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May 2019

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Worship Services

Services are held Sundays at 10:30 am 

8447 Manresa Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32244
Church Phone: (904) 276-3739 •
Check the BBUUC Calendar for information on other programming.

May 5

Basma Alawee

“Learning from Within: Stories of Women in the New World”

Worship Leader: David Austin
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart
Guest Musician: Cameron Bainger, Pianist

About our Service:

Millions of women around the globe are pushed out of their homeland due to wars and political persecutions every day. The risky journey into their new lives have been rarely documented and shared with the rest of the world. Our handbook, Learning from Within: Stories of Women in the New World, is designed to empower and educate women through storytelling. It includes the stories of brave female refugees and immigrants whose survival and leadership can be an inspiration to many other women all over the world.

Special guests from ARTUGEE:
BBUUC will host a few local women refugee artists who will have some of their art on display and for sale after the service.

About our Speaker:
Basma is a wife, a mother, a humanitarian, a Muslim, an engineer, a teacher, a writer and an activist who arrived in the United States in 2010 as a refugee from Iraq. Upon arriving in here she realized she came with significant advantages: a college education and a fluency in English. Therefore, it became her passion to help others like her succeed. She has volunteered with Lutheran Social Services and World Relief to help translate and adjust new refugees to the US. She helped create online classes for Arabic speakers to get their GED and she worked on the board of the Southeast Immigrant Rights Network. In her latest endeavor she is the director of the “We Are All America” campaign in Florida advocating for refugee rights. Finally, as a result of all of her hard work, Basma was selected as the Florida delegate for the UNHCR Refugee Congress.
Pennies from Heaven is May 5
Please save all of your coins for the first Sunday of each month and remember, bills are welcome too! Pennies from Heaven donations are given to Meals on Wheels programs in Mandarin and Clay County and are alternated each quarter. Check out how much we have raised this past fiscal year.

May 12

Linda Crawford

“Who Do We Think We Are?”
Worship Leader: Carole Hawkins
Accompanist/Special Music: Sydney Crisp
Special Music: Meditation by Sydney Crisp; additional selection by the “Tonic Trio” - Ellen Miceli (piano), Linda Crawford and Eileen Morrison (vocals)
About our Service:

Humans are storytellers. During the course of our lives, we are constantly refining a narrative about who we are and whom others perceive us to be. The problem is that, for many of us, that narrative is not very accurate. Linda will talk about how we can be more honest in telling ourselves—and others—the story of our lives.
About our Speaker:
Linda and her husband Dale have been members of this church for 10 years. It is a source of great joy and stability to her.

Linda has had three mothers in her life:
  • her actual mother, who taught her about the blissful moments in life, especially the joy that art can bring
  • her friend Elmere Morgansteen, who taught her that a friend can be as dear as a mother
  • and her mother-in-law, Madie Crawford, who showed her unconditional love, and passed on to her son the quality that Linda will be talking about today. It is to Madie Crawford that Linda dedicates this sermon about leading a life of honesty and integrity.

May 19

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Family Worship Service

Presented by Lifespan Religious Education

Worship Leader: Chris Jarman
Accompanist: Marilyn Smart
About our Service:

UU Spirituality is understood to be an experience of deep connection rather than a particular belief. The Spiritual life is a journey filled with the experiences of deep connection-connection to ourselves, connections to others, connections to our communities, connection to the universe, and ultimately connections to something greater than ourselves.  Join LRE in exploring our connections through story and play.

The Annual Meeting will be held following today’s service.

May 26

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Rev. Carmen Emerson
"Life in the Perfect Family"

Worship Leader: Linda Mowers
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart
Guest Musician: Grace Lewis, Pianist

About our Service:
A reflection on optimalism and perfectionism.
About our Speaker:
Rev. Carmen Emerson has recently moved to Jacksonville after serving the Greater Nashville UU Congregation for the past 4 years. She previously served as settled minister of the historic UU Church of Meadville, Pennsylvania and as interim associate of First UU Albuquerque. She will spend the next year engaged in community ministry as a chaplain at Community Hospice and at Baptist Health. She is the first Affiliated Community Minister for Buckman Bridge UU.
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Activities & Events

Our Annual Meeting is an important gathering where the Members vote for next year's budget, Board of Directors, Leadership Development Committee, and Bylaws revisions. We will need every Member to attend. Our 2019 Annual Meeting is Sunday, May 19 after service. As is custom, food and childcare will be provided. Please watch for more meeting information in your email.
Introduction to Pastoral Care

Are you interested in being part of the BBUUC Pastoral Care Team?  Not sure?  Now is your chance to find out.

