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The New UKAGP Website is Live! 

Dear <<First Name>>,

We are delighted to introduce you to the UKAGP’s new website. This has been a long time coming and we apologise for the delays we have experienced in getting this live.  

It's not yet perfect, but we are pleased to have a website that can support both the administration of the organisation and the communication both to, between and from members and to the wider public.  

As we develop the content we hope to bring more resources to you regarding Gestalt in the UK and the wider EAGT community.

This website is public facing and also has the facility for a secure members area.  So, the information we all provide can be targeted to the audience it’s aimed at.

You will shortly receive an individual email with your new login details and a link to a profile form.  Our request is that you add in your professional profile to our directory. This facility is included in your membership fee and our hope is that we collectively maintain the UK’s richest resource of Gestalt practitioners for the public to access. The more profiles that are added the more successful this will be.

There is also the facility for you to add in your news items and events to be viewed either by the community or the wider field. This can be a lively facility both for members and non-members and we hope that everyone will contribute to maintain a resource rich and vibrant website.

Thank you,

Ruth Nightingale,
on behalf of the UKAGP Organising Committee 

UKAGP Community Day and AGM 2016

London, Sunday 5th June 2016 10.30 - 16.30

Following up on the theme of exploring our engagement within the Gestalt Community, we invite all Gestaltists and Humanistic Counsellors, Therapists and Students to engage in this opportunity of emergent meeting as an exciting contrast to our previously more structured conference days.

Our aim is to offer a space where to meet creatively, share ideas and let the emergent take shape. Join us in this experiment of no speakers and no agenda other than to hear the different voices in the Community and to explore the experience of being together as a large group.

There is limited capacity for this event so please make your booking early to avoid disappointment!


10.30-11.00: Registration and refreshments

11.00-13.00: Community Space: An experiment of emergent meeting

13.00-14.00: Lunch. Bring your own food - eat in and share the space

14.00-15.30: AGM

15.30-16.30: Community Space: Closing

For more details, and to book your place, please visit our dedicated conference page on our website. 

Book Your Place

UKAGP Student Community Day - Who’s In Your Tribe?


An Experiential Exploration into being A Gestaltist in Training

4th June 2016 – 10:00 am to 4:30pm

Configuring your tribal group, and awareness of belonging is an essential part of Gestalt Therapy Training.

UKAGP are hosting a series of student days in different locations in the UK to provide a space for those in the midst of their training.

UKAGP are providing a space for all Gestalt Therapy students, at any stage of their journey, to meet, seek support and engage with each other.

At only £10 for the day, the UKAGP Student Community Day is a new and unique opportunity to build associations amongst the current UK Gestalt student community

This Experiential Exploration will help you:

  • Build peer support
  • Build an inter – training organisation network
  • Develop subject interest sub – groups
  • Gain clarity on training ‘rites of passage’
  • Meet students at all levels of training to understand the path ahead


The Study Society in London, – Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, London, W14 9DA

Conference Flyer

Is available to view / download here - please do share with anyone you think might be interested.

Book Your Place

A Call to All Trainees

The first UKAGP Student Community Day is taking shape (see the flyer above). If you are a trainee, interested in co-creating elements of the day in advance, do any of the following excite you?
  • Design a welcome and opening structure for the start of the day
  • Shape experiments with form and flexibility suitable for a newly formed group
  • Attend to props, materials and physical comfort for the day
  • Create a closing structure and goodbye for our time together 
If any of these generate a spark of energy, do contact Helen and Dawn at

Your contribution is welcome, however large or small. It would be great to have input from trainees at as many as possible of the training organisations.

Helen Thomas and Dawn Gwilt

Becoming Qualified - My Personal Journey

by Dawn Gwilt 

I’ve been asked to write something for the UKAGP newsletter about my recent experience of becoming a qualified Gestalt practitioner. It is now six months since I submitted my final assignments (in July 2015) for my Advanced Diploma and UKCP registration, and I found out that I passed in November and became registered in December.  As I look back, my process divides into two very contrasting experiences of before and after submitting my work, and I’d like to write something about this contrast. 

The ‘before’ period was the two years after I completed my training and before I submitted my final assignments.  During this time I prioritised working on my case study and tape transcript, putting much of my life on hold in order to devote time and energy to writing.  What stands out from this stage of the process is the feeling of having to jump through so many hoops, and only gradually coming to understand what those hoops were.  

