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September, 2014
Much has happened since the 1st Arctic Science Partnership meeting in Gimli (November, 2013)! Field campaigns in Nuuk, Winnipeg, Daneborg, Cambridge Bay; field schools in Greenland and Canada; new publications; and ongoing collaborations around ASP logistics, administration, operations, education, and communications. 
We will send this UpDate twice a year (September & February) to highlight activities within the ASP. This first UpDate focuses on the content and functionality of the ASP website: - the place that keeps you informed on ASP research, logistics, education and upcoming events.
News and events
Many stories have reached the page from many different projects and field locations. Read for example about ‘life in a melt pond’ at the news page or take a look in the ‘Calendar’ where you can find dates and information on specific field projects, education and other events.
ASP Research
The research section is where you will find descriptions on research campaigns, field reports for individual projects and minutes from ASP leadership meetings. You will also find up-to-date publication lists for CEOS, ARC, and GCRC.  ASP logos are found under Acknowledgments.
ASP Administration
An ASP Handbook has been posted on the website. It contains everything you want to know about: purchasing, billing, travel, booking facilities, shipping, funding, budgets, human resources, employment (staff and students).  If the answers to your questions aren’t in the handbook, the Administration team will assist you in finding the information you need, and if necessary update the handbook.
ASP Operations
The operations section includes information for field sites - Nuuk, Young Sund, Cambridge Bay, Station Nord, and the CCGS Amundsen.  This is the place to find logistics plans, project overviews, site manuals, shipping, and licensing information relevant for each campaign.  If the answers to your questions aren’t in the handbook, the Operations team will assist you in finding the information you need.
ASP Communications
Under communications you will find information on our outreach activities as well as links to ASP video clips and media stories featuring ASP work.  Click on ‘SHOW INFO’ to access photo galleries, ASP News & Events, ASP on Twitter, and ASP videos.  
You are all encouraged to write short summary stories of your field work or your research and to post any great photos taken in the field. Please contact us to share any news on the website or ASP Update.
ASP Education
One of the main goals of ASP is to integrate academic programs to allow the mobility and education of students across centres and institutions.  Visit the Education section of the website to learn about the courses available from each institution and the annual ASP Field School.
Job & Student Opportunities
Click here for more information on the posting listed below
  • Masters opportunities - Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
  • Postdoctoral fellowship in Sea Ice Geophysics and Remote Sensing - University of Manitoba
  • Research Associate in Sea Ice Geophysics and Remote Sensing – University of Manitoba
  • Postdoctoral fellowship in Sea ice and oil interactions – Aarhus University
The 2014 ASP field school held in Kuujjuarapik-Whapmagoostui, Quebec (Canada) was a great success. Sixteen students from universities in Canada, Denmark, and Greenland participated in this year’s program. Click here for a summary report.
Upcoming Events
2014 - 4-6 November:  ASP Team Meeting – Aarhus University, Denmark
2014 – 8-12 December:  Arctic Changes Conference - Ottawa, ON, Canada
2014 – 8-9 December: Planning workshop for Baffin Bay & Labrador Sea Campaign (2015-17)
ArcticNet is promoting international participation at its 2014 Arctic Changes conference.  We encourage ASP members to consider this opportunity. In addition to a full conference agenda, the ASP Leadership will be hosting a planning workshop on Monday and Tuesday (8-9 December) for the upcoming Baffin Bay & Labrador Sea field campaign (2015-2017) co-chaired by: Soeren Rysgaard, Douglas Wallace, Marcel Babin, and David Barber.

The ASP website is shaping up to be a very functional and informative tool for sharing information. We appreciate everyone’s contributions to this site and welcome recommendations on how to best communicate with ASP members and to the outside world. 
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Follow ASP on twitter
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