We will be holding a joint training with Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville (UUCJ) for possible Pastoral Care Associates in July.  If interested, please submit your application by June 30th to or the Chaplain box in the office.

Training will be held Friday, July 12th, 6p-9:30pm, and Saturday, July 13th, 9am-4pm.  Attendance both days is required.

Please see these documents for more information and an application form:
BBUUC Shared Ministry Position Description -- Associate
2) BBUUC Pastoral Care Associate Application

3) Role of a Pastoral Care Team Member

BBUUC Adult RE Book Club

Our book for May is Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning and Connection for the America We Want, by Frances Moore Lappe’ and Adam Eichen. This book was a UUA “Common Read” for 2017-18. Daring Democracy systematically explains the Anti-Democracy Movement at the root of our current political crisis. But it doesn’t stop there. Nearly half of the book is solutions people have found, solutions to the root problem of feeling powerless. Solutions that have brought about positive change.

It is available at: Two copies are also available either from Christine Jarman or in the BBUUC Library.

We will be meeting at BBUUC to discuss the book on Wednesday, May 1, 1-3 PM and 7-9 PM. We will not have a second meeting in May due to the leadership being out of town.

If you know you are coming or have questions, let us know at

Be-Moved Dance Classes

Be-Moved is a "Moving Meditation" where participants express themselves through movement both guided and non-guided in a non-judgemental space. BBUUC Member Kathleen Vought will offer Be-Moved classes on the second Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The next class will be Saturday, May 11. Classes will run through June. Cost per person is $15. Contact Kathleen to sign-up:


May 2019


Grace Repass

BBUUC Board President

Someone asked me recently to address the topic of hugs and personal space. I had to stop to think about my perspective. I am a hugger. But I hope I have never hugged someone who didn’t want to be hugged!

Here is what I do when presented with a hug or no hug situation: 

  • If it is someone I hug every time I see them, I hug.  
  • If it is someone I have never hugged, I don’t hug.
  • If it is someone I have come to be new friends with and they lean in, I lean in also and that might result in a hug.  If someone comes towards me with their arms out, I put my arms out also.
  • If it is someone I have just met, I stick out my hand to shake, and they do too.
  • Sometimes, I just smile and say “How ya doin?” and they smile back and say “Doin okay”.  A smile is always a good way to greet someone.
Then there are times, like when the flu is going around, when I just put my palm up and shake my head “no”. Nobody wants to spread germs. 
If you are not a hugger and you prefer to maintain your personal space, you just need to give a big smile, put your arm straight out to handshake, or to fist bump, and say “Not spreading germs” or “How ya doing?”  But the bottom line is – if you are a hugger, always be aware of the other person and make sure they are looking comfortable. 

On another note:  I have heard recently that “Nobody reads the Journey.” If you have read this far, please send me a text at 919-906-5037 or an e-mail at and say “I read the Journey!”
Spiritual Practice for Everyone: Bubble Meditation

My corner of the office not only has books, stacks of papers and crafting supplies, and artwork to be returned to young artists. It has bubbles. Little bottles of bubbles left from the Easter egg hunt or Fun Water Sunday, or just fun RE days, …. I love bubbles.

Those times when the creative juices seem to run dry or too many things need to be done at the same time, I will slow down, grab a bottle, and mindfully blow bubbles.

Mindful Meditation

Grab a bottle of bubbles and go outside. Feel the warm sun on your face.

As you blow bubbles, notice your in breath. And your out breath as the bubbles form. Notice the bubbles as they form and then float up and away. Watch them as they hover in the air and then slowly drop or blow away in the breeze. Imagine yourself- that free and floating. Buoyant, light, Iridescent.

The Buddha asked us to contemplate our conditioned existence in this fleeting world, “Like a tiny drop of dew, or a bubble floating in a stream; Like a flash of lightning in a summer cloud, Or a flickering lamp, an illusion, a phantom, or a dream.”

It is a marvelous gift to breath in and to breathe out. To see the bubble come into existence and then just as easily dissolve in midair like an illusion or a dream.

Over and over and over, a little breath in and a gentle breath out quiets our “monkey mind” bringing peace, calm, and focus.

Too simple a spiritual practice? I invite you to watch a toddler trying to blow bubbles for the first few times. Getting the liquid to form a bubble that leaves the wand challenges young coordination and concentration. The breath has to be just here, like this, or the tension of the liquid breaks before a bubble forms, or a bubble forms but cannot fully float free. Once the technique is mastered, however, bubbles flow and flow and flow.

