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January 2019

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Worship Services

Services are held Sundays at 10:30 am 

8447 Manresa Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32244
Church Phone: (904) 276-3739 •
Check the BBUUC Calendar for information on other programming.

January 6

Tom Neilson

"Stories Behind the Songs"

Worship Leader: Jay Gardner
Accompanist: Eileen Morrison

About our Service:
Tom Neilson is a storyteller who will weave an autobiographical sketch that delves into the stories behind his songs. Beginning with his dairy farm roots and proceeding to the Vietnam War, liberation struggles, border crossings, pipelines, parenting, sexuality, lost loves, anything that didn’t get covered in the Saturday night concert and whatever there is time for Sunday morning. It is about choices and forks in the road from a lifetime of navigating a path in search of truth and being NORMAL in a dysfunctional world.

About our Speaker:
Tom Neilson has performed his powerful, change-effecting, folk music with his voice and guitar in 21 countries on five continents. He has earned numerous recognitions, winning several folk festivals and the 2012 and 2016 Independent Music Awards People’s Choice for song of the year for social action. A celebrated veteran of both musical stages and street theater, Tom writes compassionate, humorous songs about historical and current events, intertwining his worldwide travel experiences with his upstate New York dairy farm roots and his fervent commitment to social and environmental justice.

Tom has worked for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and as a Peace Corps training director, rural development consultant, interpreter, coach, and carpenter’s assistant. He has taught musical theater, songwriting, English, and physical education, and worked with people with addictions, disabilities, HIV, and other public health issues.

Combining art with activism at countless benefit concerts, this Jon Stewart of folk music has helped frontline communities organizing against fracking, toxic waste, water privatization, mountaintop removal, nuclear energy, incinerators, GMOs, and globalization. Tom’s witty, sophisticated, and politically astute lyrics tell the stories of struggles for human rights against greed and violence. Known locally in his current home place of Greenfield, western Massachusetts, as the Bard Insurgent, Tom also enjoys backpacking in the Rockies with his partner Lynn and barnstorming with their son Jacob and ex-Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee.

Pennies from Heaven is January 6
Please save all of your coins for the first Sunday of each month and remember, bills are welcome too! Pennies from Heaven donations are given to Meals on Wheels programs in Mandarin and Clay County and are alternated each quarter.

January 13

Linda Gillespie-Marina

"The Dilley Pro Bono Project"

Worship Leader: Caitlin Regan
Accompanist: Gary Smart
Guest Musician: Goliath Flores

About our Service:
Linda will share her personal experiences with the “Dilly Pro Bono Project,” in which she volunteered for a week as an Interpreter (Spanish—English). She interpreted for a lawyer out of Minneapolis who does not speak Spanish. They prepared women seeking asylum for their Credible Fear Interviews.

About our Speaker:
Linda Gillespie-Marina received her BA in International Relations at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and her Master's Degree in Translation at the University of Puerto Rico. She is married to Carlos Marina and is the mother of Fiore (15) and Javier (13). She currently teaches Spanish at Creekside High School, where she is also the World Languages Department Chair.

About our Guest Musician:

Goliath Flores is a diverse vocalist, singer/songwriter, and a Classical and Flamenco guitarist. He's a cross-genre recording artist and performer whose releases run the gamut regarding musical styles. Currently, he's gradually populating the internet with a "slow release album" (meaning that songs are released one at a time) titled Binary Love (Songs About Technology and Pretension). Goliath Flores' works also include the music to the film California Winter (2013), a feature film about the 2008 housing crisis, a self-titled album Goliath Flores, and he has produced music for other artists in far-reaching genres.

January 20

LRE presents

"Stone Soup" - A Family Worship

Presented by Christine Jarman, Director of Religious Education
Accompanist: Eileen Morrison

About our Service:
When it feels as though we’re living in a time of scarcity, how can we act from a place of abundance? How can we realize the power of sharing and giving? Join us as we open our awareness to opportunities of grace and random acts of kindness.
A food offering will be received this Sunday and the following 4 weeks, to provide canned goods for our local food banks. 


