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March 2016
Thoughts about the ethers and our etheric body
The cosmic ether is like a sea around the Earth, in which from all around the cosmos, astral energies come streaming into the Earth. (GA 26 p.224) Our own etheric body exists within this cosmic ‘ether-sea’. But each person’s etheric body is different. Rudolf Steiner taught that some etheric bodies have the tendency to light up, to become brighter and brighter, and others have a very strong capacity to bring into expression the ‘music of the spheres’. In other words, what is resonating from the planets on the astral level, can bring about a response in such sensitive etheric bodies. Yet another kind of etheric body “contains energies which are very foreign to the Earth, rare energies which make a person a poet, artist, a creative type.”                                                (Lect. 9th Jan 1916)
Rudolf Steiner told another audience in 1916 a mysterious fact about the etheric body, which indicates two things:
1: how real is the interaction between the spiritual world and human beings.
2: that there is a subtle connection between us and the animal species of the Earth, through our etheric body.
His impressive words are; “if certain spiritual forces were not active in us, and the etheric body were to separate out from the physical body, then an extraordinary ‘tapestry’ of animals would appear…the etheric body would divide itself into portions and in the main portions, one would see the forms of the entire animal species {of the Earth}.”  
But this strange event does not happen, and the reason is as Rudolf Steiner  explained, within our etheric energies, “three groups of divine beings are creatively interacting; these are the Angels, the Archangels and the Archai (or Principalities)”.  These higher beings are interweaving spiritual impulses into our life-forces, by the way they interact with the thoughts formed by each person. This activity by these beings supports influences arising from our Spiritual-self, which may only be in an early stage of development.     
(lecture, 20/3/1916 not yet published in the Complete Works)
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