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Adrian Anderson Ph. D., author of books and articles on anthroposophy

December 2016: Christmas Day, when the Lily & the Rose united

People the world over can all contemplate on December 25th, the historical events behind the first Christmas Day. A wonderful way to approach the day of the birth of Jesus is through the two Nativity stories in the Gospels. As Rudolf Steiner explained, St. Matthew's Gospel points to the great sage Zarathustra - a "rose" of  profound wisdom acquired through many lives on Earth. Whereas the Gospel of St. Luke  points to the divine, heavenly Jesus soul -  the "lily" of humanity.
The divine plan involving these souls, was for Zarathustra to assist, and for some years to merge  his consciousness with, the divine, heavenly Jesus soul; so that earthly wisdom could unite with divine
goodness. This assistance began when Jesus was 12 years old, and  stopped shortly before the Baptism in the Jordan, when he was 29 years old. During the Renaissance, some artists knew of these profound secrets, and painted this theme. In anthroposophical circles, four  paintings were known which  show three sacred children: the child John the Baptist, and the  divine Jesus as a boy (Luke's gospel )and  another boy, a second "Jesus" (Matthew's gospel).  Recently, I found a fifth painting; by Jacopa del Sellaio (1441-1493).

The Southern Hemisphere is now in its summertime - the  time of Archangel Uriel (which underlies the old St. John's Tide festival), whilst the Northern Hemisphere is now in its wintertime - the time of Archangel Gabriel (The Holy Nights'  Yule time). But people the world over can together contemplate these wonderful and veiled events that led to the first Christmas Day.
A poster or quality art print of this painting by Sellaio is available through a link on my website.

All the best until the New Year,

Adrian A.

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