January 27

Morris Bendit

"A Survivor's Story"

Worship Leader: Linda Mowers
Accompanist: Gary Smart
Special Music by Sunshine Simmons, Clarinet

About our Service:
Morris Bendit, Holocaust Survivor, and Witness, born January 22, 1941. In July 1941, his hometown was invaded by the Nazis. In October 1941, the Jews were forced out of their homes with only what they could carry. When asked how he survived, he stated it was a miracle. His mother, aunt, and grandmother were the only survivors of his immediate family that was transported to the largest killing field, called TRANSNISTRIA. Since he is one of the youngest survivors, he believes that it is his duty to "tell the story," as this generation is passing away, and no one will be left to remind us of this atrocious event in history. Why is it important to "tell this story?" To prevent people from denying that it ever happened and to keep history from repeating itself.

About our Speaker:
Morris Bendit was born in Chernovitz, Ukraine during World War II and he will share his personal story with us about his and his family’s experience in the killing fields. After surviving the Holocaust, the remaining family returned to their home in Chernovitz, then moved to Romania in hopes of going to the new State of Israel. In 1949, the family immigrated to Israel, and Morris soon joined the Israeli navy at the age of 17 for a 30-month tour. His mother later remarried and moved to Montreal, Canada, and as soon as he completed his military service, Morris also moved to Canada and found a job in a machine shop. Looking to improve himself, he moved to Long Island, NY and opened his own precision metal fabrication business. He met his wife, Hanna, also an Israeli immigrant, and had three daughters.

After closing his business in 1980, the family moved to Nashville, and then to Jacksonville where Morris started an antique repair and restoration business. Today, he spends time with his family and repairs furniture on the side. He also talks about his past to all who will listen because he is passionate about making sure that people know the truth of the Holocaust.

About our Guest Musician:

A performer of uncommon flair and versatility, clarinetist Sunshine Simmons completed her Doctor of Music degree at Northwestern University. She is currently the Assistant Professor of Clarinet at the University of North Florida with a wide range of experience, accomplishments, and accolades in symphony orchestras, solo performances, and festivals in the US and around the globe. A native of Pennsylvania, Sunshine holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Music degree from Northwestern University.  Her principal teachers include J. Lawrie Bloom, Steven Cohen, and Thomas Thompson. Other significant mentors were Joaquin Valdepeñas and Dennis Smylie. Sunshine is a Buffet Group USA Artist.
Dr. Gary Smart is a regular accompanist and long-time member of BBUUC. He will be accompanying Sunshine on clarinet. We are so fortunate to have him share his musical gifts with us, and for the many wonderful musicians that he has brought to our services. His career has encompassed a wide range of activities as composer, classical and jazz pianist, and teacher. Dr. Smart has spent two residencies in Japan, teaching in programs at Osaka University and Kobe College. He has also taught in Indonesia as "Distinguished Lecturer in Jazz" under the auspices of the Fulbright program. From 1999-2003, he served as Chairman of the UNF Music Department. Gary Smart is currently a Presidential Professor of Music at the University of North Florida.

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Activities & Events

Meditation Labyrinth

New Year's Day
4:00pm till 6:00pm
BBUUC Sanctuary

The ancient rite of walking a labyrinth can be a deeply spiritual and reflective process of setting intentions and renewing goals in the New Year. Join us for a brief interlude to reflect on the year just past and the road not yet walked in an unhurried and quiet meditation. Contemplative music will accompany the walk and a light repast will be offered.
BBUUC Adult RE Book Club
There is still time to sign up for the first Book Club meeting on January 2, 1-3 PM OR 7-9 PM (an afternoon group and an evening group). We are reading Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County: A Family, a Virginia Town, a Civil Rights Battle by Kristen Green, available at We will be discussing Parts 1 and 2 on January 2 and Part 3 on January 16 as described in the December Journey.
Our February book is The Third Reconstruction: How a Moral Movement is Overcoming the Politics of Division and Fear, by The Reverend Doctor William J. Barber II. Available at: This book was the UUA “Common Read” for 2016-17. This is the story of the beginnings of the “Moral Mondays” in North Carolina, now morphed into Repairers Of The Breach, a national organization working for racial and economic justice on many fronts. The UUA has been strongly supportive of participation with this group’s efforts. The Third Reconstruction will be discussed Feb. 6 and 20.

