All Hands on Deck, fundraiser special
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Call to action, All Hands on Deck!

We have just launched the SS Robin Trust's crowd-funding campaign.  We will be promoting this as part of a major fundraising drive during the London Boat Show. We will also be running our popular hard hat tours, so people can donate and take a tour.
If you know anyone who missed our 2014 tours please let them know that there will be 3 tours a day from the 9th-18th January. We will also be illuminating the ship as the daylight fades, thanks to the support of

Please share the link to our fundrazr page with as many of your contacts as possible and ask them to share and donate today.
Even if you are unable to donate please share as it is vital that we raise awareness of this campaign during this key point in the SS Robin project.

Thank you for your help, if you have any questions please contact Dave, Clare or Matt at or on 0207 998 1343.

The link to our Fundrazr site is

Please post this link on your facebook page, tweet it, share it with your email contacts and post it on linkedin. Every time you share another person learns about the SS Robin.
As always, you can contact us at

The SS Robin Trust
2d/2e Royal Victoria Place
London E16 1UQ

registered charity 1095884