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UKAGP Newsletter - August 2015


Dear <<First Name>>,

Welcome to the August edition of the UKAGP newsletter!

We've got a bumper issue for you this month, with a round up of this year's fantastic conference in Nottingham, where you can get the full lowdown with stories from conference delegates, a photo gallery and the minutes from our AGM.

I would like to thank our administrator Jen Clayton, for doing such a professional job in creating and editing this new-style newsletter. It makes it very easy for us to get a good overview of what there is to read, and then to go directly to the items that interest us by opening the links.

We're also excited to announce the the launch of a new project for UKAGP, aiming to record the 'family history' of Gestalt in the UK. The first stage is getting a questionnaire (devised by Judy Graham) being completed by as many Gestalt practitioners as possible, so whether you've been involved in the gestalt community for 5 months or 50 years, we need your input! Please do take part, and share the survey around with anyone who might be interested. 
As ever, we've also got a roundup of the latest news and events in the Gestalt community over the coming  months, and details of a new organisational steering group which is being established this year. 
Wishing you all a wonderful (and hopefully a bit sunnier) summer,


Jacqui Lichtenstern
Chair, UKAGP

'Engaging our Community' 2015:  Stories from Conference Delegates

Want to get a flavour of this years conference? Rather than circulating an official report from the Conference Organising Committee (you've heard quite enough from us in recent months!), this year we asked for articles/stories and creative contributions from the community who attended.

Click the links below to read thoughts from:

Gaie Houston
Bettina Lehmann
Jacqui Lichtenstern
Alisa Logan
Karen-Marie McPherson and
Jim Robinson 

You can also see more photos at the website.

Many thanks to everyone who sent us feedback and photos from the weekend. 


Can you Help us Map our Gestalt 'Family History'?

UKAGP archive project initiated by Judy Graham

There is a rich history of Gestalt practice in the UK which is often held only in the memories of individuals, which others (especially newcomers) may not have easy access to.

We would like to build a comprehensive 'family history', to record stories of how Gestalt has developed in the UK. It will trace our history of how we've reached the stage we are at now, and support our collective and continuing engagement as a Gestalt Community. These details will be developed into a timeline wall mural telling our story - and potentially other creative outputs in the future.

Judy Graham has kindly offered to start the process by creating a questionnaire. We warmly invite all gestalt practitioners (not only UKAGP members) to complete it, and share their own 'Gestalt history' for future posterity. 

Whether you've been engaging with the Gestalt community for years, or are new to it all, we'd love to hear your story of involvement. You can complete the questionnaire online, or download a version to send offline, and please do share the link with anyone you know who might be interested.

Any help you can give would be gratefully received. 

Share your story!

UKAGP AGM 2015 + Our New Committee!

Our Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday the 4th of July 2015 from 11am - 1pm, as part of our residential conference at the NCTL, Nottingham. 

The minutes of the AGM meeting are now available to view / download here, and will also be available on our website for future reference. 

As part of the meeting we saw some changes to the UKAGP committee, as we sadly said goodbye (and many thank yous!) to Jane Flint and Rod London, and welcomed Adam Smith as our new Secretary and Vicky Eugenio as a new Committee Member. . 

You can read more details about our committee members, including our different roles and bios on our dedicated webpage

On the Creation of a UKAGP Consultative Group

An informal and explorative meeting took place on 4th July during the UKAGP conference in Nottingham in response to the wish to create a formal structure that includes the voices of all UK Gestalt organisations to help realise the aims and objectives of UKAGP.

When UKAGP was formed, the Organising Committee was intended to fulfil this need, but over the past seven years it has changed and developed with new members not necessarily holding the history, knowledge or connections with the various Training Institutes as did the original committee.

There was general recognition that there is a need for a new grouping to act as a consultative group to the Organising Committee of the UKAGP, made up of delegates from all the Gestalt Institutes and Organisations in the UK.  It was anticipated that an arrangement of this kind would in itself create a space for dialogue and collaborative cooperation between training institutes and organisations in the UK and in the process enable a structure for two-way feedback and input.  

Delegates would be in a position to:
  • Reflect and represent developments in the practice of their organisations, and 
  • Support and enable the UKAGP Chair to participate from a more informed and legitimate place as representative of the UK’s National Organisation for Gestalt Therapy (NOGT) at the twice-yearly meetings of the EAGT General Board. 
It is proposed that the group be convened by the Organising Committee of the UKAGP and meet twice a year in the summer and winter to alternate with the EAGT General Board meetings in March and September.  It is anticipated that the meetings would be hosted in rotation by participating Institutes and organisations, and that the first meeting would be in the month of January.