Sign up at the back of the sanctuary or by emailing
Each month we will read a separate book. Join us for the books you want to read.

New Year, New RE

Adult Religious Education Sign-ups are Open!
This month begins our new Religious Education programming for adults.
Journey Circles (Small Group Ministry)
What is a Journey Circle?
Journey Circles are small group ministry. They are covenant groups comprised of 8-10 individuals who commit to meet monthly over the course of the year to share and reflect on issues of personal significance.

The twin goals of covenant groups are intimacy or connection; and ultimately, the exploration of the foundations of our most deeply held beliefs. Through the covenanting process, members set their own ground rules and learn ways of being together without making judgements or corrections.

Covenant groups are not for those who seek therapy, an intellectual debate, or a social gathering. They are places in which individuals hear and accept how others frame their lives in terms of important ideas and issues.

We have five groups to choose from with different times, different days, and different weeks to meet the needs of as many people as possible:
Group Facilitators Week/Day Time Where
1 Diane Freeman & Ellen Miceli 1st Wednesdays
1:00 pm- 3:00 pm BBUUC
2 Kris Kines &
Eileen Morrison      
1st Fridays 10:00 am-12:00 pm BBUUC
3 Cindi Jorgensen &
Helen Meatte
3rd Tuesdays 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm In facilitators homes
4 Dale Crawford &
Linda Crawford
2nd Sundays 8:30 am-10:00am OR 12-1:30 pm BBUUC
5 Linda Mowers &
Chris Jarman
4th Thursdays 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm BBUUC
Sign-up Sheets can be found on the RE Table in the Church Sanctuary or register directly by emailing Chris Jarman at

2019 Journey Circle Topics

January- Opening Session
February- The Spiritual Self
March- UU Session
April- Happiness & Joy
May- Compassion
June- Ethics
July- Racism
August- Emotional Intelligence
September- Healthy Belief Questioning
October- Integrity
November- Resilience
December -The Sacred

Heart to Heart Sign Up

Heart to Heart time is coming…. Sign up time is here!
Join a small group of fourteen gatherings for reflection and sharing.
Begins January 9 and will meet 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month through July, meeting 7-9 pm (dates below).

Sign up in the back of the sanctuary or email
January 9  Listening
January 23 Gratitude
February 13 Balance
February 27 Forgiveness
March 13 God
March 27 Loss and Grief
April 10 Money
April 24 Nature
May 8 Success and Failure
May 22 Friendship
June 12 Doubt
June 26 Making Peace with Parents
July 10 Sustainable Living
July 24 Endings
The Heart to Heart Covenant Group is a good way to explore personal beliefs and possibilities and a great way to get to know a group of people.
We will be using the book Heart to Heart by Christine Robinson and Alicia Hawkins, available at If you don’t have Amazon Prime or for any other reason would prefer that our DRE Chris Jarman purchase a copy for you, let her know ( and she will get it for you at cost (currently $12.34 per paperback copy), no shipping charge.

For our first gathering, reflect on the idea of sharing in a group by creating your own stepping stones (see below) and choosing one or more of the other journaling suggestions to explore this topic.

Stepping Stones. To help you begin to tell your story to others in the group, think about your life so far as a set of stepping stones marking major eras in your life. These could include your years as a single mother, or the time you served in the military, or the job you had in Portland, or the time you spent recovering from an accident. Often stepping stones begin or end with a major event of some kind. You might describe one by saying, “I was promoted to a job which I hated and I did it faithfully for three years until I had a heart attack, which was a wake-up call, and so I moved on to …” Or “Joey was born and I stayed home with him and earned my degree. I graduated, he turned three, and that era ended.”

Start with as many stepping stones as you’d like, but try to collapse them into about five “eras” that you are willing to share.

Journaling Suggestions:  What is your favorite childhood story? What is your favorite “victim” story, your favorite “hero” story?
  • When you were a child, how did your family act around the dinner table? What was mealtime like?
  • Write about a time in the past few years when you called on one or several of “your communities” for help, nurturing, and support.
Along with your “Stepping Stones” list, bring to the group five tokens such as coins, game markers, pebbles, or similar small items. You can bring five of the same thing, or you can bring tokens that symbolize the five stepping stones of your life.

