How Jupiter became Yahweh, Prophet Pearls, and an Aviv Update. 
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Have You Been Praying to Jupiter?

"Make no mention of the names of other gods; they shall not be heard on your lips." Exodus 23:13

In my latest Support Team update, I share what may be my most important discovery since the publication of my book Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence. In this update, I trace the sources for the misguided pronunciation “Yahweh” from Josephus through a first-century primer on incantations to the work of 18th and 19th Century European Bible scholars. I also share a quick grammar lesson on the seven conjugations and four prefixes of Hebrew verbs that inform a correct understanding of the name and its pronunciation. Join me on this journey as I trace the confusion back to the Babylonian ecumenical spirit of the Samaritans and the connection to the Roman god Jupiter. 

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Last night I arrived back in Jerusalem in anticipation of the Aviv Search on March 19-20. This year's Aviv Search will be an interesting one. We've had two rounds of snow recently in Israel and it remains to be seen how that might affect the ripening of the barley. In the run up to the Aviv Search, I will be releasing a series of podcasts talking about the Aviv, Biblical calendar, and other exciting topics. Make sure to subscribe to the "Nehemia's Wall" podcast through iTunes or your favorite podcast app to get all the updates. You can listen to the first installment, recorded just before I left for the airport, by clicking here:

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This week's episode of The Original Torah Pearls covers the Tabernacle of Moses:

The coin at the top of this message is from Shechem, showing the Roman period Samaritan Temple to Jupiter Hellenius (the Greek Jupiter) at the top of Mount Gerizim. This pagan Temple was dedicated to Jupiter during the time of the Maccabee wars, destroyed by one of the Maccabee kings, and then rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian. This is the same Hadrian who ordered the Jews not to speak the name of Yehovah.

Nehemia Gordon
The Wandering Jew in Jerusalem, Israel

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