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Welcome to our September collection of articles and ideas for clever business owners and operators.

In this month's edition we discuss charging clauses in commercial contracts.  In entertainment law, we give you some advice about being credited on a film, tv or music project and we navigate the immigration system and visas available to suit your circumstances. We are also proud to once again be among the top 10% of all BCorps taking care of our workers.

Like friends at your beach house in January: How charging clauses have a funny way of just turning up

We are regularly tasked with reviewing various commercial contracts, generally briefed with the sole instruction of identifying notable risks for our clients. Of late, a seemingly prevalent risk is rogue charging clauses popping up in sometimes unlikely places.

A charging clause is often intended to make the beneficiary of the clause a secured creditor who (depending upon the drafting) may then, for example, lodge a caveat over any land owned by the person granting the charge. This is particularly dangerous when such charging clauses extend to the property of guarantors under such contracts.

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How should I be credited on a film, tv or music project?

When you are collaborating on a film, television or music project, one question that continually faces artists is, “How should I be credited?”

Whilst we all want that credit to make our CV’s more reputable, more importantly is the issue of who owns the copyright. In particular, who owns the rights to the script? The film and music recordings? Without clearly defining who owns the rights to what, your team will run into a myriad of problems later down the track. 

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Calling Australia home

If you wish to live and work in Australia, navigating our immigration system is enough to give anyone a headache! There is nothing more stressful and unsettling when you cannot make certain plans or decisions about your home life or career until you have your visa sorted. 

There are a range of different visas that maybe available to suit your circumstances. With the Australian immigration laws and policies changing on a weekly basis it’s important to understand your options clearly so you can make dependable plans and avoid any costly mistakes with your visa application. 

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BCorp News

In BCorp news, exciting international and domestic news and important developments have arisen since our last newsletter.

These include:

The BCorp community calls on Business Roundtable CEOs to go beyond words and take action to balance profit and purpose, and is urging major companies to consider changing their governance structures to better balance profit and purpose, after some of the world’s most powerful CEOs pledged to focus on more than simply maximising returns for their shareholders.

Why is this pledge important? 
It could be a signal of what’s to come. The Business Roundtable represents the CEOs of America’s leading companies. By signing a new Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation, it highlights a shift in corporate thinking. While previous statements have prioritised the needs of shareholders above all else, this year’s iteration commits CEOs to lead their companies for the benefit of customers, employees, suppliers and communities as well. But BCorps are cautious it could just be empty rhetoric.

Pablo Wundheiler, Special Counsel at Rankin Business Lawyers, can be heard from 37:15 to 42:00
  • BLab thank you dinner

Finally, we were honoured to been invited to the BLab thank you dinner late last week, which was BLab’s way to thank the organisations that are assisting it achieve its purposes. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves sharing time and experience with other like minded individuals, business and companies.

If you are interested in the BLab Certification Program, and how your business can become a BCorp, click here.

If you want to know more about BCorp, need advice or assistance, or would like to learn more about our corporate law reform efforts in Australia, including how you can get involved, contact Pablo Wundheiler on 0447 439 362 or email

Best For The World: Workers 2019

The BCorporation Best For The World 2019 list is out and we are proud to be among the top 10% of all BCorps taking care of our workers. We vote every day for a better world through the way we treat our employees. Thank you for your support!

To see a list of the Best For The World 2019: Workers honorees click here

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