Be-Moved Dance Classes

Be-Moved is a "Moving Meditation" where participants express themselves through movement both guided and non-guided in a non-judgemental space. BBUUC Member Kathleen Vought will offer Be-Moved classes on the second Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Classes will run from January through June. Cost per person is $15. Contact Kathleen to sign-up:
Monthly Drumming Circle
Join us on the 3rd Friday of the month 7:00-9:00 pm for Drumming Circle. The next one will be held January 18th from 7:00-9:00 pm.
You don’t have to be an experienced drummer to participate. Beginners are welcome. Bring your drum and your energy. Don’t have a drum? We will have a small number of drums for folks to borrow.  Don’t feel you can drum? Listeners and dancers are encouraged to come and feel the rhythm. Connect with your spirit and your community on a deeper level.

Learn about the 10 health benefits of drumming:
Join Us
Martin Luther King Jr. Parade
 January 21, 2019


The Social Action Committee and ICARE are co-sponsoring BBUUC’s participation in the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade to be held the morning of January 21, 2019. We will learn the exact time and place to assemble at a meeting on Saturday, January 12. Last year we walked (or rode in the two vehicles we entered) from Everbank Field (now TIAA Bank Field) to the Prime Osborne Center. You can sign up to join the parade in the back of the sanctuary or by emailing
Why participate in this parade? It’s more than honoring Dr. King. It is honoring a strong tradition of integrated anti-racism that brought major legal changes to fruition in spite of much suffering and pain. ICARE works in that tradition today. Like the Civil Rights Movement, ICARE focuses on specific problems and there is often tension when those in power are asked to change what they are doing. Our most powerful form of demonstration is the Nehemiah Assembly where 1,500 to 2,000 people gather in a large church to make requests of individuals holding power in Jacksonville. Individuals holding power participate because we are their constituents. Much research and preparation goes into the requests we make.
Sign up for the parade today by emailing

Save The Date: Town Hall Meeting

The Board/Finance Committee/Leadership Development will be conducting a State of the Church/Budget Town Hall on Sunday, February 10 after coffee hour. The purpose is to get member input on next year's budget and give an update on what we've done and where we're headed (especially with Long Range Planning).


January 2019


Grace Repass

BBUUC Board President
Right Relations
BBUUC needs to have guidelines that help us enhance the dignity and worth of all, beginning with members and friends of our congregation.
At the January Board meeting we plan to establish a Right Relations temporary committee. The purpose of this committee would be to revisit and revise the current BBUUC Covenant and to develop guidelines to help us live the Covenant.
If you are interested in working on this temporary committee, please notify any board member. There are many resources available from other UU churches and the UUA to support the work of our committee. We look forward to hearing from you.

Grace Repass
(reply to:

