Finally: Adaptive X-ray CT
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Finally: Adaptive X-ray CT

MILabs’ new U-CT adapts to your applications
so you don’t have to adapt your research

Introducing MILabs’ U-CTUHR:
  • Low radiation dose for longitudinal in vivo studies
  • Fast scanning for dynamic contrast-enhanced and cardiac- and respiratory-gated CT
  • High resolution for in vivo and ex vivo bone studies
  • Multispecies scanning on mice, rats and rabbits
  • Field-upgradable for Molecular CT imaging with SPECT, PET and Optical modalities
  • “All-in-one”: The only micro-CT system for all your preclinical needs.
Why invest in multiple systems for speed and resolution, for in vivo and ex vivo applications, or for molecular CT with SPECT, PET and Optical Imaging? Start your research with MILabs U-CT today and expand your system by adding modalities over time.
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