Dear Friend of Soi Dog, 

I wish you could meet Lloyd.

If you did, you’d never guess that the smiling boy before you would have such a horror story to tell. 
Like millions of dogs across Thailand, Lloyd was living peacefully on the streets, a threat to nobody, when somebody deliberately slashed him across the face.
If we don’t create more space for dogs like Lloyd as a matter of urgency, there’s a very real risk of them having nowhere to go. Will you please donate whatever you can now, so that it doesn’t come to this?
As a result of being so viciously attacked, Lloyd sustained a serious, life-threatening injury. The deep wound on his face became dangerously infected and by the time he arrived at our shelter, he was gravely ill. 
Without immediate treatment, Lloyd’s condition would have deteriorated rapidly. This beautiful boy would have contracted blood poisoning and died a slow and painful death. Alone on the street.
It’s because of dogs like Lloyd that I decided we absolutely must expand the Soi Dog shelter. I know you could never find it in your heart to turn a suffering animal away – I couldn’t either. But we have already run out of space. 
Every spare inch of the shelter is being used to care for animals rescued from suffering until they find their forever homes. 
Will you please donate now to ensure dogs like Lloyd can also be given their safe space?
Building work has started; we must ensure it can continue. We must also make sure the extra space created is equipped with everything it needs to help sick, injured, abused and abandoned animals. They have nowhere else to go. 
By donating now, you will help fund the construction of more treatment areas, along with the purchase of kennels, cages, and medical equipment. You will be helping more sick, injured, abused or abandoned animals get the safe space they deserve and the medical treatment they need. Your compassion will save lives.
May I please ask you to donate now?
Lloyd’s face was so badly cut he needed emergency surgery to repair it. It’s heartbreaking to think of the horrendous pain he was in before he arrived at our shelter. It’s even worse to imagine how he would have ended up if there had been nowhere for him to go.
There is no government funding for these rescues. But I continue to be inspired by the animal lovers around the world whose generosity makes them possible. Will you join them?
Look at Lloyd today. This beautiful boy, who has suffered so much, smiles at everyone he meets. Despite all he’s been through, he trusts humans. He loves us. He forgives us. 
Please help these rescues to continue. Through your kindness and support, many more animals like Lloyd can be taken to safety and given a second chance at life. 
You may never get to meet them, but you will have saved them. 
And that is the ultimate reward.

Thank you for saving those who have nobody else.

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation
P.S. Please donate now so that the work to expand the Soi Dog shelter can continue, ensuring no suffering animal ever has to be turned away.