We don’t just blow bubbles every week in our Religious Education program. We do practice many forms of meditation, in age-appropriate ways. We learn about our Unitarian and Universalist ancestors and their faith journeys. We hear stories from many spiritual traditions and connect them to our UU faith. We do for others through our social actions. And, yes, we sing and dance and play, all as a way to explore relationship, justice, community, and Mystery.

I invite you to pick up a bottle of bubbles. Share your spirit/breath with the universe. Be as a child, in wonder at the magick of the everyday. Blessed be!

Chalice Lighting
To face the world's shadows, a chalice of light.
To face the world's coldness, a chalice of warmth.
To face the world's terrors, a chalice of courage.
To face the world's turmoil, a chalice of peace.
May its glow fill our spirits, our hearts, and our lives.

Lindsay Bates

Family Grace
Blest be the hand that plants the seed,
Blest be the Earth giving all that we need,
Blest be the food we share amoung friends,
Blest be the love that never ends.

Joyce Poley

Love & Peace

Chris Jarman
Director of Lifespan Religious Education

ICARE Report
May 2019
by Ken Christiansen
Thanks to the seventy BBUUC members and friends who came out for the ICARE Nehemiah Assembly April 1. Twenty-seven people rode the bus from BBUUC to Abyssinia Baptist and back. Thanks to Grace Repass for serving as bus captain and to Job Meiller for providing music for the bus ride.

The Assembly had moments of very high energy. Your presence helped Sheriff Williams, State Attorney Nelson, and Superintendent Greene decide to say yes to most of the requests of the ICARE Research Teams.  

I really do believe the words from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from his Letter from the Birmingham Jail that I quoted at the end of the opening prayer. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.” We are all part of that wonderful, challenging, interdependent mix.

BBUUC took several years to incorporate education, congregational life and community outreach focused on LGBTQIA+ issues, and was awarded recognition as an “official” Welcoming Congregation in 2009, after meeting the requirements and voting unanimously to affirm this designation. In 2018, the Welcoming Congregation Ministry changed their name to the Rainbow Ministry.

Because there are two main functions of the ministry, they meet twice a month:

  1. On the second Sunday of each month, they meet at 12:15 pm at BBUUC. This meeting will be primarily discussing/implementing the education and outreach aspect of our group. In 2019, the focus will be on the Intersex part of LGBTQIA+.
  2. The other meeting will be on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at BBUUC. This one will be the ministry part of Rainbow Ministry. “Open” and “private” people identifying as LGBTQIA+ will meet for friendship/sharing/caring.

For more information please see BBUUC's Rainbow Ministry

Recommended Recipe from the Hospitality Committee

                                Lee Plumb, NCICS

Member News

Welcome New Members!
Jake Yow  
“My name is Jake Douglass Yow. I was born in Jacksonville, and raised in Jacksonville Beach. I traveled to 43 states with my family before I turned 15, and yet – here I am in Jacksonville again.

I enjoy all types of food, but love Thai most.
My favorite color changes on occasion, but right now purple wins.
I have a very broad spectrum of interests (biology, technology, astronomy, etc.). I love gardening, aquariums, and animals.  
I write every now and then. Sometimes it’s fiction based in fact, with a twist. Sometimes poetry. (I have a book with over 100 poems, but who’s counting?). Sometimes I journal, just for me. Other times, it’s fun to share with friends.  

Singing is very fun for me. I love most kinds of music and sometimes earn a few dollars singing for weddings and such. Right now I’m enjoying singing with the hymn leaders group. I have played musical instruments in the past, but am a bit out of practice. My trumpet case sits near my bed, reminding me it is ready when I am!
I enjoy engaging in service to others, and focusing on realistic solutions to complex problems (somewhat of a hobby that has gotten me into trouble a few times).
Although I am one of BBUUC’s younger members, I have been a UU for 23 years, in varying forms from childhood. I am very excited to be involved in the church, and look forward to many beneficial endeavors for the congregation.”
We welcome you to our BBUUC family, Jake!

Donna Zimmerman (L) & Cyndi Daman

"We have been together for 21 years but our journey started out decades earlier because we were both born in the same little hospital in Coral Gables, FL (although not at the same time…that would have been just TOO much of a coincidence!). Our paths came very close to touching several times during the intervening years but they never crossed. Ironically, we finally "met" in 1995 in a chat room on AOL when Cyndi lived in Houston and Donna was in Jacksonville. It wasn't until 1997 that we actually met in person…and, as they say, "the rest is history." 

