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HFG Highlights from 2016

A collection of our top stories, resources, and events from 2016

Tax Reform as a Strategy to Mobilize Additional Resources for Health

An HFG study released in early 2016 examines whether improvements in tax revenue performance due to tax administration reform actually result in more government funds for the health sector, and discusses conditions that facilitate greater allocations toward health spending. The study is accompanied by country case studies on El Salvador and Rwanda. Explore the studies...

Sustaining Vietnam's HIV and AIDS Programs

To sustain funding for its HIV and AIDS programs, the Government of Vietnam has set a goal of covering up to 70% of antiretrovirals (ARVs) by 2018. HFG is assisting Vietnam in managing this financial transition through a number of management, policy, and financing measures, related to sustainable ARV procurement. Read more...

Striving for UHC: Nigeria’s Cross River State Passes Health Insurance Bill

In mid-2016, HFG and partners held a workshop to prepare policymakers in four states to undertake the critical policy, institutional, and legal reforms required to successfully decentralize the National Health Insurance Scheme. In September 2016, Cross River state unanimously passed the anticipated State Health Insurance Scheme Bill. Learn more...

Governing for Quality in Health Care on the Path to UHC 

The Governing for Quality effort responds to countries’ expressed need for guidance and international attention to including quality considerations in UHC approaches. Several resources, including seven country case studies and a literature review were generated to address this need. Explore the resources...

Health System Assessment Released at Critical Time for Guatemala

The results of Guatemala's 2015 Health System Assessment were released in the spring in Guatemala City. The report provides a baseline diagnosis of the current health system and presents cross-cutting recommendations for strengthening the health system as well as specific recommendations for each health system building block. Read the full story...

Côte d’Ivoire: Stronger Health Governance to Fight Emerging Health Emergencies

Ebola-affected countries and those on the periphery, including Côte d’Ivoire, are actively working to prevent another disaster. A key step is improving the governance of their health sectors to make them more resilient. Côte d’Ivoire’s Institut National d’Hygiène Publique and Ministry of Health identified financial control and audit tools as critical components in health emergency preparedness. Learn more...

Monitoring and Evaluating the Transition of Health Programs from Donor Support

The Guide for the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of Transition of Health Programs is motivated by the idea that through M&E, the transition processes can be strengthened in a fashion that develops local political will, helps mobilize local financial and technical resources, and establishes lines of accountability after donor support is complete to promote long-term sustainability. Learn more...

Health Accounts Findings Sharpen Focus on UHC in Haryana, India

The Government of Haryana carried out its first-ever state-level Health Accounts exercise for financial year 2014/15, with technical assistance from HFG. Findings on how much is being spent on health, where, and by whom, will allow policymakers to make more informed decisions on how to spend resources and advocate for greater political commitment to public sector financing. Read more...
Financial Protection and Improved Access to Health Care: Peer-to-Peer Learning Workshop
At this February 2016 workshop held in Accra, Ghana, over 160 senior delegates from countries at various states of developing or expanding their health insurance programs deepened their knowledge and understanding of practical health financing concepts and promising solutions to common challenges. Learn more...
New Tools to Help Demystify Universal Health Coverage
To raise USAID Missions’ awareness and knowledge of UHC and how it fits with USAID’s programs, the HFG project prepared three resources that together make the "UHC Toolkit": a slide deck on UHC, an annotated bibliography of core UHC publications, and a two-page "frequently asked questions" on general concepts in UHC. Access the toolkit...
In 2016 we had over 40,000 downloads from our collection of over 500 resources.

These are a few of the most popular resources:

How does development assistance catalyze and contribute to domestic resource mobilization? #DRM #HSR2016 @WBG_Health

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