Female Founder/Leader International Mentoring Programme
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Denmark – A Female Entrepreneurship Frontrunner


Female Founders/Leaders in Tech International Mentoring Programme: Mentor Invitation


What’s the purpose of this form?

This form is aimed at prospective mentors of Tech Nordic Advocates / Industriens Fond’s International Mentoring Programme - Module 1 of a 3 Module Strategic Programme - designed to help Danish Female Founders/Leaders in tech launch, grow and scale digital/tech businesses, through dedicated Danish and international mentoring, coaching, advice, competence building, networking and market access. The form describes the content of Module 1 - the International Mentoring Programme, the role and expectations of mentors, what's in it for you, and how to join the Programme as a mentor. 

Overview of the International Mentoring Programme

What is the International Mentoring Programme?

The Programme (Module 1) offers selected (following application) high potential female founders/leaders in tech in Denmark:

  1. Hands-on mentoring: 2 hand-picked Danish and/or international “Rockstar” mentors to match individual goals. Time: up to 10 hours per month (to be agreed with each mentor based on needs)
  2. One-to-one support: Tailored business, legal, financial and technical support (Q&A and 'Office Hours') delivered by Tech Nordic Advocates' and partner professional advisors and experts in Denmark and internationally. Time: up to 5 hours per month
  3. Peer-to-peer sessions: Monthly knowledge/experience sharing, competence building (hard (e.g. business plan, selling) and soft skills (e.g. personal branding, communications skills) and networking/matchmaking sessions with Danish and international Programme peers, mentors and partners. Mix of virtual and physical events (subject to Covid restrictions). Time: 3-5 hours per month
  4. Community events & networks: Relevant Danish and international events and networks outside the Programme through Tech Nordic Advocates and Global Tech Advocates. Time: variable
  5. Danish and international global ecosystem: Access to Tech Nordic Advocates and Global Tech Advocates impact ecosystem. Time: variable

The aim and contents of 1-5 is to help Programme participants complete the Programme and required output (see below), tailored to the 3 target groups below. 

Who can join? 

The Programme is aimed at highly motivated women in the digital/tech space, with an entrepreneurial and growth mindset, passion and drive to bring their business ideas to life and/or grow their digital/tech startups/scaleups, through this high-impact Programme. Specifically, it is for current and planned female founders/leaders in Denmark who are:

  1. Pre-startup (Group 1): Women in employment/finishing university/not currently working/have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus pandemic, who are considering launching a digital/tech startup and need support from female peers, role models and mentors to get started
  2. Startup founders/leaders (Group 2): Digital/tech startup founders/leaders who need support, knowledge/experience share, new skills, guidance and advice from peers, mentors, investors and professional advisors to grow their businesses
  3. Scaleup founders/leaders (Group 3): The same needs as Group 2 AND need to build international networks and support to access and expand in international markets 

Selected applicants must be:

  • Able to commit 6 months part-time to the Programme (time investment per 1-5 in 'What do I get if I join the Programme' above, and own time to produce the Programme output - see next section)
  • Committed to completing the Programme and required output (see next section)
  • Dedicated to solving a defined business problem using innovative technology
  • Committed to launching/growing/scaling a digital/tech startup/scaleup 
  • Driven, coachable and collaborative with an open and adaptable mindset

Why an International Mentoring Programme?

Denmark aims to become an international frontrunner for female entrepreneurship: encourage and support more women to become entrepreneurs and help existing female founders/leaders grow and scale their digital/tech startups, including internationally. To achieve that Tech Nordic Advocates / Industriens Fond’ are launching the above Danish/International high-impact Programme, offering women-in-tech in Denmark, who are serious about launching, growing and/or scaling a digital/tech startup/scaleup access to the best Danish and international mentors, coaches, peers, know-how, skills development and networking to help them achieve that goal. At the end of the Programme (completion criterion), participating women will have produced:

Women in Group 1) above: an executable business plan to launch a digital/tech startup 
Women in Groups 2) and 3) above: an executable (international) scaleup/growth plan.

The Programme is set up to give participants the individual support needed to achieve that.

How many places are there on the Programme?

The Programme will run throughout 2021. There are 60 places on the Programme, divided into 3 cohorts with 20 participants in each. Cohort 1 started 1 January 2021 and is underway. Cohort 2 starts 6 April 2021 (after Easter). Cohort 3 starts 1 June 2021.

What’s the Programme timeline and application deadline?

  1. Cohort 3 Application deadline (female founders/leaders): 14 April 2021 
  2. Offers of Cohort 3 places on the Programme: 20 April 2021 
  3. Selected applicants accept Cohort 3 places and pay deposit: 23 April 2021 
  4. Deadline for Cohort 3 Mentor registration (this form): 30 April 2021
  5. Confirmation of Cohort 3 mentee/mentor matching:  24 May 2021
  6. Cohort 3 Programme start: 1 June 2021 (Cohort 3 launch event 2 June)
  7. Cohort 3 Programme end: 30 November 2021

Overview of Mentor role, requirements and opportunity  

What's the Role of Mentors? 

Danish and international Mentors play a crucial role in helping Programme Participants and the Programme as a whole achieve the stated goals. As per  'What is the International Mentoring Programme?' above, the Programme offers selected high potential prospective and current female founders/leaders in tech in Denmark access to:

Hands-on mentoring: 2 hand-picked Danish and/or international “Rockstar” mentors to match individual goals. Programme participants are asked at application stage to state preferred mentor characteristics (e.g. business/technical/sales/marketing/specific industry sector expertise, hard (e.g. business planning)/soft (e.g personal branding) skills and preferred mix of Danish/international/female/male mentors.

The Programme is looking for mentors with a mix of those characteristics and a track record as entrepreneurs/business leaders/experts/investors.

Programme Participants are matched with 2 mentors, based on their stated preferences and Programme mentor profiles.

What's Required of Programme Mentors? 

The Programme offers Participants - and so mentors must be able to offer - up to 10 hours' mentoring time per month per Participating woman between the 2 mentors for the duration of the 6 month Cohort. Time split and specific dates/times will be agreed between each Programme Participant and her two mentors directly, suffice to say that Programme mentors must be able to commit to an average of 5 hours per month over the 6-month Cohort.

Due to the high number of mentors applying, and need to ensure the right mix of mentors, it may not be possible to accept all mentor registrations to Cohort 2. Please indicate in the relevant field on the registration form if you are able to also mentor for Cohort 3, starting 1 June 2021.

The end goal of the mentoring process, supported by the other Programme components (see above) is to support the Participants to:
1) Achieve their individual business goals, i.e. support to launch (Group 1 - pre-launch); support to grow (Group 2 - startup); support to scale and internationalise (Group 3 - scaleup); and
2) Produce the required Programme deliverable: business/growth/international expansion plan (see above)

The Participating women 'own' the responsibility for 1) and 2). Mentors support by adding expertise and experience in specific areas, general advice, review of draft documents, access to own networks etc. 

What's in it for Mentors? 

Mentoring is so established now - all great leaders know how important and valuable mentoring is for mentees AND mentors. See why here 



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