Spring Newsletter from the SS Robin
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A New Opportunity in 2016...


It's been a busy time as the Trust look for a new use and location for the SS Robin.

We've been working hard to find a commercially sustainable use for the Robin that respects her unique and important heritage. We're trying to keep in her the Royal Docks, but also investigating further afield.

It's still early days and we don't have anything secured yet, so please get in touch if you know of any locations that might suit the Robin. The more we can pursue the better chance of getting a great result.

It has been a challenging start to the year with serious stormy weather and security issues, but the Robin is now in fine form. The conservation work has paid off, and the bilges are now dry and water ingress has been minimised. Now the weather has changed, it is possible to do a bit more maintenance on the outside.

We've also started to do a few small tours monthly, so get in touch if you're about and would like a look.

Carlos Varela Ferreiro, the son of a Spanish skipper of the Robin paying a visit.
Our mural was blown down by storm force winds!
Coming up...

If you would like to visit the SS Robin, we have a tour day on the 27th of June, and monthly- check the website for the dates.

We will also be open on the 11th of June for the Britannia Village Funday, so come along if you can.
As always, you can contact
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