3rd of December

TrustTrack updates - 0.85.0 version

Hello, in this newsletter you will find TrustTrack updates, that came with 0.85.0 update on 3rd of December. 

NEW | Integration with Poland's SENT-GEO

TrustTrack is now integrated with SENT-GEO system and can automatically send data, which is required by the authorities. 

Follow this instruction to enable SENT-GEO module and set up needed configuration.

With SENT-GEO module, users will be able to see live status of data sending to SENT-GEO for each object. This allows preventing fines by informing drivers when incidents occur, which prevent data from being delivered to SENT-GEO.

The following statuses will be available: "Waiting for location"; "Object is abroad"; "Sending"; Unknown device"; Error";

In the case of “Error” status, users will be informed of the measures they have to take in order to prevent fines. 
UPDATED | Event condition column added to events report

Event condition column added to events report. Users will be able to see the value, that triggered an event.
UPDATED | Plate number column added to Trips and Travel Summary reports

Plate Number column can be added and shown in Trips and Travel Summary reports. Plate number information can be entered in Vehicle details.
UPDATED | New permission added - "Block vehicle"

With 0.85.0 update, new permission called "Block vehicle" was added for user roles. From now service providers will be able to create users without "Block vehicle" functionality.
UPDATED | Country report summary updated

Report summary section in country report is now shown by countries. First row shows summarized data for all countries and the following rows show data for each country separately.
UPDATED | Create tasks for every vehicle

Restriction for distance to the first waypoint was removed. This means, that users now can create tasks for every vehicle.

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