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Playing with fire: The leaked plugin DAN unchains ChatGPT from its moral and ethical restrictions

The latest ChatGPT DAN prompt is here! Learn how to jailbreak ChatGPT-4 and explore ChatGPT jailbreak prompts. Meet ChatGPT uncensored...Are ChatGPT’s answers getting boring for you lately? ChatGPT DAN prompt, which is one of the ways to jailbreak ChatGPT-4, can help you with that. This leaked plugin unchains the chatbot from its moral and ethical limitations set by OpenAI. On the one hand, it allows ChatGPT to provide much wilder and sometimes amusing answers, […]

The art of abstraction in computer science

What is abstraction in computer science?What is abstraction in computer science? Abstraction is the magical art of simplifying the most complex of computer systems, unlocking their power and secrets. It’s like finding a hidden treasure by filtering out the irrelevant details and focusing on what matters the most. In other words, abstraction is the process of creating a bird’s-eye view […]

AI whisperers, fear, Bing AI ads and guns: Was Elon right?

One day after Elon Musk's AI warning: This article will explain ChatGPT's leftist biases, Bing AI ads, publishers & AI, AI whisperer jobs, and moreAfter AI experts and Elon Musk’s AI warning, the industry starts to react. While some are frightened, others continue to follow the irrepressible rise of AI. So what does AI mean to humanity right now? A) “Profound risks,” according to the open letter B) New job opportunities C) Powerful weapons D) Potential source for liberal […]

The strategic value of IoT development and data analytics

Advantages of IoT development and data scienceIoT development involves the use of tools and technologies to design, build, test, and deploy IoT devices and systems. In this article, we will explore the importance of IoT development and some of the challenges that come with it, along with the tools and technologies used in IoT development. The Internet of Things (IoT) has […]

AI experts call for pause in development of advanced systems

AI experts call for pause in development of advanced systemsOn Tuesday, the Future of Life Institute published an open letter signed by around 1,000 AI experts and tech executives, including Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, urging AI labs to pause the development of advanced AI systems that surpass GPT-4. The letter cites “profound risks” to human society as the reason for the call to […]

Microsoft Security Copilot is the AI-ssential tool for cybersecurity experts

What is Microsoft Security Copilot? Learn how to access and use it. We explained everything you need to know about the GPT-4 powered chatbot.Meet Microsoft Security Copilot, your new GPT-4 powered chatbot for cybersecurity. The ChatGPT-like AI assistant leverages Microsoft’s threat intelligence footprint to facilitate quicker decision-making during incident response, threat hunting, and security reporting. Microsoft Security Copilot starts the cybersecurity revolutioın Microsoft continues to work without slowing down. The latest tool of the technology giant, which has […]

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