DRE Column

Bringing it home

Every day, and especially during frantic or frenetic periods of life, we have a choice multiple times a day - we can let ourselves be overwrought with overwhelm and allow it to come out as frustration, impatience, bitterness, or anger OR we can choose joy. This choice can make an immense difference in each and every day, to ourselves and to those around us. Joy is an attitude of the heart and spirit, present inside of us as an untapped reservoir of potential. Joy doesn’t need a smile in order to exist, although it does feels better with one. Joy can share its space with other emotions – sadness, shame or anger. Joy undergirds our spirits; it brings to life peace and contentment. Joy requires a connection. Often the connection is with other people, but it can also be with pets, creation, creativity, etc. Joy can be ever present. CHOOSE JOY
Mark you calendar
Family Potluck, Saturday, February 2nd
Join us for an evening of shared nourishment for body and soul. 
March 2nd-3rd Church Camping Trip
A Table Grace:
In this home all are one
As are the earth, the stars and sun
With head and heart and hands, be blessed
That each of us may do our best
A Chalice Lighting:
In time of darkness, we stumble toward the tiny flame.
In times of cold, we seek the warming fire.
In times of repression, we reach for the lamp of truth.
In times of loss, we pray for the comforting light.
In times of joy, we light a candle of celebration.
Spirit of Life, as we kindle this light, help us find what we need this day.
~ Brian Kelly
Remembering our Blessings
Basket/box labeled with the year (2019)
Pencils and scraps of paper
How To:
  1. In January, place a large box or basket in a prominent location in your home labeled with the year.
  2. Throughout the year, put significant items in the basket, such as ticket stubs, programs, church bulletins from important holidays and events, etc.
  3. Use scraps of paper to write down or draw pictures of important memories and things that happened.
  4. On New Year’s Eve, take turns pulling items out of the basket/box and reflect upon our many blessings and challenges.  How did our Unitarian Universalists beliefs support or serve us on that day?
  5. Conclude by holding hands and thanking the universe and/or Spirit for the many ways we have been blessed, in good times and in difficult ones.  We are thankful for the many blessings of this year.
It might be tempting to put only happy memories in our box but consider also adding memories of more challenging times as well.  It is valuable to remember sad times, too.
You can also make this part of your weekly routine and gather the family once a week to write down memories to add to your box.
Faithful Families by Traci Smith

Love & Peace
Chris Jarman
Director of Lifespan Religious Education


ICARE Report -
January 2019
by Ken Christiansen

ICARE Report
Two BBUUC Network Members attended the ICARE Research Kickoff on December 4 and three others have expressed interest in attending future research meetings. Research Committee work for this year includes the following:
  • The Youth Committee will work to expand restorative justice practices in Duval County Public Schools and will also monitor youth Civil Citations issued by JSO and the work of the Neighborhood Accountability Boards.
  • The State & Criminal Justice Reform Committee will be working with our nine sister organizations across Florida to identify a state-wide problem within the Criminal Justice System that we can tackle together. This committee will also monitor the progress of the Sheriff and the States Attorney as they increase the transparency of data on their websites. And it will continue to monitor the Sheriff’s progress in making the issuance of jaywalking citations fairer and funding the Jacksonville Re-Entry Center.
  • The Grocery Store Committee will continue to work with the Northwest Jacksonville Community Development corporation to open a grocery store on Moncrief Road. Given the reluctance of commercial grocers to maintain stores in low-income communities, we are currently looking at non-profit grocery store models. The long-range plan includes space and logistic support for up to 30 small businesses in the same building or an adjacent building.  
BBUUC’s ICARE Justice Ministry Network has one leadership change. Viqui Hilliard is taking a break from being a Team Leader. We thank her for her service and the example she has set over the past two years. Continuing Team Leaders include Molly Brady, Carole Hawkins, Karen Christiansen and Ken Christiansen.
We recently received an update on the ICARE Investment Drive. BBUUC members have invested $2,570 so far in 2018, exceeding our goal of $2,500. This in addition to $1,000 membership dues for BBUUC. BBUUC Justice Ministry Network Members have received a return on this investment in the form of support for two of our Team Leaders to attend Advanced Leadership Training Institutes. Carole Hawkins attended a five-day introduction to Church Based Community Organizing in July. Molly Brady attended a three-day introduction to researching issues and bringing them to the Nehemiah Action. The investments of all 38 ICARE congregations together support a citywide organizing staff of three (one vacancy to be filled in January) plus citywide programming expenses. BBUUC Network Members have been strongly involved in this work.
Our BBUUC Justice Ministry Network Meeting is set for February 4 at BBUUC.

Rainbow Ministry

Rainbow Ministry is the new name for Welcoming Congregation Ministry! We are a ministry for the LGBTQIA+ subset of our congregation. We have a new lead, Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez. They are internationally famous as an educator and seeker of justice for the intersex population.

We have a fun event planned already! Eric Z. has volunteered to have a house party to watch the SuperBowl! If you are interested in fun and support of the Rainbow Railroad charity, reserve your place by calling/emailing Barb Bujak (contact information below).

