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Term Life Insurance from Costco?

If you're like me, you have a Costco membership because you like buying everything in bulk. Also, if you're like me, you have signed up for their emails to see what's on sale each week.
Yesterday, I received this email in my inbox. Now, I have gotten emails from various associations I belong to touting cheap term insurance and I've never looked at it.
But this offer comes from Costco, who takes pretty much most of my paycheque (4 kids eat a lot!).  I decided to look into it and see what kind of "deal" it was.
I clicked the link and filled out the form for a generic, 40 year old non smoking male. If you are an Executive Member, like I am, you receive an additional 10% discount. For $250,000 of 5 year term insurance, the monthly premium is $30.51 after all the discounts and savings. 

For comparison, lets look at what a new 10 year term, medically underwritten policy costs for the same client.... $20.71. $10 a month cheaper. From the same company. For 5 years longer! 

Don't be fooled by these "savings on term insurance". It's already inexpensive protection.
If you are interested in adding to your current coverage, or are looking for new, let me know. I can quote insurance from over 20 suppliers to get the best rates for your situation.
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