Dear Friend of Soi Dog,

I am writing to you about a truly desperate situation. As you read this, over 1,800 dogs and cats in north-eastern Thailand are in crisis and desperately need your help. Please act urgently.
The nightmare started when an exaggerated rabies scare led the authorities to round up over 3,000 unvaccinated dogs and cats and place them in a quarantine facility that was never designed to handle such numbers.

Limited staff struggled to cope with such an overwhelming intake and with none of the animals vaccinated, over 1,400 have died from preventable diseases like distemper and parvo virus.
Soi Dog Foundation has pledged assistance for the surviving animals but we desperately need your help. Please join the Emergency Response Team now and save the lives of suffering animals who have nobody else.
None of the dogs are sterilised and a lack of segregation facilities means there is a very real risk of more puppies being born into this horror, joining those already there. There is also a lack of puppy food, cat food, and cat litter. There are no rabies vaccines or vaccines against killer diseases such as distemper and parvo virus. If they don’t get immediate help, these animals will die. Please act now!
Soi Dog Foundation is shipping puppy food, cat food, and cat litter, along with 3,600 vaccines. We will also be donating cages to separate the sick from the healthy. The authorities do not have the staff numbers to cope with this crisis, so a Soi Dog veterinary team is undertaking a journey of nearly 1,000 miles to segregate and vaccinate all animals as the first priority in containing the spread of lethal diseases. 
Your help is urgently needed to end this crisis and countless other incidents of animal suffering in Asia. Will you please join our Emergency Response Team, providing vital life-saving funding to animals in desperate situations such as this? These animals have nobody else. Please donate now!
Sadly, there is no time to waste. If we don't act now, these animals will die. Please don't let that happen.

Thank you.

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation
P.S. I am truly worried about what will happen to these animals without immediate assistance. Please act now to stop innocent animals dying needlessly, alone and in agony.
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