Talk Time - March 2017 Edition
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There is one thing company cares about most; their business. And at the core of most businesses - you will always find customers. 

As we are moving into a more digital age, habits are changing - even more so in hyper-connected Singapore, where even Kopitiam waiters have brand new iPhones. 

Here at CCAS Talk Time, we follow current trends and work towards creating content that is relevant to you. We know your habits are more digital too. That is why we are very proud to unveil our first video snippets through our YouTube social channel. It's not Netflix but you can choose to binge watch it or simply look at it bit by bit. 

You can watch ideas from international experts such as Stuart Dorman, Chief Innovation Officer from Sabio share the latest trends from the Silicon Valley or CX Guru Peter Massey from Budd UK talk about consumers being more and more connected. You can also hear from our very own local Gerald Tan speaking of how a holistic mindset is what sets Singapore Airlines apart and many more. 

All original content for CCAS Talk Time. Like, comment and share across your social network.

Don't forget that this publication will only exist if it is relevant to you. Share with us what you want to see for the future editions. And of course, you are welcome to contribute as well. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us and see you in April!
Augustin du Payrat

Talk Time Editor in Chief

(by order of publishing)
Augustin du Payrat
Rosaline Oh
Yolande Mudry
Dean Chong
Weilin Yu
Harish Subbaraman

Sidney Yuen
Andy Cranshaw
Maurice Barnes
Dave Ong
Gerald Tan
Jonathan Mondon
Peter Massey
Pranay Anand
Htun Htun Naing, Nelson
Stuart Dorman 

Juliza Jamel
Augustin du Payrat

Juliza Jamel
Augustin du Payrat


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Best Practices and Trends

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  Qualities that make you an
Effective Trainer- Part 3 >>  Read More
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  by Harish Subbaraman, Singtel
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Sharing CX Best Practices
How to transform your organization to be more Customer-Centric?
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by Yolande Mudry, Activeo Singapore

CX Hero of the Day

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Talk Time Interview Series: Symposium 2016

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Talk Time Interview Series: After many years, change has arrived and it's inspiring
"After many years, change has arrived and it's inspiring", Andy Cranshaw, COPC
Talk Time Interview Series: Focus Mindset Around Customers
"The whole company must design everything around the customer", Dave Ong, SMRT
Talk Time Interview Series: Singapore is leading the way with Voice Biometrics
"Singapore is leading the way with Voice Biometrics", Jonathan Mondon, Activeo
"Research shows that digital still needs a human touch", Pranay Anand, Dimension Data Asia Pacific
Talk Time Interview Series: Instant Messaging and chatbots are the main innovations in CX today
"Instant Messaging and chatbots are the main innovations in CX today", Stuart Dorman, Sabio
Talk Time Interview Series: Customers should have always been at the center of what we do
"Customers should have always been at the center of what we do", Maurice Barnes, Tarantula Global
Talk Time Interview Series: We always think of ways how we can better service our customers
"We always think of ways how we can better service our customers", Gerald Tan, Singapore Airlines
Talk Time Interview Series: Me2B - Customers have the power, not the sellers
"Me2B - Customers have the power, not the sellers", Peter Massey, Budd (UK)
"We can learn a lot from CCAS", Htun Htun Naing, Nelson, Blue Ocean Operating Management
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