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Linden Gaydosh

Name: Linden Gaydosh
Age: 25
Sport: Football
Level: Pro, CFL - Hamilton Tiger-Cats 2014 to date, & NFL - Carolina Panthers 2013

1. Give me a brief overview of your development as a football player -- from a high school athlete to CFL and NFL.  

I started playing football in grade 9 in Peace River. Playing high school ball I was around 290 pounds, much bigger than everyone out there on the field. There I was too big and too strong for my team at the time and moved to Edmonton to play my last year of high school football. I did well enough there to get on the radar for university scouts. I got recruited by more schools than I can remember. I decided to cut out the schools out east because I wanted my family to be able to watch me play. 
That brought my top choices to University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, and University of Calgary. I chose U of C and it ended being the right choice for me. From there, 4 years of playing:  I played in two Hardy Cups, two appearances in the Vanier Cup, first overall pick in the draft.
2. What is your most memorable moment as a football player? 

Anytime I lost. Every single championship I’ve been in: the two Vaniers, the semi-finals of the heart-breaking Grey Cup game.  All of those are just awful, but those are the ones I remember. I don’t remember the blow-out games we played, I remember the games we should’ve won or that we got destroyed in. 
In terms of a “winning memory,” I don’t have just one. The relationships I’ve made playing football are the most memorable to me. These are guys I’m going to stay connected with for the rest of my life.
3. What is your competitive edge that separates you from other football players? 

I will straight-up outwork every player. Ever since I was a kid, my dad told me that the guy who works the hardest is the guy who is going to reap the most benefits. So that was it, I’ve done that ever since and it’s worked.
4. You've been set back by a couple of injuries in the past few years. What keeps you motivated to come back from these injuries? 

Honestly, I don’t feel like I have much else I’d rather do. I love the game and just want to play football. I do not want a 9-to-5 job like everyone else. The normal boring life that everyone else has doesn’t interest me. Being an athlete is so much fun and I really can’t imagine myself doing anything else right now.
5. At your level of football, you could train at any facility you want. What draws you to train with the coaches at the Athlete Factory? 

I came in for my consult and evaluation with Robin Bauer. We discussed everything: my goals, my weaknesses, and what the coaching staff does here. Before coming in, I realized my posterior chain was terrible and that was my main goal in training. Robin told me that I was in the right place—he said ‘that’s exactly what we do’. I decided that this place was a match made in heaven for me. I realized I was very weak in the movements here when I started training and I said ‘I’ll try it and I’m not going to leave until I’m at least good at these movements.’  Now I have no reason to leave.
6. How has training at the Athlete Factory affected your performance? 

I feel like I’m 280 pounds but I’m 310.  My legs are bigger, my stomach is smaller. Overall I’m stronger and in better shape than I have ever been. My previous injuries don’t bother me at all when I’m training. I feel really good.
7. We are currently working with a number of football athletes throughout the Calgary area, ranging from new youth football players up to collegiate, CFL, and NFL prospects. What advice can you give young football players who aspire to get to the highest level of competition?

Eat and work hard—make sure you eat and work. Outwork everyone in front of you. Simple as that.

Sports Therapy News

The Athlete Factory Sports Therapy Clinic is excited to announce that we will be vastly increasing Direct Billing for our valued patients beginning April 2016! 

The following insurance companies will be able to be directly billed, for your convenience:


Performance Assessments

- Friday April 1 at 5:30pm
- Saturday April 9 at 2:00pm
- Monday April 25 at 8:00pm


Check us out this week at the Western Canadian Bantam AAA Championship from March 31 – April 3, 2016. 

We will have a booth set up with opportunities to try our movement assessment, win prizes and sign up for a complimentary consultation!

NEW Sprint & Jump Mechanics Session
- Fridays at 5pm

Sprint and Jump sessions focus on our specialized acceleration mechanics developed by Founder Paul Balsom over his 25 plus years experience, sound sport science and methods proven in practice. This leading edge methods are the focus of his current doctorate work. These sessions are a staple to our conditioning. Talk to your Lead Coach to get signed up!
The Athlete Factory Sports Therapy Clinic will soon be Complete Concussion Management certified!  Ask your AF sports therapist for more details!

Learn more here.

Athlete News

UofC Dino's Hockey players Iya Gavrilova and Sasha Alexandra Vafina are representing Russia in the Women's World Championship. 

Cassie Winkelaar made the 2016 Junior National Synchronized Swimming Team. She will compete in Russia in the FINA Junior World Championships in July.
Nick Blevins has signed to play in a new professional rugby league in the US. He signed with San Francisco and will be playing alongside a collection of athletes from all over the world in the USA-based professional rugby league.
Michelle Salt on won the National Championship in the IPC Snowboard Canadian Nationals in Quebec. This after finishing 3rd at a recent World Cup.  

Gerrit van Bruggen came out of the the IPC Snowboard Canadian Nationals weekend with a 2nd place finish in the men’s races.

The University of Calgary Women's Hockey Team placed 5th at the CIS National Championship by upsetting reigning national champs in the earlier rounds of the tournament. 

Our Athletes on the UofC Men's Rugby Team won the Plate at the National University Rugby 7's Championship. 

Irish Dancer Alexia Bell is competing at Worlds in Glasgow, Scotland.

Alyssa Hill will be representing Canada at the prestigious Trofeo Topolino FIS international race.

The SWU Premiers '06 Team won the Slush Cup in the U10 category in Edmonton.

Sports Therapy Clinic - New Massage Therapist
Meet Robin Adair, RMT

Meeting with Robin Adair for the first time you can be confident your treatments will be intuitive, educational and motivating.  Her passion for uncovering the source of your specific challenges comes from a personal drive to test her own limits. Her first and foremost intention is to 'seek to understand' the client's needs.  Efficient in her work with athletes, both amateur and professional, she brings an individualized and investigative approach to the table.

With her experience comes:
·       Muscle Energy Technique
·       Joint Mobilization
·       Myofascial Release & Myofascial Cupping
·       Active Isolated Stretching
·       Trigger Point Therapy
Robin graduated with an Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy Diploma From Winnipeg. Through continuing education training Robin has taken it upon herself to develop a gentle awareness of emotional/mental health sensitivities that show themselves through physical barriers.

Here current availability is: Mondays 4pm-8pm; Wednesdays 6am-12pm; Friday 6am-12pm. 

A Clean Recovery Supplement Now Offered

We are now carrying the Klean Athlete™ supplement line for all of our athletes, clients and patients. Klean Athlete™ has received NSF Certified for Sport® certification, which was created to meet the growing demands of athletes, coaches and health care professionals to certify that sports supplements are safe and free from banned substances.
Unfortunately the supplement industry is unregulated, therefore the majority of supplements available to the public have not been evaluated by any regulatory body and may not contain what the product claims to contain. Klean Athlete™ products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that all the ingredients are free of fillers and banned substances and therefore safe for athletes. You can be confident that the product label claims are accurate and that you are putting only the highest quality ingredients into your body.
For the months of April and May we are offering 15% off of all Klean Athlete™ products including Klean Isolate Protein and Klean Recovery Carbohydrate Powder. Please see your Athlete Factory Coach, Therapist or administrative staff for more information.

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