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Universal Health Coverage:
Spotlight on Stronger Health Systems

December 12, 2016 is the third Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day. UHC – the idea that everyone, including the poor and marginalized, has access to quality, affordable healthcare – has gained even more traction in countries around the globe since the passage of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015.

Many countries are embarking upon health system changes to move towards UHC, but achieving this goal won’t be easy. There is no common roadmap for UHC: each country will forge its own route, influenced by its politics, finances, health indicators, and competing priorities. Sustainable financing mechanisms are key to successful UHC-centered reforms. The HFG Project is supporting more than 35 countries in their progress towards UHC, and together we are learning valuable lessons about how to reach this important goal.

Expanding Access to Care,
Improving Health

Screenshot: HSS Film Calabar, Nigeria
Many health systems strengthening (HSS) interventions occur “upstream” – far removed from the patients and communities they ultimately benefit. A new HFG video captures HSS work in action, illustrating how increased UHC-centered reforms like domestic financing for health and stronger health governance are expanding access to health services in Nigeria. The short video spotlights the development and passage of the first health insurance bill in Cross River State, Nigeria.
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Governing for Quality in Health Care

Photo Credit: USAID/Angola/Alison Bird
Improving the quality of patient-centered health services is paramount to delivering on the promise of UHC. While countries seek to expand access to affordable care, there needs to be greater attention to ensuring quality care. By exploring experiences of governing quality at the national and subnational levels, the Governing for Quality effort responds to countries’ expressed need for guidance, and international attention to including quality considerations in UHC approaches. Several new resources, including seven country case studies and a literature review were generated to address this need. Learn more→
HFG Experts Contribute to Lancet Paper on Quality Maternal Health Care
Dr. Laurel Hatt, HFG's Health Finance lead, and Dr. Andrea Feigl, former HFG Associate, were co-authors on a synthesis paper in The Lancet's Maternal Health Series. The paper focuses on some of the most pressing issues in maternal health. Hatt and Feigl’s contributions on financing challenges related to UHC and equity highlight the need for sustainable financing to maintain progress for maternal and perinatal health, emphasizing the importance of mobilizing domestic resources, and the promotion of equity through UHC. Read more...
More UHC Resources from HFG:

About UHC Health Insurance and UHC Implementing UHC Monitoring and Measuring for UHC
UHC Day: 12.12.12 - Health For All
Headshot: Lisa Nichols
Lisa Nichols
"Universal health coverage is not ‘one-size-fits-all’...It is about what works in that country and its systems."

In a recent interview, Lisa Nichols talks about her work as Country Manager for HFG’s programs in Haiti, Mali, and Côte d’Ivoire, and her thoughts on UHC. Read the interview!

Universal health coverage & global health security to prevent pandemics are key #globalhealth issues for the future says @ampablos @devex

Conflicts, pandemics & climate-related threats are the new normal. #UHC ➡️ #resilience. #HealthForAll

The inclusion of a target for reaching universal health coverage gives health the power to build fair, stable, and cohesive societies #UHC

Great news for #UHC! #SDG Indicator 3.8.2 refinement agreed as shared by @IHP_plus. Learn more: 

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