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In the five years since its opening, Third Street Center has become the place for meetings (big and small), performances, and celebrations. It has become a space for community. 

Whether in the offices of the many community organizations that call Third Street home or at one of the many trainings, workshops, events, and gatherings in the Calaway room, Round room, Board room and Gym, people come to Third Street to discuss, debate, learn, honor, celebrate and ultimately strengthen the bonds of community in Carbondale and the region.

Such gatherings happened in Carbondale long before the Third Street Center opened its door (it’s one of the reasons creating a multi-tenant community center was even possible), but the opening of Third Street enlarged the public space for community building and gave it room to grow and develop even more. 

We are excited how Third Street has become such a
hub of activity in only 5 years and even more excited by the connections that have been made in Carbondale and the region with Third Street as the facilitator.

Heading into our next five years, we think there is even more Third Street Center can do to support and build community.  This year we’ve been asking tenants and community members what more we can do, discussing priorities, and identifying strategies to attract the needed resources. 

We hope to have more specific announcements in 2016, but in short we are planning to increase our ability to host larger events, gathering, and celebrations by improving parts of the building not renovated in 2008-2010.

We’d like to see more space for community - in all its shape and forms.  Having a sense of community makes Carbondale special - and we’d like to keep it that way.

Fire Restoration Update

The staff, board of directors and tenants at the Third Street Center want to thank the quick actions of our neighbor Kelly Harding for rushing to our aid and extinguishing the fire in the Center for Independence space on 9/16.  Kelly's quick action and bravery prevented a much larger fire and greater loss. We are forever grateful.  

We also want to thank the Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District, and the Carbondale Police Department for their timely assistance.  Despite the damage and disruption, we feel fortunate that the arson event was quickly and efficiently contained. 

We want to thank the well-wishers and folks offering help to Third Street and the Center for Independence - especially VINMAR Drywall who donated materials and services to repair the drywall and the ceiling grid.  Working through this sad event is easier in a supportive community.

Third Street Center receives Garfield FMLD Grant 

We are excited to be selected by the Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease District Board of Directors (Gregg Rippy, Mike Samson, and Eric Schmela) for a Mini-Grant during the 2015 Fall Cycle.

The $25,000 grant will support the installation of a community shade structure / seating area ($15,000) to protect the Community Bread Oven and provide space for picnics and events in Bonnie Fischer Park, on the South Side of the Third Street Center.  The rest of the grant ($10,000) will allow needed heating improvements within the Third Street Center to improve comfortable and reduce heating costs.

These projects have been on the list of the Town of Carbondale and the Third Street Center for a number of years and we thank the Garfield County FMLD board and Carbondale Trustees and Staff for their support for these community projects.

October/November Events

October 30 

Dia de los Muertos in the Round Room
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November 7

Davi Nikent - Heart Centered Holidays
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November 14

Let's Just Dance - First Annual Harvest Ball in Gym
w Caleb Dean Band
Learn more >>>

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