Invitations outlining the purpose and remit of the group are being sent to all organisations to nominate delegates to the group.

Upcoming Training and Events

Within the UK Gestalt Community

Marianne Fry Lecture 2015 

Humanistic Psychology in the 21st Century: The Next Revolution We Need

Peter Hawkins

Humanistic psychology in the second half of the 20th century made a revolutionary contribution 
in putting the human individual back at the heart of psychology and psychotherapy, and was in 
its time radical and liberating. However, in the 21st Century, and in a different world, we need 
to go well beyond individualism and human-centrism.

Peter's Lecture will explore how humanistic psychology needs to radically renew itself to 
contribute to this urgently needed shift in human consciousness. He will address some of the 
many challenges that now face the whole human family and the ‘more than human world’ –
notably, the ecological crisis, the emergence of so many faith-based conflicts, and the dangers 
of territorialism.
Saturday 26th September, 2015, 

10:30 am – 4:30 pm 
Armada House, Bristol

View Leaflet

Assistant Tutors Needed at Metanoia

In our Gestalt Department we have opportunities for UKCP registered Gestalt psychotherapists for the role of Assistant Tutor for the academic year 2015/16. Our assistants are an important and integral part of the team. We are now seeking expressions of interest from anyone who is interested in working with us for a year.
The role requires availability for the 10 training week-ends and also for occasional ad hoc team meetings during the academic year.
The academic year starts on 26/27 September.  Dates for the whole year are on the Metanoia website. 
The role includes working with a member of the Primary Tutor team and you will have opportunities to co-design, facilitate and mark. To reflect the importance of this role we will be paying £50/day on the training week-ends.Also there is payment for marking.

If you are interested please send a brief resume by email to Sarah Osman at titled 'Assistant Tutor Application' in the email header and copy Kate Fromant, Head of Central Services at by the 9th August 2014 .  

Hidden Facets

How do you challenge or collude with society’s expectations of you as a woman?

A half day workshop with Jenny Colls and Judy Graham
  • What stops you being who you want to be?
  • Do you compare yourself to others?
  • Do you feel superficial at times?
  • Do you want to show more of yourself?
  • Have you missed an opportunity because you didn't speak?
These are a few of the ways women hide. In this workshop we explore the many and various ways we, individually, inhibit ourselves and the way society conspires to encourage this.

Saturday 10 October 2015 from 1 – 5pm

Near Totnes, Devon, details on booking
Cost £50

Download Leaflet

Supervision: A Relational Change Process 

Post Graduate Certificate - Beginning September, 2015

Marie-Anne Chidiac, Sally Denham-Vaughan & Lynda Osborne 

Supervision is a requirement for counsellors and psychotherapists and many others in the helping professions. It is a key differentiator in the coaching and organisational development world. 

In psychological work we consider change to be best supported by relationships in which difficulties can be explored, challenges made and good  practice confirmed. 

Whether working clinically or in a coaching setting with clients it is not unusual for practitioners to experience relational and practice difficulties. This translates into the need for a supervisor who can offer new models and a fresh perspective or insight, as well as supporting competent practice.

View Leaflet

The Aesthetic of Otherness: meeting at the boundary in a desensitized world

A Joint AAGT and EAGT Gestalt Conference
22nd-25th September 2016 Taormina (Sicily) 

A unique opportunity for two of the largest international associations for Gestalt therapy to meet and learn from each other. We will co-create a fertile ground in order to explore our differences and similarities, our intentionalities for contact, our potentialities to develop theory and practice, and our wish to enjoy ourselves. The meaning of any intentionality is fully revealed only at the end of the process of co-creation: so, let’s start this process with the faith that the ground will support our next steps towards the co-creation of the aesthetic figure of contacful experience.

Working with Children the Violet Oaklander Way

A Gestalt Arts Intensive Residential

with Jon Blend Dip Child, assistant Crissy Duff.  

This “hands-on” workshop caters for counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, play therapists and  other professionals working with children in a therapeutic/pastoral capacity.

It may particularly interest those familiar with gestalt therapy* and/ or wanting to explore their own relationship with creativity and playfulness.

The course draws inspiration from the pioneering work of gestalt therapist, Dr Violet Oaklander  whose approach puts the relationship between therapist and child at the centre of the therapeutic process. Children tend to express feelings through image and metaphor.  When therapists working with young people can engage in a dialogue using expressive arts this can be invaluable.  