Because there are two main functions of our ministry, we are meeting twice a month.
  1. On the second Sunday of each month, we meet at 12:15. This meeting will be primarily discussing/implementing the education and outreach aspect of our group. This year will be a focus on the Intersex part of LGBTQIA+ . 
  2. The other meeting will be on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 at BBUUC. This one will be the ministry part of Rainbow Ministry. “Open” and “private” people identifying as LGBTQIA+ will meet for friendship/sharing/caring.
Education/implementing/outreach goals:
  • Becoming responsibly intersex inclusive
  • Making BBUUC/church more visibly LGBTQIA+ welcoming
  • Trying to get more LGBTQIA+ people to the church by reaching out to JASMYN and PFLAG; and being found on search engines. Community presence (River city pride parade, pride festival booth, Jasmyn support, Spring run, etc) including publicity as to our welcoming congregation existence
  • Supporting the Rainbow Railroad and helping LGBTQIA+ people who are persecuted. More info on this later, international rescue!
  • Engage the church in supporting the values of our emerging foundation: "The ANUNNAKI Foundation", which will support the parent's of intersex children, educate hospitals and lawyers, and even gift their children, similarly to the "Make A Wish Foundation".  This foundation's mission statement is backed up by over 10 Human Rights organizations:
To keep in touch and to let us notify the group of meetings and fun activities, we would like to keep a list of those interested. To get on the list, please call or email Barb Bujak ( OR 553-6968) or Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez ( OR 718-7334).

Member News

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

01/01 Job Meiller
01/02 Christina Regan
01/10 Debby Jones
01/11 Bonnie McCullar
01/12 Ed Spade
01/13 Paul Christenson
01/16 Cassidy Danisovszky
01/17 Meg Atkinson
01/17 James Bunce
01/19 Jonathan Trachim
01/23 Caitlin Trachim
01/25 David Dean
01/25 Joshua Dean
01/27 Marilyn Smart
01/27 Brielle Antunes
01/30 Xavier Christiansen
01/30 Jim Jarman

Wedding Anniversaries

January 16: Adam and Michelle Danisovszky
January 16: Barry and Linda Mowers

Membership Anniversaries

01/03/2016: Jay Gardner
01/07/2001: Phyllis Higginbotham
01/14/2002: Pat Ray
01/17/1999: Bob Wright
01/30/2013: Lee Plumb
Help us keep our records up-to-date! If you see birthday, anniversary, or membership anniversary that needs to be corrected or added to our list, please send it to


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Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church exists to create and nourish a loving community that seeks justice and respect for all.
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External Events

UU Women's Retreat


Celebrating Sacred Places

9th Annual Florida Unitarian Universalist Women’s Retreat
April 5-7, 2019
DaySpring Episcopal Conference Center Ellenton, FL
A weekend for Exploring, Enriching, Expressing our Spirits in a Gathering of UU Women
  • Friday evening we will get to know one another and create community
  • Saturday, 4 one-hour workshops offer choices: Awakening our Spirits, Sacred Dance, Meditation, Expressive Art, Book and Topical Discussion Groups, Personal Time, Relaxation.
  • Sunday we share a UU Service bringing it all together DaySpring Conference Center is conveniently located off I-75 just north of Sarasota on Florida’s West Coast. The beautiful campus nestled under ancient oaks and located on a cove of the Manatee River offers a serene setting for our annual retreat. Take a look.
$220 per person covers expenses for a semi-private room and
meals. 8 women share a cozy cottage with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths,
a screened porch and common area. A limited number of single
rooms are available at $292 each.
A non-refundable deposit of $20 for a semi-private room or $30 for a
private room will reserve your place. Final payment is due January
15, 2019. Come join us for an enriching and memorable weekend.
To register or for more information contact Helen Leddy:
For more information about monthly activities, click the pictures below:

BBUUC Full Calendar:
Childcare is available for many church activities but must be requested in advance when you sign up for an activity. Please contact the activity sponsor listed in the announcement for more information.
Introduce Yourself!
 If you are a recent member and we have not run an introduction article about you for the Journey yet, please feel free to contact  We're interested in how you found BBUUC, what you like here, and what you would like other members of the BBUUC community to know about you.
We can help you write the article or you can write a 400 word or less article about yourself. We would also like a photo so that people know who you are and can introduce themselves to you during Fellowship Time after the service.
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