I often felt I was squeezing myself in order to fit, and with that memory I instinctively squeeze my arms to my sides and lower my head, making myself smaller.  Initially the criticism of my case study seemed harsh and at times I felt crushed and over-exposed.  A growing edge for me was to trust that I wouldn’t lose myself through working relationally rather than independently.   An experiential shift came as my tutor and I stayed with and worked through the co-transference  around criticism.  Gradually, what had seemed harsh developed into supportive dialogue, enabling me to grow into my own authority.  

Perhaps this was a necessary process leading to the ‘after’ period, which has been a complete contrast.  For the first time since I started my training, I am reconfiguring my support system purely for myself, finding and creating tailor-made supports without the added pressure of having to complete assignments for others to assess.  This is a delightful process!  

I have formed a peer supervision group with two of my fellow-trainees who qualified around the same time as me, as well as making other shifts in my supervision.  I have also started a self-questioning process about my work as a therapist – What do I like? What am I good at? When do I feel most effective, or least effective?  

As I move forward with these questions, I feel myself expanding, growing, taking up my full size and space.  An image comes to me of a cartoon character who has been flattened by a heavy weight, and now with the weight removed, is gradually springing back into shape. 

I know I am not alone in finding this process extremely challenging.  My understanding of the process of becoming qualified is to prove beyond doubt that I am a competent, safe, reliable and ethical practitioner, and I fully agree with the necessity of this.  

Some questions remain for me: Is it possible to make this assessment in a more supportive way? Is the process overly demanding?  Or is it necessary to go through this process in order to arrive at this place of looking outward, fully engaged with my excitement and emerging sense of direction?

Dawn Gwilt is a UKCP registered Gestalt Psychotherapist with over seven years clinical experience. She trained at Welsh Psychotherapy Partnership, and presently works in private practice at Birmingham Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre and Worcester Therapy Group.  She worked previously with Cruse Bereavement Care, Primrose Hospice, and Birmingham Women's Aid. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist she trained as a classical cellist and worked both as a teacher and a performer.



Reminder about Increased Membership Fees 

A quick reminder about the increase in membership fees that was approved at last year's AGM. 

These are now:

£30 per year for Full Members
£20 for Associate Members & Friends of UKAGP
£10 per year for Trainees

For those of you paying by a regular standing order, could you please adjust your payment accordingly to the new rates? This will save us admin time in chasing payments.

Many thanks, 

Ruth Nightingale,
UKAGP Finance Officer

UKAGP Consultative Group - Update

After the first short meeting to form the new Consultative Group at the UKAGP conference in July 2015, where representatives from various organisations came together in support of creating this group, and positive feedback from all the organisations contacted, we finally found a date that most people could make to meet.

This felt like a huge achievement, and I experienced excitement and energy as the group grew, and we continued to reintroduce ourselves, each iteration clarifying our sense of purpose as we began the process of finding out who we were and what we were doing there.

There was a sense of occasion, and it was recognised that there had been many previous attempts over the years to bring Gestalt institutes together, and that something about this felt different and with potential for a meeting of the wider community.

To read a detailed report of the meeting, and the our plans for the future of the group, please read the full consultative group update on the UKAGP blog.

Jacqui Lichtenstern,
Chair, UKAGP

UKAGP Organising Committee Vacancies 

Four members of the Organising Committee (OC) will complete their 3 year term this summer, and will therefore be standing down at the Annual General Meeting at Collet House on Sunday June 5th 2016.

The posts they hold are Finance Officer (Ruth Nightingale), Publicity (James Bailey) and two Training Engagement representatives (Dawn Gwilt and Helen Thomas). All four posts are therefore open to the membership to stand for election, and at the same time James, Ruth and Helen will be standing for re-election. Ruth is looking to stay for up to 1 more year, and encourages anyone interested in the post of Finance Officer to stand too in order to have a hand-over period.

Membership of the OC offers engagement with a supportive, creative and dynamic group of gestalt practitioners who are committed to supporting and developing the interests of the gestalt community in the UK and further afield. 

We meet three to four times each calendar year, usually on a Saturday, sharing lunch and fun as well as having rich discussions, making decisions and putting into action the day-to-day management of the Association.  Please see the UKAGP Constitution for a detailed description of the role of the Committee.