After being a lifelong resident of FL, Donna had a job opportunity in Dallas. We joined our lives in a commitment ceremony in January 1998 and both moved to Dallas to begin a new life together. In 2008, we were legally married.

Fast forward 19 years and the call of our home state and our families brought us back to Jacksonville. We live in Mandarin with our 2 fur-babies (dogs, Rosie and Callie). We have spent the last 2 years on (seemingly) endless projects to put our personal stamp on our forever home and enjoying Donna's 2 daughters, 4 of 6 grands and 2 great-grands all who live in Jax, St. Augustine, and Tampa. (Her other two grands live out of state.) Cyndi's mom lives 90 minutes away in Deltona and there are frequent exchange visits! Our hearts and our lives couldn't be more full.

Cyndi is a web content manager for Moneygram and Donna is an HR Specialist with Insperity and we are both fortunate to work from home.

We found First Church Dallas in 2002 and knew that we had been UUs all along although we had never heard of the denomination until Donna went to work for the church. 

We are happy to have found a similar spirit of community, welcoming, social justice….and darn nice people here at BBUUC. We look forward to deepening our relationships and enjoying everything about being HOME!!!"

Welcome to our BBUUC family, Cyndi and Donna!

Greetings from Membership!!

The Membership Committee is excited to announce a few changes!
Coming soon! Linda Mowers is designing a banner that will display our principles loudly and proudly behind the welcome desk.
The old Newcomer Classes have been restructured into the ALL ABOUT US classes. These are two different sessions that alternate monthly.  Everyone is invited.

Session I will focus on our principles, a bit of getting to know each other, and opportunities to help participate in our BBUUC community.  Session II will focus on the history of the UU faith, the story of our BBUUC, and the benefits and responsibilities of membership.

These classes will be open to all who are curious about us, and for all who are already UUs, but would like a bit of a refresher.  See Cindi Jorgenson or email for more info.
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

Ben Atkinson May 4 Kris Kines May 23
Christine Rothberg May 8 Jamie Bunce May 23
Veronica Bunce May 11 Nathaniel Samuels May 25
Lucy Warner May 12 Michelle Corum May 25
Rune Kaminski May 13 Leah Rogers May 31
Billy Thomas May 16 Dale Crawford May 31
Thalia Dunkle May 19    

Membership Anniversaries

Pedro Roine 5/1/94
Pam Edwards-Roine 5/6/90
Frances Kennicutt 5/6/90
Joani Maskell 5/6/90
Linda Mowers 5/6/90
Jennifer Stokes 5/6/01
Don De Stephano 5/8/11
Eileen Morrison 5/8/11
Ben Atkinson 5/14/17
Meg Atkinson 5/14/17
Janie Dew 5/14/17
Gary Dunkle 5/14/17
Kaz Dunkle 5/14/17
Brad Goodrich 5/14/17
Claire Goodrich 5/14/17
Joyce Johnson 5/14/95
Debby Jones 5/14/06
Caitlin Trachim 5/14/17
Jonathan Trachim 5/14/17
Lee Albright 5/20/12
Alice Fletcher 5/20/90
Erik Slader 5/20/12
Michael Bernos 5/23/10
Cliff Maskell 5/27/90

Wedding Anniversaries

Brenda & John Patterson May 24
Pedro Roine & Pam Edwards-Roine May 28
Help us keep our records up-to-date! If you see birthday, anniversary, or membership anniversary that needs to be corrected or added to our list, please send it to
Our condolences are extended to the Polizzi family upon news of the death of Robin Polizzi.  She passed away in the early morning hours of Friday, April 12 with her husband Paul by her side. He said that she was beautiful and at peace. Robin and Paul were charter members of our congregation and very active for several years. After a long absence, Robin re-joined the church last year and, in spite of her failing health, attended regularly and participated in Journey Circles and whatever she was able to.
She will be missed by the many people whose lives she touched. She is survived by her mother, Judith Condon, her husband Paul Polizzi, daughter Kati and son Jeffrey, both of whom were dedicated in our church and participated in our early RE program MANY years ago. She also has three grandchildren. Robin was born and raised a Unitarian, and was active in many community and political arenas.

