ATR 72 600 Type Rating Course
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GTA has developed its own methodology for a new era, combining our experienced instructours team. More than 200 EASA instructors with more than 15 years training Indian pilots and latest technologies:
New elearning platform (CPaT) unilimited subscription during their training + Level D training devices (VPT-FNPT & Full Flight Simulators).

Phase 1: Ground Training  (72 hours + Exam)

  • Self-study through our eLearning platform prior to the on-site classrooms. (40 hours) You have unilimited subscription during your training.
  • Systems and procedures classes with instructor. (72 hours)
  • Exam (4hours aprox)

Phase 2: Simulator Training (56 hours)

All the simulator training will be perform at our ATR 72 600 Full Flight Simulator. The simulator has level D certification, the maximum certification available. This means that one hour of flight on board equals one hour of actual flight in terms of training. The system replicates the behavior of the aircraft with complete realism.

  • ATR 72 600 Fixed Base Simulator training (12 hours).
  • ATR 72 600 Full Flight Simulator training (36 hours).
  • ATR 72 600 Full Flight Simulator skill test CA40 day/night IR PPC. (8 hours)
  • LVO/AWO ATR 72 600 Full Flight Simulator training (optional). (2 hours)

(*) 4 hours LVO/Awo.(Optional).

Course requirements

  • CPL
  • RTR
  • Medical Certificate.
  • Indian Class One Medical Certificate
  • Resume
  • Detailing Flight Hours and Validations
Your TR explained STEP BY STEP
ATR 72-600
Full Flight Simulator
GTA Spain
Discover an incredible country.
GTA Spain
  • Price Include Accommodation ****
  • Price Include transportation. (Arrival/Departure and during your training)  
  • Full set of Materials.
  • Price include Trolley Bag
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  • Cooking set.
  • Transportation.
  • Air conditioner
  • Wifi
  • Swimming Pool
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