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We call Taranaki a place like no other, and you couldn't get a more accurate tagline. Talking with so many visiting dignitaries to this region recently they always leave with such a lasting impression on the uniqueness this region has to offer.  Its not just our Mountain to Sea experience, its everything in between.  Great cafes, a vibrant Arts & Culture sector, outdoor recreation, international events + more.  Taranaki is a place that is gaining considerable momentum on the world stage.  Although we all enjoy the Taranaki lifestyle we are poised to become more of a destination for tourism and this can only be great for local business.

International Trade Agreements
Part of the Governments job is to create an environment where New Zealanders can be successful.  Our focus on Trade deals is ensuring our local exporters and importers can continue to grow and expand.
Trade is vital for creating more jobs and higher incomes for New Zealanders. This year the Government has made significant progress on several trade deals which will unlock a wide range of opportunities for our country. 

Just a few weeks after finalising the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), we have already moved on to the next big trade deal.  The Prime Minister and European Union (EU) leaders have announced that negotiations will begin on an EU-NZ free trade agreement as soon as possible. The EU covers a staggering NZ$20 trillion worth of GDP and is home to many consumers with sophisticated tastes. Europeans like New Zealand’s quality exports and if we can get better access to those markets then we can sell more.

This is just the first step and it could take some time, but it is significant progress towards a stronger trading relationship.  Tariff savings are just the start of the benefits trade agreements offer. Removing barriers to access is even more important to exporters.
That means New Zealand businesses have more money to invest in growth, including jobs.  

Broadening our economic opportunities, be it working on International Tourism in Taranaki, or signing a Trade Agreement with the EU, it is all about creating opportunities for everyday New Zealanders to use our world renowned hard work and entrepreneurial spirit to continue to see our country succeed.

Conservation Week 2015
The theme for 2015 is ‘Healthy Nature, Healthy People’ and it’s about the link between looking after our special natural places and the tangible health benefits you can enjoy from experiencing them. We want New Zealanders to get out into our conservation land, whether it’s for exercise, relaxation, getting away from it all or helping out with one of the hundreds of different groups doing great work to protect our natural heritage.

Rt Hon John Key - Visit to New Plymouth
It was a privilege to host our Prime Minister for a day in New Plymouth.  It was a full day of visits from Len Lye, YMCA and Fitzroy Engineering to a Gala Luncheon & Golf Competition (which unfortunately neither the PM or I won!).

It was great to showcase the work being produced here in New Plymouth including the incredible underwater restaurant being built at Fitzroy Engineering.  As the Minister of Tourisim it was great to show him the world renowned Len Lye Centre, the new Novotel Hotel being built and the work being done on the Vickers to City upgrade.  All this shows that Taranaki is a growing region that needs continued partnership and  investment from central government to keep us moving in the right direction.
Photo Credit: Rebecca Inns Photography

Pictured above:
Official welcome to the Len Lye Centre & Tour

Pictured above: 
Left: Visit to YMCA New Plymouth - reading a brand new book written by YMCA NZ
Right: Business Gala Luncheon co-hosted with TRFU & TCRT

Pictured above: 
Left: Visit to Fitzroy Engineering led by CEO Richard Ellis
Right: Meeting some young supporters at a National Party Function

HE Chinese Ambassador Wang Lutong - Visit to New Plymouth

We had the privilege of hosting the Chinese Ambassador Wang Lutong and his family here in New Plymouth for 2 days.  During this time we had visits with Todd Energy, Len Lye, Puke Ariki, Pukeiti and Mt Taranaki.  Also included was a visit with New Plymouth District Council Mayor Andrew Judd and Deputy Mayor Heather Dodunski, and a Business Leaders Function.  During each visit there was much to learn from both sides, as the Ambassador learnt more about New Plymouth, our economy and the future of international tourism for our region.  Many great connections were made, and the relationship will only continue to grow which will be most beneficial for our outstanding region.

Pictured above:
Visit to North Egmont Visitors Centre with a nature walk from Top Guides Director Rob Needs

Pictured above:
Left: Visit to Pukeiti with a tour from Taranaki Regional Council and Pukeiti Trust
Right: Visit with New Plymouth District Council

New Plymouth's 2016 Youth MP
Congratulations to Jessica Boniface who has been selected as the Youth MP representative for New Plymouth for 2016.  It was tough competition with several other very worthy candidates vying for the position.  A 500 word essay was submitted then a panel selection evening was held where each candidate delivered a speech based around "On My Soapbox - Youth Issues Today".  The calibre of candidates was very high, with diverse and interesting speeches delievered.  Jessica stood out for her well researched speech, good depth of knowledge and exceptional delivery.  She will represent our electorate very well, and with her tenure running from January - July 2016 you will no doubt see her out and about in her new role.  Youth Parliament will be held on 19th & 20th July 2016.

Market Day in Opunake
Beautiful weather made for a great morning at the Opunake Market Day.  Always great to chat to locals and see all the great stalls raising money for charities. 
Pictured left is
Ian Wickham and his new fully electric Tesla sports car.  Capable of 0-100 kph in a silent 3.2 seconds is quite amazing, and definitely drew a crowd to check it out.


In February 2015, the number of businesses in New Zealand passed the half million mark for the first time, Statistics New Zealand said today.
New Zealand had 502,000 businesses in February 2015, up almost 2 percent on 2014, and 14 percent more than a decade ago in 2005. The number of paid employees passed 2 million, up 2.3 percent from 2014.  The construction industry continued to lead the increase, with 3.7 percent more businesses and 6.4 percent more employees in 2015 than in the previous year.

The increase in the construction industry was mainly due to residential building. There were 22,000 employees working in the residential building industry in February 2015, an increase of 11 percent and in line with continued GDP growth in this sector since 2013.
All regions except for the West Coast had more business locations in 2015 than in 2014. The largest increases were in Auckland and Canterbury, at 2.9 percent and 2.6 percent, respectively.

For the fourth year in a row, the number of new businesses was greater than the number that closed. Non-employing businesses accounted for 86 percent of all start-ups and 92 percent of closures at February 2015.

Of all the businesses that started up in 2005, 27 percent were still operating in 2015. This 10-year survival rate varied across industries, with 36 percent of financial and insurance services businesses carrying on into their 10th year, compared with only 18 percent of information media and telecommunications businesses.


Be part of History!
The referendum on the Flag is just around the corner and this is the first time New Zealanders will have a say on our National Flag.  This has spaked many discussions and strong opinions around the country and it is great that this decision will be made by everyday Kiwis, so we need to make sure we all get out and vote!  The first referendum will decide which of the 5 alternate flags will be selected, then the second referendum will be a decision between the newly selected flag and our current flag.
Click here to learn more about the flags, the voting process and in particular if you or someone you know is not enrolled to vote make sure they sign up

First Referendum:  20 November - 11 December 2015
Second Referndum:  March 2016

Tuesday 3 November
Parliament Sitting
White Ribbon Official Launch

Wednesday 4 November
Parliament Sitting
Law & Order Select Committee
NZ Business & Parliament Trust Luncheon

State Reception for The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall

Thursday 5 November
Parliament Sitting
Transport & Industrial Relations Select Committee
Taranaki MPs meeting

Friday 6 November
Constituent meetings - New Plymouth
Yasilli Infant Formula Factory Official Opening - Auckland
Yasilli Celebration Dinner - Auckland Museum

Saturday 7 November
RSA Dedication Ceremony - New Plymouth


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