Fund our Future + Community Panel report + Green light for station

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Penrith is New West
National Growth Areas Alliance (NGAA) campaign 'Fund our Future' was launched in the New West on 1 February. Penrith joined Blacktown and Campbelltown councils to make the case for a new passenger rail line between the North West and South West Growth Centres. NGAA NSW spokesperson, Penrith Deputy Mayor, Ross Fowler said: "We firmly believe the future airport must be connected by rail to the high growth arc that makes up outer Western Sydney. Late last year the State and Federal governments responded to increasing public pressure and announced they will investigate a rail connection to the airport. However, we want more than words – the corridors need to be locked in and funding allocated."
Watch recent news clips on the 'Fund our Future' campaign.
Click to go to You can sign the petition and send a pre-prepared email to the federal government and opposition, calling for a rail line to link Western Sydney’s high growth arc and a dedicated infrastructure fund for fast-growing outer suburbs.

Community Panel: 'The City We Want' 

A Community Panel, tasked to help shape Penrith City's future, has given a resounding 'yes' to New West objectives. The panel, comprising 35 people selected randomly from the local community by not-for-profit research group newDemocracy, spent a combined total of more than 1500 hours considering Council's operations.They delivered their final report on 8 February. (Some are pictured above). The panel stated they: "Support Council's New West Strategy to promote Penrith as a place to do business."  Their report also said: "We encourage Penrith Council to better celebrate their achievements among the broader community, in addition to improving the advertising of Penrith as a city as the place to be." Download the report

Green light for station upgrade

Planning approval has been given for a major upgrade of Penrith Station. The upgrade - part of a $150 million investment to improve six key Western Sydney stations - includes a new concourse, new lifts and platform entries, new accessible amenities and improved interchange area. Work is expected to start mid-2016. Planning is also underway to improve commuter parking by providing 350 extra spaces. Click for more information
PRDnationwide Penrith are launching a Property Development Hub at Shop 3, 320 High Street on Wednesday 17 February. Managing Director Darren Latty said: "Penrith is undergoing changes like we have never seen before. We decided to take the initiative... by setting up a hub for developers, land owners, consultants and Government. Here people can familiarise themselves with our beautiful City and gain knowledge of the many and varied projects underway and in planning."
Cool bus shelters could be a reality on scorching hot days, thanks to a design competition to reimagine current shelters. Climate Adapted People Shelter (CAPS) aims to redevelop bus shelters so they are ‘smart’ and adapted to increasing urban heat in Western Sydney. The project has three stages – to plan and complete the design of nominated bus shelters in Penrith, Parramatta, Ashfield and Canterbury. Stages 2 and 3 includes the construction of winning designs and concurrent research. Click for more information
Missing link bridges gap in City's paths  A missing link in the city's shared-use paths has been completed with a bridge over Peach Tree Creek on Jamison Road. 

Green cover brings cool change - Penrith Council will plant around 100,000 trees in South Penrith and Emu Plains through the Federal Government’s 20 Million Trees Program. 

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