 Children use their ‘contact’ skills (senses, body, feeling and intellect) as relational tools. Troubled youngsters struggle to make good contact with teachers, parents, peers or themselves, tending to restrict healthy expression of their emotions.  Many possess a poor sense of self.  Therapy facilitates exploration of emotional blockages, helping children regain contact with their emotions, body and natural ability to cope.

Residential, Oxfordshire,  April 4-8 2016

Venue: The Abbey, Sutton Courtenay, Abingdon, Oxon .  

View Leaflet
Information/ booking: Crissy Duff

Moving Self In Psychotherapy 

International and interdisciplinary conference October 9th–10th, 2015, Prague

Bodily Self in the psychotherapeutic process and relationship:
  • Clinical considerations of bodymind interconnections as relationally embedded phenomena;
  • Implicit, nonverbal process between the therapist and client
  • Kinesthetic empathy, somatic tranference and  countertransference;
  • Body image, body memory and preverbal issues, trauma and dissociation;
  • Social and cultural contexts of bodily Self in clinical practice.
Confirmed speakers:

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Thomas Fuchs (Germany),
Laura Galbusera, MSc. (Italy),
Peter Philippson, MSc. (UK),
MUDr. Radana Syrovátková, BC-DMT (CR),
PhDr. Anton Polák (CR),
Stacey Hurst, BC-DMT, GLCMA (USA),
Mgr. Ondřej Novák (CR),  
Agnieszka Sokołowska, MSc. (Poland),
Sybille Assmann, MSc. (Germany),
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Tschacher (Switzerland).

More information:
or view the pdf flyer.

Pre- and postworkshops October 7th–9th, 11th–13th, 2015 

Breathing, Moving and Creating in Gestalt Therapy  

14th Annual BGJ Seminar Day with Susan Gregory and Peter Philippson

The British Gestalt Journal Seminar Day is an annual event bringing together friends, readers, writers, editors and reviewers of the journal.

In a day of participation and conversation, Susan Gregory and Peter Philippson will lead attendees in a series of embodied activities which are at the heart of Gestalt therapy practice and theory. Experience, inherently body-grounded, is what we Gestalt therapists work with - helping our clients sense, feel, experiment with, and grow as embodied human beings in relation with others. 

View Details....

Awareness, Contact, Creativity 

An ongoing monthly Gestalt group in North London, with Claire Asherson Bartram

This group has been meeting regularly for over 12 years and is open to new members.  It runs for on a Saturday for a full day once a month.  Arising from the yet to emerge process of group members, each day is an unknown adventure in contact, awareness and experiment. 
If you would like to join please contact Claire Asherson Bartram or phone 020 8361 6146. 

You will be invited to a free half hour meeting with Claire where we will consider together your potential participation.

THE BIG ISSUE(S) Addressing the crisis in psychotherapy and counselling

This event is intended as an opportunity for practitioners to express their concerns about the current direction of counselling and psychotherapy, and to discuss plans for action. Examples of relevant issues are:

What’s happening to therapy in the public sector – IAPT, NICE, the privileging of CBT, and the possible resurrection of state regulation.

The volunteering system which expects trainees and new graduates to work for free in order to ‘get their hours’. Do we need a Union?

Is therapy a force for adaptation to capitalism, or for a critique of it? 

These are only examples – the day will start with an ‘open mike’ session giving everyone the opportunity briefly to state the issues closest to their own heart. From this a set of key issues will be drawn, leading to further discussion and hopefully ideas for action.

A day conference at Resource for London, 
Holloway Road 
N7 Sept 26th 2015 
10am to 5pm Donation: £10 in advance, £20 on the door 

For booking information please email and / or download the booking form.

The Drama of Being An Adolescent.

Facilitator Jon Blend MA (with Playback South Theatre Company). 

Adolescence can be a turbulent journey to emergent adulthood; a successful transition requires relationships that offer a good enough mix of support and challenge. 

For some teenagers however coping with personal and social changes encountered en route is made more difficult by experiences of bullying, family breakdown, and loss, even violence.

Confronted with such pain some may withdraw whilst others engage in anti- social or hazardous contact styles.

The Course

This course caters for psychotherapists/ counsellors and other professionals working with adolescents in a therapeutic/pastoral capacity. The course draws on the approaches of Gestalt therapists Mark McConville and Violet Oaklander, Attachment and Family Systems theories and Playback Theatre .

Nov 4-7, 2015; venue: Gestalt Centre, London NW1.

For information/booking, please email Hilary Jones 
Download Course Leaflet

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