See 0.16 mm resolution SPECT breakthrough in Barcelona
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Meet MILabs at the EANM in Barcelona
At the 29th Annual EANM Congress in Barcelona (October 15-19) we will demonstrate how MILabs keeps pushing boundaries in nuclear and molecular imaging with the latest innovations, including 160 μm SPECT, 2 mGy CT and sub-mm concurrent PET and SPECT. Please visit MILabs at Booth 26.
EXIRAD-3D: Meet automated quantitative 3D autoradiography

Ever wondered whether it would be possible to replace the long, dirty and tedious procedure of obtaining a full registered stack of autoradiography images? Now with the new quantitative 3D autoradiography SPECT scan option from MILabs with perfect slice-to-slice registration and isotropic voxels you can! Rather than microtome slicing and exposing samples to film or phosphor screens, you can scan your cryo-cooled samples non-destructively with a highly innovative SPECT/CT option. Read and see more...
Mouse knee imaged with micro-resolution 99mTc-MDP SPECT/CT with 4 μm voxel resolution CT (left) and 99mTc-MDP SPECT (right). These extreme resolution SPECT and CT capabilities enable studying the spatial distribution of a selected function marker and relate this one-to-one to anatomical microstructures, imaged in 3D.
For more information, visit MILabs during the EANM or contact us now.
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Read all about MILabs' 10-years anniversary here or get your hardcopy at the EANM, booth 26.
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