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Eagle River High School
October 2022


Eagle River High School is only 6 weeks into the school year and we already have so many things to celebrate.  All our athletic teams are doing great this year, and the positive spirit is evident in the halls. We had our first homecoming dance in two years since Covid-19, and students had a great time renewing this old tradition. Academically our students continue to be leading the district. The newly released MAP scores for 9th graders in Math and Language Arts shows our students with some of the highest results in the district.  Congratulations to our high school and middle school teachers for setting high standards and preparing our students well. The fall benchmark results for Maps Testing will be posted in Q ParentConnect on Friday, September 30th.

Bussing services will be available at ERHS from October 3 –20, and we hope this will help immensely with traffic congestion.  Busses will be using drop-off #2 in the back of the building, so for student safety we ask parents to use only the front entrance of the building for drop off and pickup. This will allow buses the ability to maneuver safely in back. I appreciate the patience and effort that our families have put into getting students to school. More Bus Information
We are quickly wrapping up the 1st academic quarter of the year.  Quarter grades will be viewable in Q ParentConnect on October 25th, just prior to high school parent conferences which take place on Thursday, October 27th.  Fall conferences provide a great opportunity to sit down one-on-one with each of your student’s teachers to ask how you can best support your student’s learning in that class.  I hope to see you there.  For specific times, schedules, and details about conferences, click HERE.

Our school district is facing a large deficit for next year.  ASD is working on the budget early this year to look at all possible cuts.  Changes to any program affects people at every level. The district will look at all possible programs that could be cut, but the final decision will be made by the school board.  I ask that you keep an open mind during this process.  Please check the district website and call me with any questions you may have.  Social media often reports sensational misunderstandings and may create riffs within our communities.

School Lunches
The price of ASD school lunch is now $5.50. If this is a hardship on your family, please be sure to fill out the online form for free or reduced lunches.  
Curriculum/Student Services

At Eagle River High School, we are once again proud of the academic progress that our students have shown.  The MAP scores are one of many factors that we evaluate when looking at student success.  Our ERHS MAP scores once again rank at the top of the district in many categories.  The fall benchmark results for MAP Growth will be posted to Q ParentConnect on Friday, September 30th.  Guides to assessment interpretation, along with translated MAP Growth copies, are located on the main ASD Assessment website: https://www.asdk12.org/Page/13702
Our counselors are busy meeting with students as we prepare for second semester classes.  Many students have unique challenges and courses needed, so please reach out to your academic counselor should you have any questions or concerns.  As we move into the colder, darker months of winter please know that every staff member here at ERHS high school is here to support your students through issues, big and small.
As always, if you need anything from my office please feel to send me an email or give me a call. Thank you for trusting your students with us each and every day.


Jackie Larson


As the snow begins to fall instead of the rain, we have the opportunity to begin new activities at ERHS. We successfully held our first homecoming dance since the pandemic and cheered for a spirited school-wide pep assembly. Parent-teacher conferences are in October, and we look forward to making those connections with families again. Thank you to all those who continue to support our student-athletes and embody the spirit of our school being “All-IN.” 

ERHS Activities Website Link

Winter Activities

Start Date


Oct. 12th

Nordic Ski

Oct. 26th

Boys/Girls Basketball

Nov. 30th

Basketball Cheer

Nov. 30th

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Athletes must be enrolled in at least 5 ASD classes to participate in sports

  • Most recent quarter/semester grades will be verified for a 2.0 GPA minimum & 5 classes passed. If you are a student who is homeschooled, it is your responsibility to bring in your official transcript and official class schedule.

  • Seniors who are on track to graduate (have at least 17.5 credits) may enroll in 4 classes and still be eligible.

You must complete the eligibility process with the Activities Office before you are allowed to begin practice with any team. Once all forms have been completed and fees paid, please email Mrs. Huffer at huffer_joyce@asdk12.org with the student’s name and a copy of the payment receipt to finish the process.