This is your opportunity to join the team!  We would love to talk with you if you have an interest. 
Read more >

News and Events

Within the UK Gestalt Community

Therapy's Embodied Styles - Workshop

30 April - 1 May 2016 - with Susan Gregory 

Following up on Breathing, Moving and Creating, the theme of the BGJ Seminar Day which I co-taught in November, I am offering upcoming workshop participants the opportunity to practice and become confident with including experiments using breath, body movement, and creative activities in therapy sessions and groups.
The workshop is named Therapy's Embodied Styles, after my article by that name recently published in the British Gestalt Journal.  At the workshop, I will be distributing copies of the article along with a list of helpful references in the field.
We will spend two interesting and creative days together in which I will offer mini-lectures and therapy demonstrations, and participants will practice new skills or enlarge old skills in dyads and small groups - with lots of support from me - and with plenty of time for large group discussions and q & a's.
Participants will leave the workshop with increased confidence in experimenting in session, and with expanded understanding of how work with breath, movement and creativity deepens the client/therapist relationship.
Workshop participants need not have attended the BGJ Seminar Day - all therapists, counsellors and trainees are welcome.  The workshop fee is £190, with a deposit of £50 due at registration. The remainder will be due by 22 April. There are limited spaces available, so I urge you to contact me if you are interested in attending.  For more information, please write to me at

'Developing Embodied Interventions and Experiments within the Co-Created Embodied Field'

with Julianne Appel-Opper

Rooted in Dialogical Gestalt Psychotherapy, the workshops will focus on bodily gestalten as tiny movements, rhythms and melodies of  two bodies relating, regulating and communicating with each other. In an embodied field, therapist and client move each other and are moved by the other.

The workshops will give the opportunity to discover and explore ways of how the therapist can work with 'body-to-body-communication'. The therapist's own bodily attunement to the relational language of the client's body, alongside an awareness of one's personal physical resonances, allows the possibility for explicit interaction within this mode of body-to-body-communication (not touching).

Julianne offers a safe and respectful space for exercises, experiential process, live supervision and demonstration, theory input and small group work. The participants will receive a 30-page-handout with the relevant theoretical concepts. 

Julianne Appel-Opper will offer the next series of 3 English speaking weekend workshops in Berlin on:
  • 21-23 Oct 2016;
  • 20-22 Jan 2017; 
  • 21-23 April 2017.   
For a detailed flier and to apply, please email:  
Julianne is a UKCP reg. Integrative and Gestalt Psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. For more information, for example to download publications or to read what others said about the workshops, please visit her website at:

The Well Grounded Therapist

Landscape, Stillness and Body

A Residential Weekend with Miriam Taylor and Vienna Duff
10th – 12th June 2016

The contexts in which we work as therapists can leave us ungrounded. The needs of our clients, the material we work with and the pressure on our time can each pull therapists out of shape, and we absorb negative energies in our work.

This weekend retreat is held in the stunning setting of Poulstone Court in the Wye valley near Hereford. In this quiet place, we will explore inner and outer landscapes to restore connections with ourselves, with others and the wider environment. Use of story, ritual and creative materials  will help create  structure for the workshop.   
Venue:  Poulstone Court, Kings Caple Herefordshire

Cost: £395 /£350 early bird by end February 2016  (2 reduced fee places; please enquire)

Single rooms available @ £24 supplement (first come/first served!)
Bookings/enquiries to:

Grace Unfolding: Supporting our Capacity to Flow with Life’s Unfolding

April 2, 2016 @ Edinburgh Gestalt Institute

With Mary Turner

‘Only when you can be extremely pliable and soft can you be extremely hard and strong.’ Zen proverb

Emotional resistance is our capacity to adapt to adversity and disturbances, and be able to let go of old structures of thinking and behaving that may have given us a sense of stability and coherence. If we can develop the resources to respond flexibly and creatively, times of emotional turbulence can become transformational.

  • How do we prepare the ground for grace to unfold?
  • What conditions make it more possible?
  • How can we face the reality of what is?
  • What gets in the way of being able to flow?

This experiential workshop is suitable for therapists and trainees from all modalities who are interested in resourcing themselves personally and in their work, and in furthering their ability to support clients to develop resilience.

For more information, visit the EGI website.

Location: Edinburgh Gestalt Institute
Dates: 2-3 April 2016
Time: 9:30am-5pm
Cost: £225 including a non-refundable deposit of £95

The Gestalt Centre: Large Group Event 

27th to 31st January 2017

As part of our training programme for psychotherapists and counsellors, The Gestalt Centre has held our five-day Large Group Residential (LGR) every year, for the last 20 years.

This year, in response to requests from Gestalt practitioners, and others, we’re opening this event to the wider professional community. This will bring a unique opportunity for professionals from various settings to work together in depth on:

  • diversity and cultural differences
  • large group dynamics
  • regressive processes in groups: the powerful feelings that we can experience in groups
  • leadership
  • community.

The overall aim is to increase our personal effectiveness in our lives and in our professional roles.

More details and booking information

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