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The root word of "Eclipse" is abandonment. What could be worse than being forsaken and left in the dark and cold? But what if there are hidden gifts in all of our dark times and the way to find them is though changing the story? Our ancestors believed eclipses could bring the end of the world. Their stories seemed real, but they were not actually true. We have the power to change our stories about what metaphorical eclipses mean in our lives too.
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There are many myths and legends describing what our ancestors believed about eclipses.

Of course there were no voracious beasts devouring the moon or sun, but telling stories and taking actions-- like making loud noise to scare the moon/sun eaters  or playing soothing music to lull the monster to sleep-- helped people get through scary times.

But myths can be more than just silly tales to soothe fears or entertain listeners. There is great power in our stories.

When we believe a particular story to be true, it affects us on every level. For instance, people who believe they're going to die of a disease are far more likely to do so than those who believe there is a cure --even when the disease was misdiagnosed or if the cure is a placebo.

I am using elements of the Hero/ine's Journey; what Joseph Campbell describes as the monomyth (common to all cultures from around the world -- from fairy tales and all of the the Ancient Wisdom Traditions to our current popular culture books and movies) to help people change their stories.

Did what happened to me after the day my life changed forever follow The Hero/ine's Journey because I was unconsciously influenced by this monomyth that had appeared over and over in the thousands of novels and movies I had consumed my lifetime up to that point? 

Maybe. Or maybe there is reason why all of those stories follow that pattern and it was my turn to live it.

It doesn't really matter, just as it doesn't really matter when someone has a spontaneous remission from a fatal disease due to sugar pills. The important thing is that enormous transformations occurred in my life, as a result of my journey.

Every hero/ine on this journey finds a magic elixir/Holy Grail/ Golden fleece/boon or treasure of some kind and their mission is to bring it back from the Special World/Space Between Stories/Neutral Zone or Neitherlands to share it with the collective.

My elixir is a complex brew of many ingredients.

But the essence is that in changing our stories, we have the power to change our lives --and the world around us.

Especially stories in which we see ourselves as victims of random bad things happening to us.

This is not about banishing those stories and the uncomfortable or painful feelings that accompany them.

I do not offer New Age/Pollyanna/ 😀smiley face😀/ spiritual bypassing stories of pretending everything-is-love-and-light if-you-just-believe.

Before we can change our stories we need to understand where they came from and how they served us. We need to be willing to face the darkness of the eclipse and the fears of the unknown.

Also the new story has to be true. It can be written as a Fantasy in order to play with it, but it needs to be at its essence; true.

For example, the premise of the book, Before Happiness by Shawn Achor is that before you can create positive changes in your life, you need to first believe it is possible for you to do so. He describes his research in which he investigates the impact of stress on those who believe stress is a killer and those who believed stress is beneficial.

Both stories are based on scientific evidence and are both true. He recommends that when you create a new story out of stressful events in your life, that you pay attention to the fear inducing facts but you also look for other facts that are equally true and create a new story around the more optimistic facts.

It turns out that those who focus on the new story are not only happier but more productive and better able to make creative changes in their lives.

!f you are experiencing a time where you feel abandoned in the cold and dark or perhaps a previous way of life has become eclipsed and you are in the dark about what is next, I invite you to consider to changing your story.

I am offering a brand new way to engage in this process. If you would like to explore how I can guide you through it, please send me an email at and I will send you a detailed description.

Or check out my (still in transition but almost ready!) website

I hope you enjoyed this eclipse in Leo -- it is my sign and my story of the day is that it is opening up a powerful and beneficial time to ROAR!

Click on the above image for more about this story : "The February 10-11th Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse in Leo represents the opening of a new gateway and a starting point into the energies of 2017. Eclipses act like doorways into different energy paths, and are powerful enough to transform, shift and change the direction and flow of your life."


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