Another beloved longtime member of our church Karen Roberts passed away on April 10th.  Karen served for meany years on the Caring Committee.  While Karen had no children, she was cared for in the end by her step-son, Ethan.  Our prayers and gratitude are with him.
There is no service planned, but condolences and memories may be left at the Eternity Funeral Home obituary page



Are you ready to help shape the future of BBUUC?
The Leadership Development Committee is now seeking candidates who want to be considered for BBUUC’s Board of Directors. Also, we need candidates for member-elected Leadership Development positions.
This is a watershed time for BBUUC. Following last year’s Vision process, we have expanded religious education, launched a new pastoral care team and have been studying what role professional ministry might serve at our church. The incoming Board members will help our church realize its potential.
We are looking for candidates who have a positive attitude towards BBUUC and its members, who think strategically, and who can commit the time and energy needed to execute our mutually held goals. The Leadership Development team also wants to attract multiple candidates for each position, so the membership has a choice in selecting their next leaders.
Any member of BBUUC (minimum of 1 year membership) can apply for the following positions:
Trustee (One 2-year term)
Leadership Development Committee (3 positions to be elected)
How to Submit Your Candidacy:
Please complete the application
here (also available at the BBUUC office), and submit it to
Deadline to apply has been extended to Friday, April 26.
Tasks and Dates
Friday, April 26 The deadline to submit your application has been extended. Please submit your application by e-mail to: The information on your application:
1) Your name; 2) Position of interest; 3) Years as member; 4) Background & qualifications; and 5) Your goals for the position will be shared with BBUUC members prior to the Annual Meeting.
Sunday, May 12 The date of the “Learn about the Candidates Q&A” (see below) has been moved to May 12. All candidates are invited to attend. We also invite any candidates who plan to self-nominate from the floor to attend. Leadership Development will conduct a brief “Learn about the Candidates Q&A” after the service for all those submitting applications for a Board position. This will be a chance for members to hear directly from you about your qualifications and desires to serve the congregation. We will give you questions in advance, and we will invite members to speak with you as well.
Sunday, May 19 The election will be held at the Annual Meeting after the church service.
Questions? Please email the Leadership Development Committee at
Thank you for your interest in a leadership position at BBUUC.


Are you wondering what’s coming next at BBUUC?

Glean Answers At

Learn About the Candidates Q&A

 When: Noon, Sunday, May 12

Where: BBUUC Sanctuary

Members of BBUUC’s Leadership Development Committee will interview prospective candidates about their qualifications and desires to serve the congregation. Here is your chance to learn what prospective Board and LD members will do for our church if elected to office. Attendees will get to ask the candidates questions as well! 

Change in BBUUC Office Assistant

We send many thanks to Stacy Asimos for her years with us, her willingness to help whenever needed, and her always bright smile. Best wishes to Stacy in her future endeavors.  She is now able to volunteer and has several important areas of interest to pursue with BBUUC.

The BBUUC Board is pleased to announce that Liz Baldwin was selected, from a group of well-qualified candidates, to be our new Office Assistant. She is training with Stacy and will take over the responsibilities the week of April 29. We hope you will make her feel welcome in our office.

Our Mission: 
Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church exists to create and nourish a loving community that seeks justice and respect for all.

Meals on Wheels Collection Update

This basket represents a typical meal delivered to clients.

The average cost of a delivered meal is just over $5 day - 5 days a week. Every month we contribute about $150 so that's 6 weeks of lunches to folks who are unable to cook or simply in need

Collections for Pennies from Heaven 2018/2019 have been:
July 2018              $134.62
Aug 2018              $121.82
Sep 2018              $213.42
A donation of $469.86 for these three months went to Meals on Wheels / Clay County.

Oct 2018              $174.28
Nov 2018              $154.41
Dec 2019              $167.91
A donation of $496.60 for these three months went to Meals on Wheels / Mandarin.

Jan 2019               $139.33
Feb 2019               $144.18
March 2019           $212.34
A donation of $495.85 for these three months went to Meals on Wheels / Clay County.

For more information about monthly activities, click the pictures below:

BBUUC Full Calendar:
Childcare is available for many church activities but must be requested in advance when you sign up for an activity. Please contact the activity sponsor listed in the announcement for more information.
Introduce Yourself!
 If you are a recent member and we have not run an introduction article about you for the Journey yet, please feel free to contact  We're interested in how you found BBUUC, what you like here, and what you would like other members of the BBUUC community to know about you.
We can help you write the article or you can write a 400 word or less article about yourself. We would also like a photo so that people know who you are and can introduce themselves to you during Fellowship Time after the service.
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