Open to know what is happening at Zayed Sports City!
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4 Days Until the WTA Arrives
We are only 4 days away from the first matches of the Mubadala Abu Dhabi Open, a WTA-500 event. Here is what we’re excited for.
  1. So.many.superstars. Daria, Belinda… these ladies are fire!
  2. Ticket prices starting at FREE, so price is no barrier to attend.
  3. Mubadala’s interactive zone is our favorite sporty and lively complement to the matches.
  4. There’s plenty of opportunities to mix with the stars, like at the daily Q&A sessions and in the hospitality lounge.
3 Community Events to Watch For
Events season is picking up and there are opportunities to participate! Here is what we are looking forward to in the coming weeks.
  1. The Manchester City Abu Dhabi Cup is back! We’re expecting teams from the UAE and beyond vying to win a trip to Manchester.
  2. The Make-a-Wish Run will be back soon! Plans are underway behind the scenes and a date will be announced soon… Watch this space!
  3. With Ramadan on the way, Zayed Sports Academy is scheduling a special program for tennis beginners.
2 Weeks until school break
With a week off from school scheduled less than 2 weeks from now, we’ve got a solution to keep them active!
  1. Kids Camp 2.0 is back once again, with the Haraka team again promising a fun-filled schedule.
  2. PUNCH will hold kids classes twice during school break week, offering a high-energy workout for high-energy kids!
1 New Partnership
We’re excited to have a new partnership with Capital Ambulance. While we hope you never have to experience their exceptional service, they will be at upcoming events and ready to help you when you need it most.