BYU Geology Students Win International Geophysics Competition

Geology graduate students Scott Meek and Trevor Tuttle beat out 16 teams from 16 different countries to place first in the Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG) International Student Challenge Bowl in Dallas, Texas, on October 17.

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Physics & Astronomy

Evolving Stars, Evolving Methods
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New BYU Math Professor Pays It Forward to His Students
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Mathematics Education

From a Love of Math to a Love of Teaching Math
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Thursday, February 9
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Thursday, February 9
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Tuesday, February 14
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Teaching Moment

Dr. Joshua Price understands the importance of helping his students find personal meaning and application in their class studies:

"This semester, I’ve tried to focus less on exhaustive coverage of the material and have instead tried to connect what we’re learning about chemistry to students’ experiences in the world around them.  I’ve had to be more flexible with the syllabus, spending more time on topics that are especially interesting to students and more connected to their daily lives (e.g. polymers and plastics; the chemistry of biomacromolecules and metabolic pathways) and less time on “niche” topics that are best appreciated by chemistry majors or graduate students.  Students seem appreciative of this approach, which involves me worrying more about them and their experience and less about whether or not I think I did a good job."


Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Computer Science

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Math Education

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Physics and Astronomy

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