Facts about Fentanyl-One pill can Kill!
The ERHS Counseling Department welcomes all students and families to the 2022-23 school year. We are looking forward to a year full of positivity and productivity. As such, we would like to share a bit about how we can help support students as they navigate their high school classes, manage social/emotional stressors, and prepare for post-secondary pursuits.
The three school counselors of ERHS serve a student enrollment of approximately 850 students. Students are assigned to their counselor based on an alpha split. Our goal is to know each of our students and build a positive community of support.
Our role as school counselors falls into three main categories: academic, social/emotional, and post- secondary planning. To support academic excellence, counselors assist students in selecting classes that meet ASD graduation requirements and prepare them for life after high school. We also assist students in developing strategies to improve their academic performance. In collaboration with teachers and parents, we are happy to host conferences to bring everyone to the same table. We acknowledge that all students are different, and we are happy to support those who need alternative programming.
In an effort to create a healthy community, we are ready and willing to help students navigate the tricky and sometimes challenging parts of life. As school counselors, it is within our scope of practice to offer short term counseling often related to personal struggles, mental health concerns, and peer issues. If further therapeutic services are needed, we can provide referrals to community resources. Furthermore, we can connect families experiencing other types of hardship with additional support. At ERHS, we play an integral role in crisis intervention and response. We can all agree that our ultimate goal is to have safe and healthy students.
Lastly, we are committed to helping students identify options for life after high school. The four years of high school can certainly zoom by, and our goal is to help students create a plan for pursuing their aspirations. It can be overwhelming to navigate applications, financial considerations, and the many pathways available. Counselors can assist students in this process by providing guidance and referrals.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance. Visit our website to learn more. https://www.asdk12.org/domain/1869
We are looking forward to a great school year!

Candice Love (A-Gg) love_candice@asdk12.org       907-742-2704 Gina Wall (Gh-O)       wall_gina@asdk12.org             907-742-2712 Stephanie Rawlings (P-Z)  rawlings_stephanie@asdk12.org  
Student Accident & Sickness Coverage
Anchorage School District does not provide medical coverage for student injuries.  However, ASD has made available an option for families to purchase a low-cost student accident insurance program. Information is available at the school’s front office, online at www.myers-stevens.com, or by calling 800-827-4695. Bilingual services are available.

More information about Accident & Sickness Coverage here

Additional events on
the ERHS Calendar

October 1
Stem Day
UAA 10am-4pm

October 3-20
Bussing Begins at ERHS!
Please use only front door for drop-off

October 4
AP Test Signup Deadline

October 6
Fall Choir Show 6&8 pm
CHS Auditorium

October 10
AK College & Career Fair

October 12 & 13
Talent Show Tryouts
Choir Room 2:30pm

October 13
PTSO Meeting
6:30 Library

October 15

October 21
Inservice Day Last Day Q1
Fall Carnival 6-9pm

October 24
King Tech 3rd Session Begins

October 24-26
No Blocking this Week

October 27

October 28
Inservice Day
Practice ACT Test

November 3
Talent Show Rehearsal
PTSO Meeting 6:30pm Library

November 4 
Talent Show @ CHS 7pm
Blood Drive in ROTC Room

November 7-11
No Blocking this Week

November 8
General Election
Asynchronous Day
(Students will do school work at home)

November 11
Veteran's Day
Inservice Day
Practice SAT Test

November 7-16
Canned Food Drive

November 21-23
No Blocking This Week

November 24-25
Thanksgiving Holiday
School Safety
On October 3 busses will resume at ERHS! Please use only the front parking lot when dropping off or picking up students. The back entrance is for school buses only. It is important to minimize congestion and keep the parking lot clear for buses to maneuver and drop off students safely.

2022-2023 ERHS Parking Permits

Students driving and parking at  ERHS must apply for a parking permit. Parking permit information is submitted online. Please visit the Cashier's Office and Mrs. Marcia Odens will distribute decals after the process is complete. Vehicles parked without a permit are subject to $25 parking tickets.

Online Parking Permits


ASD School Calendar 22-23
Daily Blocking Bell Schedule
No Blocking Bell Schedule
ERHS Block Calendar
Our English Department Wants YOU
Students should bring their device to school every day, charged and ready to go. Extra CBs were previously available for students to borrow for the day, but due to damage and problems with them not being returned, we will no longer loan extra CBs to students. ASD Chromebook guidelines and care.
Attendance Procedures
Canvas Parent Observer
Remind Text Codes
Senior Events Calendar
Senior Portraits Due Nov 18
Yearbooks 2023
ERHS Spirit Store
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The withdrawal process is imperative! In order to streamline your transition by having student records forwarded, the withdrawal process must be completed BEFORE you leave. Please call our registrar, Sally Laret at 742-2708 or email laret_sally@asdk12.org for notification or for more information.
May 15
Alaska Airline Center
Lunch/Breakfast Menus
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