Website Update, New Plants, and a New Project
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Website Update!


Our website has been completely revamped and is far better looking than it ever was before. Our online catalog is currently up to date, with a bunch of new plants for next season.

During the season we started using SquareUp for our vending events and have moved our store to fully operate with them. This allows real-time inventory tracking between in-person sales and online sales. The tradeoff is that it's a little less flexible on the back-end for us. So I want to point out a few important things. Our home page is still; you'll find all the important updates and policies pertinent to shopping with us. 

When you select Shop from our menu, you'll be redirected to and this is where you'll find our catalog. When placing an order, it will say that the order will ship within 60 days, but that's not true. Your order will actually ship around May 1st when our shipping season starts. We will manually have to tell our system that your order has shipped and you'll get an automated shipping notice, even though your order has NOT shipped. We'll also email a receipt which will have this information on it. We will send a 2nd receipt with tracking information when your order actually does ship.  

Another change we're making is that we will start shipping the bulk of our orders bare-root. One reason for this is to comply with various state regulations. We are in a quarantine area for Japanese beetle, gypsy moth, emerald ash borer, and pine shoot borer. Shipping bare-root simplifies our process of compliance to regulations. It also means we've been able to lower our shipping rates. Shipping now costs $8 per order and $1 per plant. So 1 plant will ship for $9. 10 plants will ship for $18. If you prefer potted material, we may be able to accommodate you. Just contact us and we'll work it out.

We'll be continuing some work on the website, there may be some points where the site or email isn't available. We'll try to make these periods brief. If you can't reach the site or if email bounces, please try again later in the day.

We'd love to hear from you about the
new website!

New Plants!

With another new season comes another batch of new and returning plants! We're going to give you the complete list. As always, more will probably be added throughout the season, check our home page or facebook for additions. And if you every have a request, let us know!
Acer pseudoplatanus 'Esk Sunset' - Sycamore Maple
Actaea pachypoda - White Baneberry
Aralia cordata 'Sun KIng' - Japanese Spikenard
Asclepias incarnate - Poke Milkweed
Brunnera macrophylla 'Alexander's Great' - Bugloss
Clethra barbinervis 'Takeda Nishiki' - Japanese Summersweet
Clethra fargesii - Chinese Summersweet
Dicentra spectablis 'Goldheart' - Bleeding Heart
Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea Nana' - Dwarf European Beech
Helleborus 'Dark N Handsome' - Lenten Rose
Helleborus 'Sandy Shores' - Lenten Rose
Heuchera 'Circus'
Heuchera 'Midnight Rose'
Heuchera 'Pretty Pistachio'
Heuchera 'Silver Gumdrop'
Hosta 'Herbal Tea'
Hosta 'Mini Skirt'
Hosta 'Munchkin Fire'
Hosta 'Sun Mouse'
Hosta 'White Feather'
Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris 'Early Light'
Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris 'Kuga Variegated'
Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris 'Mirranda'
Ligularia japonica
Pulmonaria 'Pink Twilight' - Lungwort
Tiarella 'Spring Symphony' - Foam Flower
Tricyrtis 'Autumn Glow' - Toad Lily
One more project I've been working on has to do with my love of the genus Heuchera; the Heuchera Tome. My goal is for it to become a comprehensive reference for Heuchera, Tiarella, and Heucherella; similar to The Hosta Library. So far I have all of my personal photo collection entered and am working on getting photos from Terra Nova Nursery entered.  Please drop by and take a look at it.  
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