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January 2016

CPMS Breaks the Record for External Grant Funds

The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (CPMS) received $12.7 million in external grant funds in 2015—the largest amount that CPMS has received in a single year and the largest amount that any college at BYU has received in the past decade. CPMS faculty received a total of 121 external research grants in 2015.

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Geological Sciences:
Making the Most of Utah's Geology
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Physics & Astronomy:
Physicists Can Be Writers, Too
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Brewing Up a Statistical Storm
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Faculty Teaching and
Learning Workshop

Tuesday, February 9
Hinckley Center, 3rd Floor
12:00pm to 12:50pm

College 3MT Competition
Friday, February 26, 11:30am
Hinckley Center Assembly Hall
Annual Awards Banquet
Friday, February 19, 6:00pm
Hinckley Center Assembly Hall

Teaching Moment:

Amy Tanner helps her students understand that it’s okay to be wrong. She recognizes that students miss out on learning opportunities when they are too worried about making a mistake. Instead of criticizing them when mistakes are made, she expresses her excitement about how much there is to talk about.
“I like to turn over as much of the thinking as possible to my students,” Tanner said. “Even the most well-crafted and clear explanation I can give will better resonate if students have already significantly engaged with the question I am answering.”


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