hadn't been for their passion and commitment.

I know we've been saying this for years, but this year is a critical year for the climate.  With international negotiations in Paris towards the end of 2015 and critical decisions being made every day about whether to invest in fossil fuel expansion it's the year to build our momentum and change the public discourse.

And it seems we're starting on a great footing.  With a 'shocking for some' election result in Queensland, the worlds biggest sovereign wealth fund dumping stocks in companies citing climate change and other environmental risks and thousands of people registering to participate in Global Divestment Day activities around the country it seems the Climate Movement is getting itself organised. 
So what's next for me and the It's Up 2 Us campaign?

For the next few weeks I'll be focusing on preparing our home for the arrival of our new child and getting as much rest and sleep as I can.

Apart from Monday night where I'll be sharing the panel with some of the most inspiring local campaigners where we discuss what's needed in 2015 for the Climate Campaign at Sustainable Energy Now Presents - you can book in here.

It's Up 2 Us will continue - however I'm expecting to take approx 6 months leave and then return to campaigning in a part time capacity.

What that will look like will depend on what's needed, my skills and my being a new mum.

If you have been contributing to It's Up 2 Us on a monthly basis you have a number of options.

You could cancel your payments, pause them until my return or continue to contribute during my leave.  Any money raised during my leave will be used for campaigning upon my return.  You can make these changes via your account here.

It really has been a privilege to be the first crowd funded climate campaigner in Perth, and I hope I'm not the last.  I've been sharing the lessons learnt with others who wish to dedicate their efforts to the movement and I anticipate the community will support them as they have myself.

Thank you.
If you wish to contribute to the climate movement in another capacity can I recommend contributing to With a tiny staff they have accomplished a tremendous amount and they are an incredible team to work with.  Alternatively you could contribute to for their Fracking campaign or No Fracking WAy 
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