voxel records news #12 july 2015
greetings, voxel follower!
hi there once again to fans of underground indie electronica! the music business is undergoing some serious growing pains at the moment. it may be true that the streaming services available today can harm rather than nurture new talent - but don't worry, because if you are looking for new and interesting music, then we are thinking up new ways to help you find it. keep tuned to voxel records to hear the latest gems we have discovered - here are some of this month's favourites.
the new single by maze car is OUT NOW! the 2 track release experiments with a fusion of frenetic 8bit dubtronica, big beats and ska-flavoured guitar. it is available from all major outlets, so get streaming now! maze car is now back in the studio, working on his next project.
Dead Heather by Dierksimus - this sound is so authentic we can almost see the tape heads rolling. the dirty retro electro soundtrack vibe is smothered in all the muffled lo-fi goodness of a C90, and yet the big synth leads and ddrums cut through with their own melodic fidelity. Dierksimus treats us to a dark, 80s movie soundtrack with ultimate precision. 
Essokinesis by Musemesis - Alex Chi is a producer of sophisticated contemporary glitch/dub oriented music from Spain. it took us a while to select this track as we followed the gleaming trail of talented musicians in the Musemesis network (see also Sorbmal, Flower and Elle Shimada). Essokinesis begins as a dark and moody fugue, peppered with bit-crushed beats and vocal droplets, and the string elements swell before we are pounced upon by a screeching glitch-step beat. the elements drift between the delicate and the distorted, demonstrating a truly talented collective at work.
Bonnie's Gold Coins by Rosa Brook - this track is one trickle from the small stream of this London-based artist. a brief clinking of coins leads into a metallic march of percussive tubes and muted snares, but develops into a swirling wall of chimes. Rosa's extremely talented vocal is initially subdued beneath a trippy, ambient merry-go-round that later builds into intertwining echoes and hollers. this is a stylish production that, whilst vaguely reminiscent of mira calix, forges its own original path in experimental music.