September  2016 Newsletter - Biophoton Light Therapy
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Welcome to the BiontologyArizona September 2016 Newsletter  
with monthly updates / recent news on this cutting edge technology of working in the Light!  We welcome your feedback!
Hope you an enjoy these short monthly newsworthy subjects.

The device called the CHIREN®  uses Dr. Voll's EAV / EDS Technology. 
EAV is a technique to measure "energy" acupuncture points on the hands and feet pretty much in the same way that several other therapeutic instruments do.
However, this is where the similarity ends.  

The CHIREN®  is the only instrument that delivers the "therapy" in the form of coherent light, and doing this as a feedback loop. Dr. Simon Yu fully believes this is the future in using AMA devices.

Meridians are “energy highways” that run on the surface of the body and end on the hands and feet. With the CHIREN®, we measure the light coherence of 100 meridian points on your hands and feet using a blunt measuring probe.
(No needles are involved!!!)

Read the following article by Dr. Simon Yu on "Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) " 
His article helps us to understand the various technology that has come out since Dr. Voll's EAV / EDS technology.  To know the history, the story behind, gives us an appreciation for this incredible technology which practitioners of the CHIREN® device are using today!

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Acupuncture Meridian Assessment “New” Medicine  
Based on Ancient Principles"

By Dr. Simon Yu, MD - Author  of  "Accidental Cure"


What if there was a device which would allow your physician to obtain more information about your individual energy system, and energy imbalance which many believe is the root cause of illness, if they remain not corrected.

          Would you want to know about it?  
                 Would you want to try it?  
                       Well, there is such a tool!

Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) is a “new” guiding tool based on ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture principles. The explanation of the basis of how it works follows. Acupuncture, originating in China several thousand years ago, is known for alleviating pain and promoting healing of a vast number of conditions from the common cold to chronic fatigue. .......

.......Today, AMA devices are widely used in Europe and Asia. In the United States, AMA is still unknown to most medical practitioners and the public. I have been using Acupuncture Meridian Assessment for 10 years in my practice. I cannot imagine fully understanding my patient’s need without an AMA device.

"To me, not using an AMA device as a guiding tool would be like navigating an airplane without radar equipment or playing a violin without ever tuning the instrument." ...Dr. Simon Yu

To read the complete article  Download the PDF document! 

The Human Heart – The Origin of Light and Life

By Dr. Fahad Basheer

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

DNA is an extremely long chain of molecules that contains all the information necessary for the life functions of a cell. It helps in carrying information from generations to generations and also helps in the production of proteins that are essential for growth and development of the human body.

The individual molecules that make up DNA are called nucleotides. There are only four nucleotides that are ever used: Adenine, Thymidine, Guanine and Cytosine. These nucleotides are made up of atoms like Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, phosphorous and Oxygen.

The quantum physics have discovered that our universe is made 99.999% energy and 0.0001% matter. It is now proven that even the atoms in our DNA are nothing but energy. Each atom of the DNA is made up of unique energy which codes a specific set of information within it.

It was found that every atom has its own energy signature, and that the molecules collectively radiate that unique energy signature. This energy signature is otherwise known as the “intelligence” that determines the behavior of the DNA in terms of production of proteins by transcription and translation, which in turn determines the physiology of a living cell.

The consensus in the scientific community used to focus on a mechanistic approach to explain the inner workings of your body. In this model, molecular reactions were assumed to follow a very linear formula. Essentially event A produces event B which produces event C, etc. In this theory the human body isn’t a fluid, ever-changing system but a static one, governed by a set of rigid rules where the laws of attraction and repulsion of molecular charges run the show......................

..........This doesn’t stop here; these photons not only interact with DNA, but also play a master role in determining the health of our body. Amazed? Yes, in another experiment a new shocking truth was leaked that brought a new light to the world of health.

A German biophycist, Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, who did exclusive research in biophysics discovered the presence of bio-photons in tissues. He discovered that the DNA in a living cell stores and releases photons creating “bio-photonic emissions” that hold the key to illness and health.

 READ Complete Article...from

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of


. . . . . . Nikola Tesla - 1856-1943


"Biophoton Light Therapy"

(BioCoherency Light Therapy), is  completely non-intrusive, comfortable and safe by finding and eliminating “causes” of a disorder correcting disturbances through the medium of light and information.

Restoring “the software” that runs all systems in your body, at last enabling it to carry out its own healing process the body begins to recover from such disturbances. ! 


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DISCLAIMER: The Chiren is only capable of assessing and balancing meridians via biophoton light. A medical doctor is the only one that can diagnose or treat disease. A Biophoton Light practitioner is not a medical doctor. Biophoton sessions should not be used as a substitute for advice from your physician.
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